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Help! My rice cooker is useless! How much is 2 cup of rice?

The metric system is stupid? Whatever you want to think for yourself, but by any comparison it is a lot easier than American Standard. It isn't just England, but the rest of the entire world that uses metric, only because it makes measurements so much easier and more accurate. I have lived in the US all my life. Metrify or petrify.

Send Us Your Beer Questions!

Asheville, NC won the "Beer City" contest based on its microbreweries for the last two years in a row. And, Asheville was just selected for the new Sierra Nevada Brewery. So why is Portland, Or always profiled for its beer culture?

The Fresh Market--Anyone have one?

We have had The Fresh Market in Asheville for more than ten years. It is a nice, upscale store with a very good bakery section. It is quite a bit smaller than most mega-mart grocery stores and so is the selection. It can be a little bit pricey, but since you love to shop you are going to visit anyhow, so enjoy it.

Daytona Beach restaurants

Just thought I would follow up on my post. We decided to eat at "Down the Hatch." It is a restaurant on Ponce Inlet, right on the Halifax River. They specialize in fresh seafood. The special was Triggerfish. I have never eaten Triggerfish. It was a really good, light, firm fish. It isn't the finest restaurant I've been to, but the food was good and ther service was excellent. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

Time For a New Chef's Knife

I prefer a carbon steel knife over a stainless steel knife. They are much easier to maintain and can often be sharpened to a finer edge than stainless. A carbon steel knife is also less expensive than stainless steel knives They take a little more care in handling, though not much more, Look at this site:
I don't have this brand of knife, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

Ending an sale early?? Is this normal?

I am not a lawyer but I think an advertised price and sale date(s) is considered a contract. Unless there is some kind of disclaimer (i.e. "until supplies runout") the sale price must be honored. It is a law in the US that anyone offering merchandise at a sale price must have a sufficient quantity on hand to meet reasonable expectations, again, unless a disclaimer is added. I see no reason why the sale dates would be any less binding.

hydrating beans

Well. I did it! I followed boobird's advice by boilng the beans for five minutes in water that was salted per Harold McGee's book, Keys to Good Cooking. (10 grams salt per liter of water) Then I emptied the water and added unsalted water for another 2 hour soak. I cooked the beans and ham, following Mark Bittman's recipe in How to Cook Everything. I still took about two hours for them to fully soften. They were pretty good. But, the best part is I think I can do better (adding Rotel is next) and I am no longer intimidated. Thanks to everyone who weighed in on this discussion.

Cutting Boards.

I use a large end grain cutting board (the Carolina Slab) made by BoardSmith. For raw meat I use a plastic board that I sanitize with double strength bleach solution after every use. For cutting up garlic I usually use a small plastic "bar board."

Cruise Ships

A couple of months ago David Lebovitz had an article on his site about cruise ship kitchens and food. It was a really fascinating look at what goes on behind the scenes. Look here:

Mods, if posting a link is verboten, please feel free to scuttle my post.

hydrating beans

Thanks for the replies. I am planning to use navy beans.

What food smell do you hate?

coffe, beer, and Doritos - alone, together, on your breath, around the corner - just bad


Thank you ESNY1077, I think you are right. Since there is no mention of cooking the eggs separately I thought that "scrambled" might actually be "beaten" eggs. The other clue was the mention of reserving the "scrambled" egg to use as a wash. But, since I am a new cook I needed a little more clarification. Thanks to gingercookiewithlime for your confirmation.


They are baked, but the recipe says to reserve 2 or 3 tablespoons for the egg wash, and calls for 2 scrambled eggs mixed in with the chicken.

Curious: Mustard Allergies

Man, a mustard allergy would be unbearable. I think you should be able to get a handicapped parking sticker for that condition!

My interesting friend Alcohol

I can't stand to drink wine or beer. Both taste awful to me. I tried, but I can't drink either, though I use wine in my cooking . However a good Scotch (I like the uber peaty Laphroaig) or a good tequila (Patron or Souza) is delightful. Having said that, I don't drink much. I usually get a 750 ml bottle of both Scotch and tequila around the holidaze and it will last me through the year. I also like a dirty martini or a gin and tonic on hot days. I guess one reason my bottles last as long as they do is because, I like to be by myself when I drink alone.

Balsamic Vinegar

I'll bet that was some excellent balsamic! Cook's Illustrated recommends Lucini brand.

Grill pan vs skillet

@anzee... I guess that finally settles the question of gas vs. charcoal for real grilled flavor.

What music do you cook/bake to?

I enjoy listening to some up tempo jazz or blues when I cook. I never listen to my favorite artists, like Rhasaan Roland Kirk, or Frank Zappa when I am cooking because it would be insulting to use their genius for musical wallpaper.

Are you a keeper or a giver?

As my screen name says, I am relatively new at cooking. I teach photography and I always tell my students, "If you want people to think you are a good photographer, stop showing them your bad photos." It is the same with cooking. If I want someone (wife or guests) to think I am a good cook, I would never consider giving them anything less than the best I can make. I will gladly eat the less than best and try to learn from my mistakes.

Burger Smasher?

An interesting aside, Spatula City has almost as many hits as Bobo's on DDD.

Carbon steel, 2 questioins

Thanks for the responses. I am happy to expand my original post a little bit to accept any and all tips or suggestions for using and maintaining the carbon steel. The reason I went to carbon steel is because I had a super modern Japanese steel knife that was just too brittle. The blade would chip even though I was VERY careful not to abuse it. I expect the carbon steel to be much more durable, and I know it will be easier to keep sharp. Should I clean/polish the blade with Bon Ami every time I use it?

Your most fun dish to make!

I get a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from roasting a chicken.

Question about tbsp and tsp measuremeants..

A teaspoon is 5 ml. A tablespoon is 15 ml. Anything ifferent isn't a teaspoon or tablespoon. They are for measuring convenience when absolutely precise measurement is not necessary.

$200 kitchen spree

I agree that a LeCruset, or Staub Dutch oven would be a good purchase, especially if you want to have a reminder of your grandmother for many, many years to come. If you have some change left over a good cutting board is another essential (especially with that Henkle knife.) If you have a Tuesday Morning near by you might be able to find some LeCruset at very good prices. Congratulations on you graduation and best wishes for a successful future.

Cook's Illustrated: Yea or Nay?

I think you can learn a lot from them. But, only subscribe if you are using a credit card that will expire soon from a bank you are not going to use again. Then let he card expire. I can't read all the other comments, but you get the drift. They will abuse your credit card. I wish Christopher KImball would write one of his sappy columns about the good ol' Vermont value of charging a card without authorization. Best to ask your library to subscribe.


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