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Requiem for an Egg Cream: In Search of a New York Classic

@zoet: never had that happen. they usually put on a huge show of it, pouring syrup from a few feet in the air etc. but they know how to mix it just right. they've always left the fixings afterwards in case you want a refill. i want max to go.

Finally, a Tool for Making Totally Clear Ice Spheres

muji has been making silicone ice ball molds for years. reasonable priced as well

Requiem for an Egg Cream: In Search of a New York Classic

have tried most places in manhattan and brooklyn, and by FAR the best i've had, is at sammy's roumanian. ice cold milk, old school seltzer bottle and proper mixing order, plus free top-ups. i would love to know if anyone has tried it and still feel some place else does a better job.

The Best Ramen Shops in NYC

great list.
what do you think of momofuku ramen kenji?

Tanoshi Sushi is the Holy Grail of New York Sushi Restaurants

have you eaten at yasuda kenji? would be interested to hear it compares. either way based on your article i'm going to go check it out. nice piece.

Bronx Eats: Hot Flat Sopressata at Calabria Pork Store, Arthur Avenue

i'm fascinated by this store. seems like it would be against health code to cure meat like that (though i'm in total support of them). the smell upon entering is just wild - salt/brown sugar/blood - so exotic.

A Sunset Park Food Crawl: Beyond the Taco

do you know how they're prepared? wild vinegar taste to them.

A Sunset Park Food Crawl: Beyond the Taco

i've been obsessed with the taco arabes. difficult for me to try anything else there.

Afternoon Snack: Onigiri at YaYa Tea Garden

we just use it a ton more over here
don't see many california rolls in tokyo

Afternoon Snack: Onigiri at YaYa Tea Garden

eek - faux japanese ingredients.
i prefer spicy plum, salted salmon or bonito.
mayo and rice? i'll pass.

A Sandwich a Day: Pork and Cabbage Pancake at Tasty Dumpling


serious eats can use more flair/swag of that type.
great work.

Welcome Our New Editors!

Agre with Gordon re: doodles

Good Bread: New York Bread

Wonderful article Andrew.
I'm going!

NYC Pizza Cultural Literacy

adam if you reorganize it, let me know and i'll illustrate it for you.

that IS a big problem with Slice though, and why i've asked ed 212,000 times when the update to New York Eats is coming - it would be great if Serious Eats NY had an edited best section. not for every overview they've done, but for the main food types people hunt for.

Pizza Obsessives: Frank Pinello of Best Pizza

great interview.
i love best pizza.

i have friends who live right next to them but don't take their kids their, because the music they play is so filthy. ha!
he might want to know that if he's trying to appeal to neighbor kids.

that meatball sandwich is just the greatest. dang.

Red Hook Food Vendors

The B61 is slooooooooooooow. I'd take the subway to 4th Avenue then hop the Ikea express. Going early is smart. Bring a hat and/or sunscreen, waits can take a while.

As long as you're there, also visit Fairway and Steve's Key Lime Pie factory.

The Brunch Dish: Eggs Rothko at Egg, Brooklyn

i try to order other meals at Egg but - must - always - have - Eggs Rothko


Farewell to the hideous lime green!
All the new colors are a great improvement, and the typography is a bit better as well. Now to see of that ghastly logo and life will be complete!

England! Where should I eat and -above all- what to bring back!

Fortnum and Mason is far superior to Harrod's for tea. While you're there, buy a tinned tube of Chocolate Bath Olivers. Also look at the meat pies in the refrigerated deli cases. Fortnums has my favorite tea room in London.

I also like the Duchy of Cornwall blood orange marmalade and orange oaten biscuits.

Try lemon barley water too!


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