Pre-med college student and native New Yorker eating her way through the big apple.

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  • Favorite foods: sushi, good salad, ice cream.
  • Last bite on earth: an ice cream sudae.

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Grilled meat in Manhattan

The grill on the Pier on west 70th st along the Hudson River. They grill everything on outdoor grills and you can watch the sunset, super romantic!

Food, drink and conversation, where to go on UWS?

If you like sushi, Tenzan (73rd and Columbus) is my favorite place in the city. Really fresh fish and interesting rolls.

Lobster dinner in NYC?

Ocean Grill on the Upper West Side, excellent food and very romantic.

Cheapish dinner idea near Lincoln Center?

Tenzan on 73rd and Columbus is my favorite sushi restaurant in the city and the prices are extremely reasonable. The best rolls are the dancing eel, red lady, and spicy crab crunch ones.

Graduation Dinner

Thank you for your comments and helpful tips, I really appreciate it!

Healthy but Delicious in NYC?

Candle Cafe! Get the indian plate, so amazing.

Miracle Ingredients and New Pantry Staples for Vegans

Another great flavor-enhancing ingredient to keep on hand is tahini!

Win Tickets to Dinner and a Coldplay Concert from BlackboardEats

Dinner at Masa followed by Coldplay. So obsessed with Coldplay!!!

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Kenji's Morningside Heights and Columbia University

As a Columbia student, I greatly appreciated this post! I agree with the above commenters that Arties, however, is most certainly not in Morningside Heights. Le Monde definitely does have the best hot chocolate on the UWS, and I'm glad that you did not include the overpriced and overrated Community Food and Juice in this article. My all time fave Morningside Heights restaurant, however, would be Massawa, an Ethiopian restaurant on 122nd and Amsterdam. Symposium, on 112th between Broadway and Amsterdam, is also a popular Columbia hangout that has decent Greek food with a warming atmosphere.

Best Rainbow Cookies - NY Metro Area

Walls Bakery in Hewlett, NY, hands down! It's about a 40 minute drive from NYC and is totally worth it.

Win Tickets To 'The Food Porn Party' at NYC Food Film Festival

definitely sushi! Nothing beats a perfectly cut maki roll with multi-colored fish:)

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Ed's Upper West Side

As a life-long native Upper West Sider, I have to say I was slightly disappointed to see the majority of places mentioned relatively recent additions to the neighborhood. How could Zabars not be mentioned for groceries? Or Soutine Bakery for pastries? Or Tenzan for sushi? I feel like these places more accurately represent the essence of the UWS, rather than more gentrified locales such as Epicerie Boulud and Shake Shack. I will say that Levain Bakery makes one damn good cookie though;)

Thai Market: Bangkok-Style Eats in Morningside Heights

In a rather bleak culinary expanse, Thai Market has been a great restaurant to attend throughout my college career. The atmosphere is pretty hip and fun and the food has fueled many a late night study session.

Ethiopian food in the city

I LOVE Massawa near Columbia University. It's probably my all-time favorite joint near campus.

Win Tickets to a Crab Boil at The Little Owl, Monday August 29

Mine would definitely be a simple lobster roll with fresh corn on the cob and watermelon with a huge ice cream sundae for dessert. Perfection.

Win Tickets to Bouchon Bakery's Bastille Day Dinner

Loads of macarons (preferably espresso flavored), pommes frites, classic creme brulee, and profiteroles.

The Upper West Side H&H Is Apparently Closed For Good. What Does It Mean to You?

I'm so depressed about H&H closing. As a born and raised Upper West Sider, H&H really did represent the ethos of the neighborhood which is now consumed by more gentrified stores. So terrible.

Possibly a dumb question: Where to get beet juice in Manhattan?

Liquiteria, Juice Generation, and One Lucky Duck are all great places to find beet juice.

Need suggestions for celebratory dinner

Congratulations on graduating! I am a pre-med undergrad, so I always admire med students:) I would suggest Blue Hill (could probably be done under 100 per person), Gramercy Tavern, Hearth (which has a 7 course tasting menu for 72 per person), or Red Rooster. Hope that helps and congrats again!

The Best Bakeries in New York: American-Style

Yay! I'm so happy that Soutine made the list. I've lived next to the bakery for over twenty years and can honestly say that every baked good is made with love:)

Clinton Street Baking Co. vs Community Food & Juice!?

I go to Columbia U. and frequent Community quite often. Their blueberry pancakes are quite good, but almost everything else on the menu flops. I would definitely reccomend Clinton over Community any day of the week, as the portions are larger, the prices more reasonable and the dishes generally much better construed.

TGI Fry-Day: Hagalil Fries at Soom Soom

I live right next to that place and go there all the time for those taters. Monday they offer a buy-one-get-one-free falafel deal from 5:30pm until 7 which is totally awesome.

Get Ready for Serious Eats NY Bakery Week

Levain Bakery(for their cookies, obviously) and Soutine Bakery on the Upper West Side, which has lovely fruit tarts and a great banana chocolate chip bread. Silver Moon is another great Upper West Side one.


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