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Celebrate Elvis's 76th Birthday with His PB-Bacon-Banana Sandwich

I've had them at Graceland and I've made them at home. I've been an avid collector and fan of Elvis for over 20 years and I really have to question the bacon in this sandwich. I believe the original is a peanut butter and banana sandwich, that's how they serve it at Graceland and that's how I've seen it done before although I wouldn't put it passed Elvis to add bacon to it, nor do I object to having bacon added to this sandwich!

Here's to the KING! Happy Birthday Elvis!

Bordentown, New Jersey: Mastoris Diner Serves Up Massive Burgers

This place looks great - can anyone tell me how their breakfast is? I'll be driving pass this diner and was wondering if it's worth stopping here.

Hester Street Fair Food: Arancini Bros. for Rice Balls

Suprised there's not the authentic chop meat and peas (Sicilian style) rice balls or the ham and cheese. Those are my favorite when I fly into Sicily!

Viva la Sicilia!

Best Polish cuisine in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area?

Has anyone ever eaten at Krolewsjie Jadlo on Manhattan Ave?

Fun on a Bun: The Wipeout Burger at The Hangout in Gulf Shores, Alabama

I'm definitely going to find this place during my annual trip to the Gulf Shores!!


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