Happily residing in Hamilton, Ontario with my better half. She's a veggie and I am a carnivore. I think a nice afternoon is blaring some Grateful Dead and looking at photos of perogies on the internety.

  • Location: Hamilton, Ontario
  • Favorite foods: You can never go wrong with pizza, really. Unless it's awful pizza.
    And that's kind of my approach to most foods.
  • Last bite on earth: Fattoush salad, hummus, pita, and shawerma-style grilled beef; a little hot sauce I can spoon in on the side. And a cold, fizzy beer.

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The Food Lab: The Book Has Arrived

I'll definitely be picking up a copy; hopefully it'll be distributed in the Southern Ontario region so i can just walk down my street one day (soon) and grab one. Congratulations, Kenji! I sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Cook the Book: 'The VB6 Cookbook' by Mark Bittman

Charred Cauliflower and Potato Soup with Kale, which I learned from here! (thanks Kenji!)
sometimes the kale is optional for me.

Are Shooter's Sandwiches Really Worth a Damn?

I've never heard of this sandwich and I'm eating a delicious, raw potato right now. Then again it is St. Patrick's Day.

Ed's Vegan Month Week 3: The Home Stretch (For Cousin Terry)

Beautiful story Ed. Sorry for your loss.

Still, you made me hungry.

So, peace and love to you, and especially to cousin Terry!

Ideas based around a risotto dish- for a "special someone" meal?

hey friends! thanks for the tips. The main thing I could discern about my new friends' tastes was mostly that shellfish, she'll eat, but is not 100% comfortable with, so I avoided that. I won't hold this transgression against her. So, yes, I did do the Fennel and Orange salad, but just a small one to tide us over. There was a nice piece of artisinal olive bread to share to mop up the juices over wine. Mushroom risotto was baby creminis, oysters and re-hydrated porcinis and turned out great. Lots of parm and butter. Spicy rapini was a nice bite to add, and some market-made chicken sausages with sun-dried tomato were easy to just sear, throw in the oven, and enjoy. The next morning she was eating leftovers cold out of the kitchen container. Thanks again for the help! peace and love.

Ideas based around a risotto dish- for a "special someone" meal?

thanks for the tips friends!
and keep 'em coming!

yes, no soup before. salad, it is. I saw a recipe for a nice orange + fennel salad and thought it would be a nice, fresh start. Also thinking about foregoing the cheesy-risotto and maybe doing a mixed- mushroom risotto. I'm not going to fuss with the protein, just see what the farmer's market has to offer that can be simply cooked.

thanks for these tips!

Poll: À la Carte Burgers at Restaurants: Way or No Way?

I'm ok with paying for a burger a la carte. As I get a bit older (I'm 39), I find my appetite dwindling a little. I just hate that feeling of over-eating. Half the time I only eat a third of the fries anyway. Just my $0.02.

Most annoying food personalities

The woman from Bitchin Kitchen makes me want to smash a frying pan into my TV. And don't get me going on that dude on Sandwich King.

I can't believe I used to be annoyed by Emeril. Compared to what we have these days, he was first-rate.

Giveaway: Enter to Win This Panasonic Breadmaker

a fresh multi grain baguette does it for me, especially with some honey butter spread on it.

Different kinds of pepperoni?

There's a place here in Hamilton, Ontario that serves no pork, so they substitute veal pepperoni. It's not gourmet but it's good and I guarantee people don't always know the difference.

What is the worst pizza you have ever eaten?

I've got two that spring to mind: once we were visiting friends in a little weird town called Richmond, just outside of Ottawa. We ordered from the local mom and pop shop and I swear they put cinnamon in their sauce. Nothing like the taste of Christmas pudding in your meat lovers pizza.

Another time we ordered after a concert in Cincinnati, to our hotel. I guess the local shop didn't actually have the red peppers we thought we were getting - I mean red bell peppers. Instead they absolutely coated the top of the pizza with red pepper flakes, I mean some awful person's idea of a joke: just a sheer film of coagulated red chili flakes. It was inedible. I ended up giving it away to the room full of stoners next door, who were pretty mind blown that a starnge man showed up with a pizza for them.

Cook the Book: 'The Glorious Pasta of Italy'

funny, I rarely order pasta when dining out. But at home, my idea of a simple, beautiful, decadent treat would be a pasta carbonara. So simple yet so satisfying, I'm happy with good, salty bacon and some freshly grated parmesan in the mix, I don't feel the need to "graduate" up to pancetta or speck or a designer cheese. There's some great homemade pastas from the joint down my street so a handful of tagliatelle bundles always does the trick. My gf is vegetarian so this is my solo treat when she's out and about.

Cook the Book: 'The Book of New Israeli Food'

I had tried and adored many a falafel but it was in the Lebanese tradition. But when I was 20 or thereabouts - in University I developed a crush on a beautiful girl whose parents were born-and-raised Israelis and one day while we were studying (honestly) her Mom invited us down for some matzah ball soup. I never see the girl anymore but this Scottish/Canadian dude still enjoys a good matzah ball soup from time to time!

Serious Cheese?

thanks; see I didn't know this site had a column for that. cheers