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Difara is closed... Now what?

I went to L&B. I am not a fan of square pizza but since I was in Rome, we split a half sheet and it was very good. The crust was not the overwhelming mass of dough it often is. I still prefer regular slices, but the one I had from them was just dandy too. Not as gfood as DiFara of course, but still very good stuff.

My brother and my companion had no complaints at all. My companion compared the stuff to the tompato pie that permeates Philly bakeries (something which I see getting some "ink" here lately):

From his Facebook:

"The spumoni gardens pie had the mozzarella on the bottom, very similar to Tony's Place tomato pie (but they use provolone....and a thin crust....ok they both use tomatos) It's the amount of cheese (small) which makes them the most similar....all about the tomato"

Although one of his FB friends claimed to have worked at Tony's and disavowed using Provo, that seems a moot point.

Also, the chocolate spumoni was great!

Difara is closed... Now what?

On my Facebook page, two folks voted for L&B. My guess is they never been to Best Pizza since they're new and L&B are legendary but still, it seems that I will be headed there on Sunday! Anyone wanna meet up? :)

Anyone remember the pizza place of my youth? (Jamaica, Queens)

It's gone now. So is grandma. But I would love to know the name of the place and find out if anyone ever shared such memories or the same joint that I do... I have no illusions of this nameless place being some lost, lamented hallowed hall of pizza perfection, but maybe someone here tried the place out before it went away and rated it a solid street corner slice. That's still an accomplishment in my book.

Difara is closed... Now what?

I think we are gonna go with Best Pizza or L&B. They seem like more NYC slice places and that's what I love about DiFara - it's like the corner pizza joint on steroids. Paulie Gee's seems great but I want my non-New York friend to get a real slice of the Big Apple, you know?

All that said, it doesn't have to be Brooklyn: We will be in The Bronx for the Yankees and can easily hit any Manhattan places or even Queens. Hell, even Staten Island!

Difara is closed... Now what?

Thanks, Adam. If my NYC pizza virgin wasn't a vegetarian, I would just go to Katz's but I don't wanna make him chow down on latkes while everyone else is gorging Pastrami.

I saw those lists - I saw tons of lists Grimaldi's was on too! The problem is that DiFara is on such a mountain top for us, even going to the base camp is a bummer.


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