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Giveaway: Win a Pair of California Wine Country Prints

Kiami Wines because A) one of the owners was in my WoW guild and B) the wine he sent me was really very, very good. I think he liked the Penzey's spices I sent in exchange...

Cook the Book: 'My Irish Table' by Cathal Armstrong

My ex-husband was from Belfast and had never seen corned beef and cabbage til he moved to the States - so while I adore corned beef, I eschew it on the holiday. I'll have a large Guinness and a cottage pie, please.

Which Cocktails Do You Think Are Overrated?

Very little judging goes on at my home bar - which is where I'll drink if my drink of choice doesn't pass muster. Plus, I fricking adore a Moscow Mule in the heat and humidity of a July afternoon.

Introducing Our New Etiquette Column, Manner Matters

We once were invited by my FIL to a large group dinner at a prixe fix event - it was about $55/plate and my husband and I bought a bottle of wine (or two?) to share. About three days later, my FIL sent out an email asking who had ordered a Diet Coke as he had not been reimbursed for it. I was aghast at the time but now it's risen to the level of inside joke lore that we still giggle about.

Poll: Which Standard Burger Toppings Do You Secretly Despise?

I voted for tomatoes, even though I love a good seasonal tomato on my burger in place of ketchup. The problem is, I never *get* a good seasonal tomato - I get a wintry pale imitation of a tomato and I do not want that.

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: 17th Street BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork

Bought my husband two different smokers so we can try different temp levels

What's the Worst New York Restaurant Meal You've Ever Had?

Okay, I admit, I laughed at ooopete1983. I'm sure it was stunning at the moment but it's a great story in retrospect.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

If I got it today, that prime rib sitting in the fridge. Next week? Pork shoulder on the smoker.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms - all fresh

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: High Road Ice Cream 6-Pack

I guess it's more legend than fantasy - Ben & Jerry's Rainforest Crunch. I miss it so...

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Steak Set from Double R Ranch Co.

Ribeye seared then finished in the oven, served with bearnaise.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Steak Set from Double R Ranch Co.

Ribeye seared in cast iron and finished in the oven, served with bearnaise.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Secret Weapons Pork Kit

Bacon fat. Also, we met Herb Eckhouse at a La Quercia/Carr Valley/New Glarus Brewery dinner this year and he's just as nice as you'd expect!

Cook the Book: 'Japanese Soul Cooking'

Tonkatsu, and really good miso soup.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

Pork shoulder on the smoker

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Steak Set from Double R Ranch Co.

Garlic and black pepper seasoned ribeye, grilled on the Weber or seared in cast iron.

3 Great New(ish) Cocktail Bitters

Bittercube, because I'm a Milwaukee homer. And also because they're excellent, of course.

Open Thread: What Food Packaging Drives You Crazy?

Lettuce bags that have a VERY strong ziploc but VERY weak actual plastic surrounding it. I'm constantly ripping holes in the bags trying to unlock the ziplocs.

Cook the Book: 'Indian Cooking Unfolded'

Anything other than butter chicken and vindaloo (which I don't think are really Indian anyway) - my husband and I are just learning to love Indian and I REALLY want a solid guide. This book looks perfect.

Introducing the Serious Eats Magazine!

I look forward to seeing this sometime in the future. If I remember it's available when I can, that is.

Milwaukee Coffee Roaster Colectivo Brews Beer, Too

Darn, I'd love to be able to pick up a growler or two of the Cascara. On the other hand, it's just a 20-block trip for me...

Poll: How Loyal Are You To Your Favorite Fast Food Burger Chain?

It was years between fast food visits until a new Wendy's opened nearby. This particular store really impressed us with the staff's friendliness - they all really seem to enjoy being there, which makes for a great experience for everyone. Plus, it was the first restaurant in the area with a Coca Cola Freestyle machine which makes my husband unnaturally happy.

Cook the Book: 'Treme'

Great bar food, including the beloved fish fry - which you can also get any given weekend at local church basement!

Oddball Liquor Laws Around the U.S.A.

@Tipsy I wonder if Woodman's in Wisconsin plans to expand into Minnesota, because they're built the same way and we don't have the same laws here.

Oddball Liquor Laws Around the U.S.A.

Is wrong that as I was reading the somewhat rambling but amusing lead-in, I thought I was reading Will Gordon, and then I thought, "Where in the hell has Will Gordon been? He got married and disappeared. THAT HARRIDAN HAS DONE WILL IN!" (or something like it)

Waffle Iron with Removable Plates

So, I decided to try a recipe that put cinnamon roll dough into the waffle iron for Valentine's Day - and I'm STILL trying to get the crusted-on brown sugar off my non-stick waffle iron. I'd like to replace it with a waffle iron with removable plates so I can soak them in the sink (no dishwasher here - rather, I AM the dishwasher). I'd consider an all-in-one item that includes a panini press, since I have the same challenge with that appliance as well.

What experiences have people had? It looks like a George Foreman grill might fit the bill but I'd really like to hear what other people use.

Early 1960s party ideas

I did a couple searches here and came up with nothing, so I apologize if this is redundant.

I'm turning 50 in January, and am planning a "come as if it's 1961" party. I'm looking for suggestions for food and beverages. So far we've come up with:

Devilled eggs
Cocktail meatballs and wieners
Shrimp scampi or cocktail
Stuffed mushrooms
Pigs in blankets
Cheese puffs
Cheese balls
Filled celery (blue cheese/cream cheese)
Chex Mix
Jello molds

Punch with ice ring
Mai Tais

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