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What do you look for in a cooking blog?

Thanks guys, for the input. I guess my focus would be trying complicated and time consuming projects, but in a real life kitchen with things like cats, spills, and improvising tools when necessary (cheese molds, double-broiler, etc.) And I'm also trying to be funny (I think I'm hilarious, but I suppose it's not up to me to decide.) I'm hoping for an audience that wants to be entertained by the writing and content, and less for serious foodies or recipes hunters. I enjoyed reading Julie & Julia more than I do recipe sites - for entertainment, not information. (Not the best example, I know). Maybe Porkulent is a better example, although I actually do cook and photograph my results. (I highly recommend Porkulent for anyone looking for a laugh.) Anyways, I really appreciate the advice.

Open Thread: What Do You Think of Dessert Tasting Menus?

A trend that came and went too fast was the mini desserts. I would rather pay $3 or $4 for a couple bites than $8 for a giant slab of cake I probably don't have room for. I would pass on an expensive tasting menu - desserts aren't really my thing. This may not be the most interesting comment in the world, but the only other one is spam, so yay for me!


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