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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Ah... smoked brisket, homemade citrus BBQ sauce, feta cheese and thinly sliced red onion. It's an out of this world combo of my two favorite food groups!

Naturally fermented pickles

I just started my second batch of natural sour pickles and had the exact same issues. The white film is the natural lactobacilli. On my first batch it first appeared after 6 days. I carefully removed it with a spoon and washed it off the weight that I was using. BTW I found that a 9 inch ceramic pie plate worked great in the upright position to keep the pickles in place. I did add brine on top of the dish.

I don't think that adding a small amount of water would change much after the pickles are fully fermented. If you are worried in the future just make up a small a small amount of salt water next time. I used a 5%salt solution.

The first batch was about 3lbs. This current batch is 10lbs. Cant wait for the next 2 weeks till they are finished.

Lastly to help ensure crispness,trim the blossom end of the cuke.

Apps Only: Double Windsor Serves Great Bar Food That's Way Better Than It Needs To Be

I have been to DW on several occasions. The beer is always great,but the food really makes it much better. BTW the bartenders and especially the food runners are really 1st class, especially for a "non restaurant". Great job DW keep up the great work. J

Smoked brisket

Again both high heat and low and slow both work well. I do add a little 50/50 mix of apple juice and apple cider vinegar when I wrap in foil. Try to get the foil as close to the brisket as possible. You don't want any pockets of steam to develop under the foil. The towel and cooler gives you a few hours +/- for serving.

Now I need to buy one for a Sunday smoke!

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe?

I usually just substitute 1/3 of the KA bread flour that I use with KA WW or White WW flour. The result is a little "nutty" flavor to the pizza crust. You may need to adjust your hydration a bit with the WW flour. I have never made a %100 WW pizza dough with good results. Why not experiment and see what you get

Lemon Meringue Pie

Great recipe for my favorite pie. Thanks!!

I always prefer weight vs volume measurement especially for baking. I think the water amount should be 1 3/4 cups plus 1 tablespoon in the recipe.


Oil less Turkey fryer

Thanks everybody. I think I'm going to go for it. I 'll update all after its first go round. Have a great holiday.

Nut-free bakery in NYC?

If you are heading by Bergen County NJ on your way, there is a nut free bakery called Butterflake in Teaneck, NJ. They have very good quality classic bakery products. They have been around for over 50 years and are fairly recently nut free. I do miss their almond horns however. You wouldn't go wrong.

Last Chance to Get Your Free Serious Eats Totebag and Pawtographed Book

I am loving it. Got my tote bag last week, and today THE BOOK!!
I ordered from amazon about 2 months ago. It was worth the wait. Beautiful illustrations and a great arrangement of topics.

Got to go and start reading as I am fortunate enough to have power in NJ.

Hopefully everybody is back with power soon.

The best flour for pizza dough?

I use KA bread 66% and KA white WW 33%. Always makes consistently good dough either in the oven or on a stone on the gas grill outside. Approx 70% hydration.

Bosch Gas Ranges: Opinions, Please

I own a bosch gas range for the past 4 years. Other than the rings behind the stove knobs losing their plating I have had no complaints. BTW a call to service had replacements within the week.

The oven racks have a very tight fit. Sometimes you have to really pull on them to get the racks out of the oven.

The High heat burner does a good job, but if you want to really use a wok it is not hot enough to get you the "wok he". The simmer burner does a great job with delicate sauces and warming.

The stove top grids does show some signs of wear but that is probably my fault as I constantly slip saute pans back and forth on the grid as opposed to lifting up off the grid.

Convection feature works well and will produce some very even browning and cut down on baking/roasting times.

I did purchase the base model so I do not have a bun warming drawer. Doesn't make ergonomic sense to me to bend all the way to the floor to keep some plates or roll warm. But that's just me.

I also purchased the range in black as opposed to the trend of SS. The black shows much less finger prints and streaks and I don't have to spend a lot of time constantly polishing the range.

After four years i would definitely purchase another one when the time comes. It may not be quite so trendy as the red knob ranges but it allows me to turn out some excellent meals and have plenty of change left over.

Any other questions, Ask away!!!

Have You Switched to Iced Coffee?

No need to switch. I drink ice coffee daily even when the winter temperature is below zero. The guy in the coffee shop makes a fresh batch daily for his 3 crazy ice coffee winter people!

How do I reheat these huge trays of frozen meatballs I made

When you have the meatballs heated you can keep then hot for several hours in an ice chest. Line the bottom and sides with either multiple layers of newspaper or some old heavy towels. Stack the trays in the chest. I use cardboard between the tray layers. Once loaded don't open until ready to serve. I used this method for Thanksgiving and all the sides stayed hot for at least 2 hours. And way above the 140 degree "danger zone". Just be careful to line the chest so that you don't melt the plastic.

Best General Purpose Cookbook

I really would recommend Julia Child's Way to Cook. She covers all the basics and then some. As usual with her later publications it is filled with beautiful pictures, so you can also see if your dishes look like hers. I thing it makes a great beginners book.

Lichtman's Bakery (now defunct)

I do remember that bakery. My Dad used to have a store a few blocks away. When I would work for him I would occasionally take my lunch break and head straight to the bakery. They had really great little Hungarian cookies called po gotcha( I know the spelling is really off). They would just ooze of a real great butter flavor of years gone by. And the babka was really killer. I also wish for a close recipe know that i know how to cook and bake 30 years later. Now to dream of the Original Murrays for some bagels and lox....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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