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NYC's Best Restaurants to Stay for Dessert

New York is home to many great restaurants. But how many of them offer truly great desserts? I'm not talking about having one beloved signature item that's been on the menu for years. I'm talking about places that offer ever-changing, reliably delicious desserts that are worth staying around after your meal. More

Meet New York's Next Generation of Amazing Eclairs

@Gandolina, No this is a different outfit than the one in NYC in the 80's

Meet New York's Next Generation of Amazing Eclairs

@Tea-and-syncope, got my lines crossed. Key Lime eclair has lime curd with whipped cream on top, lemon meringue has the torched meringue. Will edit that. Thank you.

Meet New York's Next Generation of Amazing Eclairs

@Broken Records Club, Bien Cuit will be added--last visit they weren't selling any eclairs. Thank you for the head's up.

The Best Chocolate Babka in NYC, 2015 Edition

@chefsofNYC, I can try! Please send me an email (You can find mine on my SE Profile page).

The Best Chocolate Babka in NYC, 2015 Edition

@Celusol, Thank you! That was an error and has been fixed--it is in fact Kosher.

@Ponyace, Try Andre's cinnamon version for something different that's not chocolate. Alternatively, Arcade also has some other non-chocolaty flavors.

A Fast Food Thanksgiving That's Actually Delicious

Popeye's buttermilk biscuit stuffing--damn that has to be good.

Cheese 101: Southern Cheese Worth Seeking Out

Hi Liz, I love that the Wabash Cannonball is the cheese that made you quit corporate life! That cheese is as good as any ripened goat that I've had anywhere! (France, EU, US etc.) Luckily, a few places carry it in NYC :)

The Secrets Behind Making Incredible Matcha

Now this is a feature! I will forever have a greater appreciation for green tea and matcha. It also explains why it costs $9.95 for

The 10 Best Budget Rums

Great list—this is going to be very useful. I too am a huge fan of the El dorado family of rums—their 8 and 15 year bottles are a fantastic value compared to their peers IMHO. On your rec, I am going to try this 5 . Plantation is another fave.

4 Great Places to Try Canelés in Chicago

Great sleuthing! This will definitely come in handy when I visit Chicago. Thank you!

How to Cook Ribs for 12,000 People: 2 Days at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

Great read--very interesting. Would love to know the value proposition here as well. Do the teams get a flat fee to attend or just PR?

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@badeggsalad, Love this story! You should shop your caneles around to the local bakeries as a draw for more customers. Sunday mornings :)

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@thebirdie, you've made such a compelling argument--with so many specifics.

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@halfpint, Thanks for the tip. Laduree didn't have canele when I visted a few weeks ago. I'll definitely check it out.

@organicgal, your phonetic pronunciation is correct.

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@Jmena, Burdick does still make them and yes they use copper molds. They told me they bake 2-4 per day. I'll be curious to hear what you think of the Bosie canele.

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@Bigb, That's just it--it's not just the "crust I seek" the crust of the canele is 90% of the experience! I am also finding it difficult to believe that DAB were low in flavor given they use wildly aromatic (and expensive) Tahitian vanilla--but let's leave his canele out of this. Visit one of the other two in the top 4--Runner and Stone or Bosie--go early--and then let me know how you what you think.

@Chanjying, Keep in mind that if you invest in copper molds you'll have them for a lifetime and they retain 100% of their value (as long as the price of Copper doesn't go down too much). If you're into baking you won't be sorry. Even by two (JB Price has medium sized copper for $15.70 ea!) That said silicone still produces an excellent and tasty product.

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@max, I thought it only fair to recuse myself--but I'm glad you called out my omission.

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@11USCh7 The majority of the canele on this list use some kind of beeswax and oil or butter mix. It does provide the best crust.

BigB@ Really? I notice you don't provide any specifics. You just give your opinion. Please state why specifically, you think they should be on this list—do you disagree with the characteristics of a good canele?

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@KungSchu, It honetsly broke my heart not to include Balthazar on this list as they are a fantastic bakery in a million other ways. However, I visited them over and over again in the last year (as I have for years) and their canele always have a soft leathery crust and a matte finish. Even if you purchase them at 9:00 a.m. It's quite perplexing since they have baking expertese and even use very high end industrial copper molds. Celines canele (from her shop) have snap and a beautiful finish.

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

@RBNYC, A valid question worthy of further exploration.

A Lighter Take on the Gluten-Free Cookie From Foragers City Grocer

@Tommi, While it's true that less than 1% of people in US suffer from Celiac Disease, many researchers believe that 6-7% of people may have a gluten sensitivity. In NYC that would be >500,000 people.

In this case, where the price is reasonable--you could just think of it as a cookie with a non-traditional recipe.

Behind the Scenes: Making Edible Blown Glass at Aureole, NYC

This is pro as sh--! What beautiful and colorful plates.

Gramercy Tavern's Must-Eat Lemon Sherbet

sorry, never meant to say "local"--they're from Florida. My bad.

Yes, One of NYC's Best Black and White Cookies is in a Midtown Salad Bar

@pcsanwald, The short answer is that I've been writing about desserts in NYC since 2006. A few years ago someone told me about Dishes in-house baker and I have been trying their stuff for years--it's almost always excellent--from rugelach to tres-leches cake. When I saw their B & W cookie i had to try it. But Dishes is unusual. It looks like a random place but it's not. It's very expensive for everything but baked goods though.

Amanda Cook Doubles Down with Food Science and the Culinary Arts

So great that you featured Amanda Cook--she's the best. I have to visit and try that "choc-cuterie" board.