Difara is closed... Now what?

I went to L&B. I am not a fan of square pizza but since I was in Rome, we split a half sheet and it was very good. The crust was not the overwhelming mass of dough it often is. I still prefer regular slices, but the one I had from them was just dandy too. Not as gfood as DiFara of course, but still very good stuff.

My brother and my companion had no complaints at all. My companion compared the stuff to the tompato pie that permeates Philly bakeries (something which I see getting some "ink" here lately):

From his Facebook:

"The spumoni gardens pie had the mozzarella on the bottom, very similar to Tony's Place tomato pie (but they use provolone....and a thin crust....ok they both use tomatos) It's the amount of cheese (small) which makes them the most similar....all about the tomato"

Although one of his FB friends claimed to have worked at Tony's and disavowed using Provo, that seems a moot point.

Also, the chocolate spumoni was great!

Difara is closed... Now what?

On my Facebook page, two folks voted for L&B. My guess is they never been to Best Pizza since they're new and L&B are legendary but still, it seems that I will be headed there on Sunday! Anyone wanna meet up? :)

Anyone remember the pizza place of my youth? (Jamaica, Queens)

It's gone now. So is grandma. But I would love to know the name of the place and find out if anyone ever shared such memories or the same joint that I do... I have no illusions of this nameless place being some lost, lamented hallowed hall of pizza perfection, but maybe someone here tried the place out before it went away and rated it a solid street corner slice. That's still an accomplishment in my book.

Difara is closed... Now what?

I think we are gonna go with Best Pizza or L&B. They seem like more NYC slice places and that's what I love about DiFara - it's like the corner pizza joint on steroids. Paulie Gee's seems great but I want my non-New York friend to get a real slice of the Big Apple, you know?

All that said, it doesn't have to be Brooklyn: We will be in The Bronx for the Yankees and can easily hit any Manhattan places or even Queens. Hell, even Staten Island!

Difara is closed... Now what?

Thanks, Adam. If my NYC pizza virgin wasn't a vegetarian, I would just go to Katz's but I don't wanna make him chow down on latkes while everyone else is gorging Pastrami.

I saw those lists - I saw tons of lists Grimaldi's was on too! The problem is that DiFara is on such a mountain top for us, even going to the base camp is a bummer.

Anyone remember the pizza place of my youth? (Jamaica, Queens)

Although I grew up in neighboring Hollis, my grandmother lived - for 60+ years and eventually died - in a house located in Jamaica right in between Hillside Avenue and Jamaica Avenue on 172nd Street.

I remember as a child and later on as an adult when I lived with grandma for a while in 1989 and on subsequent visits to see her - most recently with my wife at the time in the mid '90s - the corner pizza place. It was the place we all swore by. When we visited grandma, it was tradition to get a few pies from the place and it was always great - the crust was thin but held up under the weight of the cheese. So greasy, but in a good way, with a sublime sauce that complimented everything, the perfect slice to take on the Subway on a greasy white plate in one hand and the Village Voice in the other.

Even as an adult with more discerning tastes, I would always hit the same place for a slice as I went into or out of the Subway (the place was on the corner on the way to the train station entrance at Hillside and 169th Street). The place was on the corner of Hillside and 170th Street. I hit the Google maps to see if I could find it...

And now it's a Crown Chicken & Pizza! Wow, another part of my childhood gone... :(

I did some searching to see if the old business located at the address - 17002 Hillside Avenue in Jamaica - could be found online but I couldn't find anything. I am wondering if the denizens of Slice who have been haunting New York street corners for a long time might have any recollection of this place. Or if anyone has any old Queens Yellow Pages who might be able to find the name of the place.

I distinctly remember the same guy in the place, whether I was a kid who was there with my father picking up pizza for a visit with Grandma, and then as an adult when I lived in Brooklyn and would visit grandma solo on the F-Train, and even as a tourist when I moved away from New York and would go back to visit friends and food and a city I loved.

Difara is closed... Now what?

I live in Philly and don't get to New York very often. I have Yankee tickets this Sunday and I am even dragging a good friend there to see the game but also to eat the best pizza I have ever had, DiFara.

Well, as some of you might know, Dom is taking some vacation time right in the middle of my trip.

My brother, who is also coming along (and who is a DiFara veteran) suggested we try another place. This was my response to him:

Let me tell you a story of a dark day on the life of my wife and myself - more my wife than me as you will see. It was another time that we did a New York trip and DiFara happened to be closed. Ever the diligent guy, I did some searching and we wound up going to Grimaldi's, a place just as famous - if not more so - than DiFara.

We waited in a long line and then finally got a pizza that I say was underwhelming, but if you hear my wife explain it, it was the worst thing she ever put in her mouth. I believe this was simply because after dealing with a long wait while sitting under the Brooklyn Bridge and being used to DiFara, she was looking forward to greatness. And it didn't happen. And I am not quite sure she has ever forgiven me for this.

So I am reluctant to find a different pizza place given that she has now become even more of a snobby New Yorker than I could ever possible be - and all without even ever living there. It's quite an accomplishment. But she can also get as pissed off as a New Yorker, so that has to be taken into account as well.

Bearing all of this... does anyone have any suggestions for someone who loves DiFara, hated Grimaldi's and has a New York Pizza virgin in his midsts this Sunday afrernoon/evening?

We will have a car so any borough is fine as long as the place is open... I am counting on you guys for this!

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