My name is Katie. Literally your average small town girl. I like food, most days. Other days, it's a struggle to listen to my body. Come take a journey with me as I re-invent the ideas of healthy, and bend (most of) the rules.

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  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Last bite on earth: Pasta noodles smothered in a cheese sauce topped with grilled chicken with a light garlic butter parsley sauce. Followed by Reese's peanut butter cup & twix chocolate ice cream

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Bake the Book: 'Joy the Baker Cookbook'

I second Sweet Eats. Jessica has some of the best decadent dessert recipes out there.

Taste Test: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

The Vista flavor has been a staple in my household for as long as I can remember. It's a good cookie in its own right, but it taste nothing like a regular oreo to me.


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