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Pittsburgh Rare: A Culinary History of the Steel City

An excellent article!

Like so many places, you'd never be able to cover ever aspect of Pittsburgh in a single article.

One item I'd like to mention is the burgeoning Asian communities.

As more and more students come to Pittsburgh to study, a lot of them stay behind to work a Google, Apple or any of the other tech companies.

Because of that, we're seeing more and more authentic Asian restaurants (which we've desperately needed).

It's not just Chinese and Korean, but a large contingent of Nepalese have migrated to Pittsburgh, and you can find awesome handmade momo dumplings in greater and greater numbers.

Good job!

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Kitchen Shortcuts

I also subscribe to Daniel's thoughts on store rotisserie chicken. Many a night has been saved thanks to a $7.00 bird.

My tip would be take the carcass, throw it in a freezer bag. I probably go through 2 chickens a month, and once every other month I have a great start to stock.


I've been using deli containers for a while and my local brewing supply / beer distributor carries them. Odd thing. They're like 10 for $3.25 and seal better than most cookware.

In Praise of Cheap Knives

Yet another vote for Kiwi!

I have waaay more Kiwi knives than I really need, but every time I see a new style (like the really nice 12" butcher knife) I buy it.

Why not? They're like $5!

Spice Up Your Holiday With Three Spiced Nuts Variations

Oh wow. Even if I don't make these nuts, I know I'll be drying and pulverizing my own rosemary.

The Perfect Holiday Dessert: Flourless Chocolate-Chestnut Torte

Reminds me of a Torta di Castagne e Cioccolata. Write to Anton Maeterlinck and tell him he's a genius.

Shredded Chicken With Soba and Miso-Butter Sauce

I'm torn. I'm glad for more Miso butter recipes... but I don't want you to blow up my spot!!

People keep asking me why my Buffalo Chicken Dip is so good.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Vanilla Beans?

Vanilla Salt. I use it in my tomato sauces.

How to Build a DIY Home Carbonation Rig

Excellent! I'm ashamed I never thought to hack together my own. Really nice to see the parts list for a working rig.

Guava and Cream Cheese Puff-Pastry Waffle

Now this sounds appealing! A few of the puff pastry waffles sounded good, but didn't really compell me.

This one is getting tried!

The Ultimate Fully Loaded Nachos

As a meat and potoatoes guy, I'm always surprised when I endorse a 'veggie'. Radishes? Are dope. They are surprisingly spicy and would be great on nachos.

The Fresh Ramen Kits From Sun Noodle Will Knock Your Socks Off

I've been loving Sun Noodles for a few years. There's a small Japanese grocery store that stocks them. The packaging looks different from what I get. More of a plastic clamshell with a kraft paper wrapper. I'm sure it's the same. Personally I like the tonkotsu, but I tend to do mine closer to tsukemen and sneak in some bacon grease.

But... I can't complain about Kenji's rankings. Just know that they stamp all over even the best instant ramen.

Equipment: The Best Chef's Knives

Kiwi knives!

Bought my first one two years ago. Impossibly cheap, holds a great edge, and you can collect them all. Your friend ruin the temper by using the knife to toast a tortilla over a grill? Throw it away!! You're $7 away from a replacement.

I've used Globals and Shuns and Wal-Mart Specials.

I haven't liked anything as much as a Kiwi.

Watch Jon Stewart's Epic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Rant

Boston Cream Pie is a cake.
Deep Dish Pizza is a casserole.

I will NOT apologize for liking either just because the name is misleading.

Good deep dish is awesome, just recognize what it actually is.

Andy Ricker's Phat Thai (Stir-Fried Rice Noodles With Shrimp, Tofu, and Peanuts)

Oh, I hope this is the solution to my god awful pad thai skill.

If Ricker can't save me, no one can.

Foraged Flavor: Wild Hickory Nuts

Is that what those are!!? I saw a squirell playing chicken with my car carrying one the other day.

@Katie according to the Wikipedias, they're all over the north east.

Share Your Sweets: Shortbread Cookies

MAN...The Matcha shortbread look dynamite.

What's Your Local Cheap Beer?

@emilyr16 Man, I wish Straub was cheap... but it's awesome.
I've been on a real Duquesene LT kick lately.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Type of Bun for Burgers?

Big Marty's!

Still weirds me out... I always thought Martin's was a PA only thing.

Cook the Book: 'Maximum Flavor'

This will sound stupid, because I have no problem with sous-vide, both with a machine and with the beer cooler.

I need help with deep frying. I've never been able to keep my breading or coating on right. I've done egg wash then flour, and flour then egg wash, and I've dredged, and put it in a bag, and I've let it sit for an hour...

Deep frying eludes me.

Double Peanut Popcorn

I've been making popcorn in a wok for a while (WOKCORN!!!). I use a large wok, with a pizza crisper pan on top. Well, inside of it, the crisper pan sits about halfway down the wok but it keeps the kernels in check.

Taste Test: Fancy Pants Instant Ramen From Myojo Chukazanmai

Thanks, Kenji. I was wondering when we'd cover Myojo.

Side note, the title of the article says "Myoja".

A Ramen Crawl Through LA With Sun Noodle

Ha! I'm stealing that burnt marshmallow trick. I wonder if it'd work in tomato or alfredo sauces.

Behind the Scenes at Sun Noodle's Ramen Factory in LA

Man, Sun Noodle's Tonkotsu is so addictive. It's one of the few foods that I sometimes don't even doctor.

I gotta go to the japanese grocer this weekend and stock up.

Fry Your Chicken in Ramen

@CandiRisk Oh yeah. Check eBay and Amazon. I bet you, so long as you're not missing any pages, issue #1 is worth $20 in any condition. It's that perfect storm of the first issue, which people collect AND it being the ramen issue, which is a popular topic.

Having made the ramen crusted tonkatsu, I'd have to say its very interesting. I had trouble keeping my breading on (I'm not a good fryer), but I bet someone with more skill than I can really make it a winner.