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  • Last bite on earth: Tough to say...let's stretch the limits: Bite from an old-school Donovan's Burger, bite from a Houston's cheeseburger, handful of fries from Houstons, a bite from the Houston's brownies sundae, and a bite of Banana Pudding from Sugar Sweet Sunshine

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Requiem for an Egg Cream: In Search of a New York Classic

Gem Spa is still pretty damn delicious. There are certain guys who work there who are a little more old school and just get it right and they have the siphon and the syrup pumps, c'mon!!

A Tour of the East Village's Borscht Belt Restaurants and Lunch Counters

Great round up Max. The world needs to know these places still exist!

How you have not added mention of the potato pancake into the challah egg and cheese sandwich at B&H, however, is still a travesty. It is a delicious sandwich without the pancake, but adding the potato pancake takes it to the next level and makes it one of the best sandwiches in the entire East Village.

What's New York's Best Shawarma?

Al Salam Meat Market Chicken Shawarma in Bay Ridge also deserves honorable mention. It's also not great service and not the cleanest looking place but when its done right (crisped up in sandwich press post nice slice from spit and good spread of garlic aioli). That being said, my buddy I ate there 2-3 times with says he went to Karam recently and thats better.

As for best thing in a pita - still BZ Grill pork gyro for me.

What to Order at Somtum Der, Isan Thai in the East Village


Grandpa = awesome.

Loved the fried chicken as well. And in the same way your wife's vegetarianism led you to the mushroom, my friend led me to the Pad See Ew which was some of the best I've had in NYC.

Only point of disagreement is with the duck larb, which although I really enjoyed at Somtum Der, I was really missing the crispy duck rinds that Zabb Elee tosses into the mix. Like you said, the flavors are much cleaner and dynamic at Somtum Der, no doubt about that, but my duck larb had a lot of little fatty bits in it and not much crunch, something I've been spoiled with at Zabb. Hopefully someone from Somtum Der is reading this.

Taquitoria is the Rare Gimmick That Gets it Right

So you gave lackluster reviews to half of what they offer, doesnt sound like you really liked this place but sounds like you were trying to be positive because you really liked the guys?

The Best (Mostly Cheap) Eats on St. Marks Place in the East Village

Gotta give some love to Tuck Shop as well, best Australian meat pies in the city Pie face not worth eating. Want to see what its all about?

Check out my review:

Snapshots From Ivan Orkin's Taste of Tokyo Dinner at the New York Wine and Food Festival

Slide #21. The finished ramen. That looks pretty freaking tasty. Is that the exact thing we're going to see at the restaurant?

Video: Robert Sietsema Talks the Art of Hand-Pulled Noodles

The fiery soup that the daughter on the inside of the table eats is called "Mount Qi Beef Noodle Soup" at Super Taste and is effin awesome, especially on a cold day. With Sheng Wang right across the street, it's a veritable mecca of hand pulled noodles on the corner of Eldridge and Canal. At Sheng Wang I strongly recommend the fried peel noodles with egg and bok choy. Make sure to add a lot of Szechuan chile oil/paste (what I like to call dirt, you'll see why). Thank God for Chinatown.

Okay New York, Let's Talk Tacos

Manhattan street tacos? Cart on 70th and Broadway on UWS, Tacos Morelos on Ave A and 1st St, El Idolo on 14th St & 8th Ave.

Vegetarian Indian at Sapthagiri Worth a Trip to Jersey City

Awesome review, this all sounds great. Is chaat a dessert?

Ask the Critic: The Best Non-Brunchy Brunches

Balaboosta, Meme and Virage all awesome Mediterranean/Middle Eastern brunch spots.

I point people toward Balaboosta first because of the crispy cabbage salad and the hummus platter with fresh baked pita. So freaking good. You'll find the standard brunch fare you resent on these menus but they'll take Middle Eastern form and there are enough other legitimate "lunch-style" options to outweight the "brunch-ier" ones.

Video: A League of Tortas in Corona, Queens

@jamesboo Holyshit. And I meant for that to be one word. Just holyshit. Great job dude. Food porn looks insane. Love that you're hitting these spots where they don't speak English. Do you speak Spanish or are you bringing a translator with you? I'll post your video to my @Nycfoodguy Facebook and Twitter followers since they're all serious sandwich porn lovers. Keep up the good work!

Is This the Classiest McDonald's in America?

So happy you wrote about this place. I grew up in neighboring Great Neck and ANYTIME we drove near this place we were begging our Mom to take us. My brother even had his 5th birthday here and I made him cry by blowing out the candles - something my mom specifically asked me not to do - before he had a chance to. It's on video somewhere. What a dick I was. Fortunately he and I are good to go now. We went to local (and now closed) mini amusement park McGuinnesses and all the cake hate was forgotten.

On another note, I just wrote up a post on about 6 dream-worthy burgers around NYC. There may be one or two burgers that aren't on your radar, they definitely caught me off guard when I first had them. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts:

Breadstick Snacks at Breads Bakery

Had the cheese one last week with nothing on it and it was so light, fluffy and borderline croissant-y (for lack of a better term), I'm happy I was already outside and down the block when I ate it because I probably would have ordered several more.

First Look: The Butterfly, Michael White's Supper Club

Went last night, patty melt may be my new favorite burger in New York City. Ridiculously decadent and delicious, all about the perfectly grilled, crispy rye bread. Fried chicken also damn tasty, super crisp and juicy, butter, flaky biscuit. Favorite item may have been BLT salad. Battered, fried scotch egg, smokey bacon, juicy tomato, crispy kale and romaine, and perfectly tart/sweet warm sherry vinaigrette. Tom Collins gin cocktail with kaffir lime and soda also really tasty and nice size glass for the price ($15). Place is a bit small so gets pretty packed, wait for 2 people at 8:30pm was one hour. Fortunately they do take out and the three dishes I mentioned above are so damn good they're worth eating over the hood of someone's Maserati in Tribeca.

Taste Test: The Best Italian Combo Sandwich in Little Italy

@max completely agree with you about little italy being a construct. you said it well when you asked "why limit it to two crummy blocks?" There's the answer as to why we include Parm, because knowing what we know about their inspiration, it kind of IS Little Italy (or rather what Little Italy once was). As to you leaving anything out, I don't have any other spots to add. It's just too bad Di Palo doesn't make sandwiches.

Bronx Eats: Get to Know Memelas at Estrellita Produce, Mott Haven

Is it actually regular plate-sized? I didn't realize! That's awesome. I guess the bigger issue is why are sopes NOT cooked in rendered pork lard?!

Taste Test: The Best Italian Combo Sandwich in Little Italy

@Max you know I love you (Shopsins forever) but Parm is not really Little Italy. Is there one more place you wanted to include on this but chose not to because you felt like you had to include Parm? Or is this more just a sad statement about the state of Little Italy?

Hot Kitchen Does Standout Sichuan in the East Village

I wrote about this place when it first opened back in 2011. It is still one of the best Sichuan spots - if not THE BEST - in the East Village. Granted we don't have a lot to choose from when it comes to real Sichuan. Mapo Tofu is generally solid here as is the double cooked pork (cheap at $12) and the Mei Shan Beef (in link below). The chicken with spicy pepper dishes are all pretty tasty as well, I always confuse the Village Spicy Chicken and the Dry Sauteed Chicken with 3 peppers but they're both tasty in the end. Def big shout out to the dumplings @nicksolares posted about above.

Link to NYCFoodGuy Hot Kitchen post:

Of Course Shopsins Makes Great Onion Rings

This is great intel, but I'm always torn when I see a posting about Shopsins. I was guilty of blogging about my Shopsin's meals a while back but Zack and Kenny don't like it. They're happy with the amount of business they have and when we blog about them it only makes it harder for us to get a seat when we show up. Just repeating what I've heard directly from the horse's mouth.

Video: Griddled Bacon, Filipino Burgers, and Fried Chicken Sandwiches

GREAT VIDEOS. Could all be a full minute shorter, but still, great videos. Love the static shot of the sandwiches being built, especially in the Northern Spy video when the egg pops and the yolk explodes everywhere (too bad the chef moved the sandwich).

Open Thread: What's the Quintissential New York Sandwich Shop?

Court street grocers are amazing. Maybe its because i don't get there too often but every time I do go I'm so excited. Their sandwiches are all so well calibrated and executed it's pretty hard to have a bad experience there. And what I really like about their style is that a lot of their sandwiches are regional odes so while there's something super NYC about the whole place (rugelach for sale at front counter, I mean, c'mon!) it embodies the spirit of the quintessential sandwich shop for many different cities. Has anyone tried their Friday night dinners?


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