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Where to Eat Near Columbia University

This guide makes me feel old and want to complain about gentrification. (I know that Morningside Heights was already gentrified when I went to Columbia, but still.)

What about the now-gone (and admittedly not always tasty) staples of my co
llege youth? Mama Joy's, which smelled like fetal pig; College Diner, so weird and sparsely attended; La Rosita, with its cheap and tasty breakfasts; and UFM, with its mysteriously and constantly changing food selection?

Taste Test: Salsa Con Queso and Cheese Sauce

Oh, Adam actually made the cream cheese+chili one last year:

I was going to say thought that when I went to Texas, I seem to recall that the "queso" served in restaurants was white, no?

Taste Test: Salsa Con Queso and Cheese Sauce

There's a tasty version with cream cheese and no meat chili.

Lombardi Pizza Co.: Truckin' Great Pizza in Edison, New Jersey

@Adam Kuban: "FAZE me." Too much internet reading for you!

Would You Hire This Man?

I find the commenters who say that management was right to reject Paulie G extraordinarily disturbing. To me, the number one qualification for a job should be a desire to do that job well and the ability to do that job well—not to check off a bunch of boxes of "must haves" to satisfy corporate.

Bravo to Paulie G for creating his own dream job and hiring himself!

Goodbye, Dumpling

So sorry to hear about dumpling.

Rice Cooker Assistance, Please

My mom's tip is to add enough water to cover the rice so it will just cover your hand, if you put your hand flat on the rice. I think you might be using the wrong kind of rice--you can't use quick cook or anything like that.

Oriental Market Virgin

My people have steered you wrong by naming everything the "___ Oriental Market." I apologize.

What about dried shiitake mushrooms—those are a big Chinese delicacy. You can rehydrate them in water and use them like other mushrooms.

Or you buy wonton wrappers and put in cream cheese and fake crab sticks (though this is not authentic, but a popular tiki food invention) for crab rangoon. I actually think all deep fried wontons are pretty good—you can put in a meat filling or a shrimp filling and deep fry.

Oriental Market Virgin

Hi Miss Brown Eyes,

What about a 5-spice mix? You can use that to braise meats or add flavoring to soups? There are Pocky sticks, which are cookie sticks covered in chocolate.

Do you drink tea? There are a lot of good selections at Asian marts. Most noodles will be rice or egg/wheat based, so that might be a good choice. What about frozen potstickers (dumplings), easy to make or frozen spring rolls (you'll need a deep fryer) for that. Tempura batter for deep-frying?

There will be a selection of rice, if you're interested in that.

Finally, I believe that the term that we Asians prefer, is Asian. Not Oriental! :)

Snapshots from France: Flammekueche from Flam's

I think they're Alsatian and Alsace has, I believe, switched hands between the Germans and the French for many years, hence its German-Franco heritage.

More Di Fara First-Timers Report on Yesterday's Field Trip

At first, I thought that Lou T was a bit of a downer, but then I read his other picks for pizzerias and I changed my mind. I agree, DiFara is Not That Good. Motorino, on the other hand, OMG. Sooooo goood. But I don't think that Slice is not necessarily losing credibility, it's just a matter of taste. And in the case of DiFara, way too oily, often burnt and too droopy!

Totale Pizza: Is There Such A Thing as Budget Artisanal Pizza?

let's give credit where credit is Robyn Lee for her beautiful photos. (And Ed for his nice writing.)

New to Astoria, Queens Suggestions Please!

Oh, I would recommend Trattoria L'incontro. They're a little bit, um, intense there, but the food is good. Kebab Cafe as well, but depending where you live, that might be quite far away from you.

New to Astoria, Queens Suggestions Please!

Oh and Sparrow: do not like. Overpriced and badly done.

New to Astoria, Queens Suggestions Please!

What? How can you recommend Watawa? I eat there all there time, because I am lazy, but it's nothing special, just an average neighborhood place. Locals love Sal, Kris, and Charlie's, but I think it's due to the amount of meat they put on, rather than anything outstanding.

Seriously Asian: Little Wontons

I think the difference between "big" and "small" wontons must be regional--according to Wikipedia, something only in Shanghai.

Also, I heard from Chinese people when I lived in China that wontons are a southern food (northerners tend to eat jiaozi), which may have traveled to different regions and evolved. Thus, I believe the transliteration of the Cantonese, or won ton, would be appropriate to use here. :) Also, Cantonese wontons are almost always pork and shrimp (and small), rather than having this distinction between the fillings and size as mentioned in this post.

Cantonese pride,

Copyright Theft ... and More ... in the UK

@Lou T: Though I myself am not a DiFara fan, it is Adam, not Dom, who is getting ripped off.

An Introduction to Karē-Raisu, Japanese Curry Rice

I looked at the ingredients of one of these boxes and it seemed to be consist of HFCS and MSG--are their healthier versions out there?

Pizza toppings

@AJ12754 Um, Slice only did a whole "Top This" slide about this--a couple of weeks before Smitten Kitchen:

Bread Baking: The Simplest White Bread Ever

I think in step one you have have extra "and" in the instructions. Could someone edit and clarify? Thanks.

My Pie Monday: Lou T's Pizza Margherita

I thought this was already included in Photograzing?

Good, reliable jung/zong zi (wrapped sticky rice) in Manhattan?

PS I have eaten the one at the cravings truck. It's okay, but not *quite* as good as the May May ones. A little dense.