• Favorite foods: Any food that makes me WANT MORE of it.
  • Last bite on earth: A fresh baked German roll with butter.

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35 Pumpkin Recipes We Love

Don't mean to be an HP nerd here, but Harry's favorite treat @ Hogwarts is actually the treacle tart. Pumpkin pasties are offered not only on the cart on the Hogwarts Express, but really everywhere you could find something like a Chocolate Frog. (rather like the commonness of Hershey's)
Ok, i really feel like a nerd now.
Either way these look INCREDIBLE!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Its the chinese characters for red meat and everything! :p

Oil-less salad dressing?

I make many un-oil dressings for everyday salads... just a combo of many vinegars (today balsamic, apple cider, and sherry), lemon juice, with a bit of fruit juice. Orange works well.

Taste Test: Every Flavor of Chobani Greek Yogurt

Passionfruit, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Blood Orange, and PLAIN! But I do love Fage's flavors as well. (They have a MUCH better raspberry, and better yogurt). But Dannon Greek has Key Lime Greek Yogurt too!

Taste Test: Haribo Gummy Bears, German vs. American (Turkish)

Honestly the harder chew is what makes the German gummies. They are my favorite candy (non-chocolate) of all time, and the great thing is that they will never change. They are indescribably incredible!!

Vanilla Bean Pound Cake

Mmmm... I'm baking this now. I omitted the vanilla in favor of a basic pound cake, but I can't wait!

How to Make a Choco Taco

Or you could just take a break and have crepes. :P

Getting Crazy with Oatmeal: 19 Sweet and Savory Oatmeal Toppings

I love oatmeal! I use almond milk for mine as well - it is incredibly delicious!! I'm going to have to try ALL of these.

Dinner Tonight: Six Vegetable Soup

Yum! I'm going to alter this recipe for the veggies I have and make some tonight. (And I'll be using vegetable stock :P).

We Try All the Kashi GOLEAN Cereal Flavors

I love Kashi - and not just the GoLean varieties. Luckily, they were on sale at the store the other day, and I picked up Cinnamon Crumble and Heart to Heart Honey. Excited to but some crumble in my Fage today!

We Try 25 Kinds of Oreo

Double Stuf all the way... but I agree, the Mint is excellent - my favorite non-original.

Do you have food allergies?

I have a bad allergy to shellfish. That's ok though because I don't like them. I used to have minor allergies to beef (no kidding!) tomatoes and potatoes. However now I am fine to eat them, I just choose not to eat beef.

10 Food Souvenirs from Germany

Oh yes. German Curry Ketchup is undoubtedly the best condiment to ever sit in the fridge... it even beats stone ground spicy mustard.

10 Food Souvenirs from Germany

@BeerWeezil, yes, Haribo, Ritter Sport and Kinder are available in the States, but they are not made in Germany. Like with Nutella, most countries have their own specific recipe... authentic Haribo, Ritter and Kinder versions are usually only available in Germany.
I want to add that the original Haribo Goldbaren from Germany will always be the best flavor!!

Homemade Vegan Burgers That Don't Suck

Sweet! I can't wait to try this! Boca burgers don't quite cut it for me, but I am fond of bulgur.

Cereal Eats: Cheerios Showdown, Part 3: Some Flavors You've Maybe Never Heard Of

@CarolineCP in fact, they are even better than banana chips! (And I loooovvee banana chips.)

Cereal Eats: Cheerios Showdown, Part 3: Some Flavors You've Maybe Never Heard Of

EXCUSE ME????? How could you not LOVE the banana nut cheerios? I find them to be the best cheerio flavor by far. I lived off of them for an entire summer.Cheerios perfects the banana-flavored taste. It is like heaven in a box, and even more so with milk. I don't understand your dislike. :(

Cheddar Crusted Apple Pie

I must say, first of all, that this is GENIUS! Cheese + apples were already so delectable that I can't imagine how incredible they are baked with sugar and cinnamon and an oh-so-flaky crust.... and I'm drifting off into food land already! I am so pleased (and surprised, for this looks like a super tasty recipe) to be the first commenter... hopefully there are more to come!

Cheddar cheese apple pie? How could you NOT give in?! ;)

11 Kale Dishes We Love In New York City

the African Peanut Pineapple stew (with lots of kale) in the Moosewood Cooks at Home book is soooo good :))