Duxelles + rolled out bread hors d'oeuvres

Close enough, I think my memories can get me the rest of the way now.
I googled and googled, just couldn't get there.
thanks for your help.
Happy Holidays.

We Try All the Flavors of Cheerios

No, no, no...cinnamon cheerios.
No contest and cinnamon on its own is good for you too.

Someone should write a song about them. They are that good.

Whole Baked Tomato served over I going crazy??

Oh boy - the addition of goat cheese really adds another dimension.
I went to the farmers market and bought a couple of our first Northeastern organic field tomatoes and am trying the "original" recipe tomorrow.
Figured I'd try it before serving it again to friends.
Thanks, again.

Whole Baked Tomato served over I going crazy??

Aw shucks, thanks folks - owe it all to KFC.

It does look pretty fantastic, though, doesn't it?

Whole Baked Tomato served over I going crazy??

Wow, this really validates why I need a vacation now - and not next week.
The second recipe is not what I saw but it looks even better -
I cannot thank you enough, my friends can't thank you enough and I'm one happy camper!
Thanks, KFC.

The Super Bowl of Food: Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay

No pierogies? I thought that P'burghers ate more pierogies than any place else in the country...

Nachos with Cabbage, Beans, and Cilantro Sauce

Oh my - I am faint with anticipation.

8 Recipes for Lunar New Year

Just in time - thanks -
went to my Asian store in Danbury CT today in fact -- thought with the next weekly winter storm coming I ought to plan ahead.
Happy New Year.

Taste Test: Hot Dogs

I think this is one of those "love the one you're with".
Sorry CS&N.
Casings or not.
Eat them sparingly but go with the natural casing...that's my vote.
And, if you live in the NE, go for Stop & Shop's Corner deli's - big pop but not the garlic you'll find in a Sabrett or HN...
happy 07.04

What Are Jordan Almonds?

wow, I think you are supposed to put them under your pillow or something to find out who you are going to marry,
Whoops, not true.
hmmm. why, and why would one want to eat them.
weird crust over an almond that probably is pretty scary to begin with.
Uh oh, I don't want to be sued.
Have no idea but they must be yummy.

Mushroom Madness- Recipe Ideas?

And after you've had enough, make duxelles -

freeze in small batches - great in omelets, as a filling for phyllo triangles - quite decadent.

Potato Leek Soup questions

I'm not sure I'd be lazy on this one. As much as you could strain the soup as charm city cupcake advised, that's more work, no?
And, I like my potato leek soup with some "body" and straining it would take the texture away.
Happy turkey day.

Time for a Drink: Bloody Mary

Aquavit - I agree! but not all the time.

Got off of tabasco - and using Frank's hot sauce now.

Definitely olives -- and please no celery, thank you very much

Rediscoving old food favorites. Have you? I sure have!

Shrimp wiggle
Beef Stroganoff
Veal parmesan
Clams Oreganata
All dishes my mom made and made extremely well.

Don't even know if I could find a recipe for shrimp wiggle but it was so good.

Maybe the memories are better than the actual dish though.
Making me very nostalgic.
Wonder if they fit into a super bowl fiesta?

Food for 3 in the AM.

I'm with chisai, but our designated driver or cab driver would take us (never drink alone) to the diner and we'd have eggs, pancakes, hash browns - a real smorgasbord of breakfast comforts.
Upon arriving at home, the vodka would go in the freezer for bloodies in the AM...assuming it's a weekend.
Can't remember the last time I/we did old.

Sweet or Savory?

oh, yes, and blue cheese with a good pear.
caramels with fleur de sel.
apple pie with cheddar
chocolate and peanuts
sweet and savory together...
they go so well together....

Serious Eaters Get Together?

I'm an hour out of NYC, I think it would be a hoot to get together.

What is your favorite snack &/or dessert?

caramel with fleur de sel.

Ice Cream: Way or No Way?

In the Ben & Jerry category: Pfish food

But mostly making my own and I'm a purist so a really good vanilla, chocolate or strawberry made with real vanilla bean, eggs - just a basic great custard is my idea of heaven...and no toppings either!

How do you glorify your leftovers?

Definitely frittata, quiche, bread pudding.
An egg custard will re-do all kinds of leftovers.

Chef Paul Prudhomme. What do you know about him?

Last time I saw him he was a a restaurant and food show and he was incredibly overweight - in fact he was in a wheel chair kind of thing so I'm glad to hear he lost a lot weight.
His sweet potatoes with orange and lemon are one of our thanksgiving traditions - think it has a 1/2 pound of butter.
He's an original and as others have said, he put cajun and New Orleans on the map.
I learned a lot from him about flavors and "lagniappe" - think I spelled that correctly!
He truly is an American icon.

Santa brought me truffle butter and demi-glace!

truffle butter over lobster. yum.
even adding a little to scramble eggs would be decadent.
what kind of demi glace?

Cook the Book: Duck Confit

Saw this post - I have two duck confit legs in my fridge....don't want to do pizza. What to do?
Quesadillas with shredded duck, fontina and what?
Any other suggestions.
Going on big diet on Monday and have to get my duck confit fix now.

If you had your own Food Network show, what would it be?

Juliebugs, oh, yeah, Johnny Depp. No problem but wouldn't that be another network on late at night?

Quick, Easy and Delicious - what can you add?

maybe add a can of chicken for some texture

Duxelles + rolled out bread hors d'oeuvres

If you are a child of the 50's/60's, maybe you can help.

My mom made hors d'oeuvres from rolled out pepperidge farm bread (crust removed) then smeared duxelles and they were rolled up.

I'm hazy about the rest but they were cut up like little pin wheels of goodness.

Help, please, having a need for these this holiday season.

Whole Baked Tomato served over I going crazy??

Back in April??? I swear I saw a recipe where you took the top off of a tomato, added slivers of garlic, topped it with bread crumbs, drizzled with xvoo and baked it.
Then voila, you served it over a bowl of pasta - kind of squshed the tomato with your fork.
Maybe there was parmesan? Of course there should have been but I can't find the damn recipe and I've got one week to find it so I can make it for guests.
Presentation was beautiful, too.
I am questioning my sanity. Did anyone see this recipe and know where I can find it.
My googling attempts produced zilch.
Many thanks.

Vichyssoise- with already cooked potatoes?

Made too many potatoes and where potatoes are fairly cheap and I could throw them away, was thinking of making Vichyssoise 'cause I have leeks, chicken broth and cream. And, heck, it's still cold here in the Northeast so might as well have it warm as in comfort food.
Do you think the flavor of the vichyssoise would be compromised by using already cooked potatoes (not cooked with the corned beef - just cooked on their own)
Help, pleaase?

When life gives you lemon juice, what do you make?

Limoncello - inspired by a show on the cooking channel and they had organic lemons at the store so bought that nasty grave's alcohol and am thinking Christmas gifts in July.
All good but now I have 1 1/3 cups of lemon juice...besides lemondade, is there a cocktail or something out there that one could make with all this lemon juice?
when life gives you lemons, what do you make?

New Year's Eve Good Luck Foods?

One of my friends told me that she has black eyed peas and pork for New Year's - gives you good luck for the New Year. I never heard of this.
Are there other foods, too?

leftover phyllo - help

Just spent 3 labor intensive hours making those Greek spinach/feta triangles - tirapites and I have a bunch of fillo (phylo) sheets left - anyone have any inspirational uses for it -- just no more triangles please!

Thanksgiving's over. What's on the table for Christmas?

Just loved reading about everyone's thanksgiving menus so what's on the menu for Christmas or Channukah? It's always so fascinating to read about others' traditions.
At my house we have several.
Prime Rib, scalloped potatoes, creamed spinach and yorkshire pudding is one of them.
The other must have is Zuppa di Pesce - although I'm sure I've spelled it wrong.
Our tree trimming is always lots of hors d'oeuvres such as spanakopita, pigs in a blanket (yea, I know), home made gravlax, home made country pate with home made cranberry chutney, mom's onion dip (the only reason to buy Miracle whip) and the list goes on and on.
Would love to hear about your traditional foods.