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Oh goodness....I didn't realize that by using AdBlocker I was a freeloader. I thought that I was doing my part to support the SE website by purchasing goods via their Amazon collaboration - I just bought a new wok set two weeks ago after confirming with a SE Staff Member that they would still receive a % of the sale. That was me trying to show my appreciation for the outstanding content. My apologies - I'll curb my browsing habits and eliminate the daily visits to the website in order to avoid such abhorrent behavior in the future.

Wahoo! Looking for recipes for this ono fish.

Love this fish! I put mine in a sautee pan over low to medium heat, add some roughly chopped scallions, a few pieces of ginger and a couple cloves of garlic, drizzle some shoyu and white wine over it all - then I just let it simmer a bit until it gets flaky. Enjoy with the rest of the wine!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I second the anticipation for the shooter's sandwich write-ups and want to know if that was Kenji in the Sugar Bear costume. They both seem like huggers.

Anyone check out the new Food and Wine site FWx?

I also see a similarity to Buzzfeed as well as to Thrillist - interesting enough for me to save the link and start popping in daily to see what's new and get a better feel for it. I'm always open to new food content - thanks for sharing!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I am so susceptible to yawns that within minutes of looking at Hambone doing it I started in myself, albeit with a little less tongue. We used our waffle maker to MacGyver a batch of treats filled with apple pie filling and shredded sharp cheddar cheese a couple weekends ago - we'll have to try the fries hack next.

What food would you miss most as a vegan?

A thick-cut ribeye on the grill - paired with a red wine, those two are my vice when I'm stressed out. They're my "comfort food" and I don't know that I could give up that steak for an extended period of time.

Photo (and Videos) of the Day: 'Scary' Ronald McDonald From 1963

This is definitely nightmarish, but then again so is that creepy Burger King dude. He seems to show up at the most awkward and inappropriate places. **shudder**

A Chinese Mother's Fix-All Herbal Remedy

I'm Polynesian so it was the norm to find what some would consider "unusual" ingredients or concoctions whenever we were on Oahu visiting my Tutu. Between her, my Aunts and Uncles (you're related to everybody over there), I learned quite a bit about the virtues of alternative applications to food stuffs and healthy living. Loved the article - definitely brought back some fond memories!

I would not like to meet singles in my area

I use Chrome and their AdBlocker extension - never see a single ad on here. I highly recommend it.

bold type is running into text

Oh it's not just me? I thought it was because I hadn't done an update or something. I'm running on Chrome here too.

Random Slow Cooker Question

I've made lau lau with ti leaves in my crockpot multiple times as have family members - just pour a small amount of water in with your bundles to steam everything as it cooks and you're good to go.

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

For something like this, I'd cook it in a butter base recipe from my favorite steakhouse in the town I grew up (Northwestern Steakhouse) in a hot pan and then finished in the oven. The blend of seasonings, olive oil and butter isn't one I've come across anywhere else to date. The same blend is used atop their rice side-dish. Unbelievably decadent and a taste of home.

Open Thread: What's The Unsexiest Food of All Time?

@cellophane - Hold up....squid ink pasta turns your teeth and lips black? Did not know this and it's on my list of foods to try when I get a chance. Thanks for the heads-up as I definitely won't want to do that dish during a business dinner!

Open Thread: What's The Unsexiest Food of All Time?

@Robyn - More specifically, poi from my Tutu's kitchen...because she liked it sour so she'd let it ferment and would just stir in the mold that would grow on top. Us grandchildren called it "Penicillin Poi". **shudders at the memory**

A Tour of Aji Ichiban, an Asian Snack Paradise in New York

Just added this place to my Bucket List.

How to Deal With Airports as a Vegan

Huh....I have a whole drawer full of Deluxe Socks in my bedroom...who knew? Love the article! Makes me give serious consideration to at least trying for a vegetarian diet to achieve my 2014 goal of better mental and physical health. I'll have to keep an eye on these delicious vegan recipes as Kenji's month progresses for inspiration.

Oodles of Eggs

I was gifted a big monstrous bucket of eggs awhile back so I scrambled the eggs and used it to make a few dozen breakfast burritos with crumbled breakfast sausage, shredded cheese, hot salsa and tortilla shells. Once I rolled 'em up, I individually wrapped and froze each little burrito - my teenage son nuked one in the microwave every morning for breakfast before school. Now I make these on the regular to keep him stocked up, but it was that first bucket of eggs that got us started.

What is YOUR kryptonite?

1) The French Dip sandwich from Hog Wild
2) Beef & Broccoli Chinese Take-Out
3) Roasted Pork from Alicia's Market
4) Coconut Oil by the spoonful

Did you make a wedding cake? What went right? Wrong?

No advice to give (baking has never been my forte much less a wedding cake - yikes), I just wanted to send my congratulations to your brother and his partner. I'm sure the cake will be perfect in their eyes and will be a lovely addition to their special day. Good luck!

Prosecco or Champagne?

Thank you @Maggie - I was just about to go looking for something like that. I've never had prosecco but am now intrigued enough to find out more and give it a try.

The Food Lab: Homemade Shin Cup-Style Spicy Korean Ramyun (Beef Noodle Soup)

Fantastic!!! I've been waiting on this one and stalking the website watching for it to come up. I'll be making some of this over the weekend. Great job as always, Kenji.

What's For Dinner?

I work from home so I got up and roasted two whole chickens this morning using Ruhlman's "Perfect Roasted Chicken" method - the whole house smells like a dream which makes all these spreadsheets a lot easier to tolerate. Some will get eaten tonight and the rest I have plans for - chicken salad, soup, etc.

A Day in the Life: J. Kenji López-Alt, Chief Creative Officer

I've been looking forward to Kenji's Day since this new feature began and wasn't disappointed - scared my dogs more than once by bursting into loud laughter as I read. Kenji, you da man. :)

Poll: What Do You Do With Your Crusts?

I always have a jar of the Secret Dipping Sauce in my fridge so when we have pizza, the crusts get dipped in that and eaten.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

What the heck is a "Digestive Biscuit"? Please tell me it's not some form of laxative snack. Yuba looks like she's as enthused about snow as I was as a kid growing up in Iowa. Sure am glad I relocated to the PNW and didn't have to suffer the polar vortex this year!

What to do with 20# of pears?!

I woke up this morning and found Santa had made a late delivery on my doorstep of potatoes, onions and pears in bags of 20#s each. The taters and onions I already have plans for - suggestions on what to do with this many pears? If possible, I'd like some way to prep and then freeze them for future use.

Fridge Door Left Wide-Open All Night

I did a search of the topics with several different search variations and didn't quite come up with anything specific enough to be of use so I'm hoping fellow SE'ers can give me a hand here. Last night my youngest son inadvertantly left the fridge door open all night. Wide open. I discovered this when I went into the kitchen approx 11-12 hrs later. Everything in the fridge was warm. Like WARM WARM. The door wasn't ajar so even the glass bottles for condiments felt like they'd been sitting on the counter all night. I threw out all the perishables - dairy (full unopened gallon of milk - oy), meats, etc. - but am wondering about the jars and bottles of condiments. The sauerkraut? Yeah, I threw that. But since this isn't a matter of "do you keep it in the pantry or the fridge" but rather - it was all in the fridge and came up to room temp for quite some time....should I play it safe and toss it all? I have jars of ethnic sauces, jars of pickles, olives, Hawaiian chili pepper water, pickled garlic, char siu sauce, homemade chicken stock, rendered drippings from the Xmas bone-in ribeye roast. I don't want to risk food poisoning (I have Ogilvie Syndrome = very sensitive digestive tract to bacteria) but am cringing at the $ loss here to say the least. Any suggestions or links to a previous Talk topic I may not have found in my initial search are welcome!

I missed the "reduced giblets" memo....

Over the last coupla years I'd moved away from cooking whole chickens to pieces/whole cut-up but did notice that when I did purchase whole chickens....the giblets I'd come to expect were dwindling to the point to where I now only find the neck and livers in the cavities. Don't get me wrong - I still dig into the neck and livers....but did I miss a memo somewhere that shunned the addition of the heart and gizzard I so enjoyed? For what it's worth, I generally purchase Foster Farms brand when doing a whole bird.

Who have you recommended the SE site to?

I love this site and have recommended my sister as well as several friends check it out - and they all loved it! Then the other day I was on the phone with a wireless Carrier rep as I was placing an order for a new cellphone and as we were both killing time, making small talk while waiting for the order to go through...turns out she also had a passion for food. Without hesitation I started gushing about how awesome the SE site was, asked if she'd ever heard of the site. What? No? OMG! You gotta check it out! She was very interested and planned on jumping online as soon as she was done with her shift. That got me to thinking - have any of you ever found yourself in a random conversation with a stranger and suggested they come see all the glory that SE has to offer?

Eat This Now: Tonkotsu Ramen from Strings Ramen in Chinatown

I was excited to see the opening of Strings Ramen in Chinatown just a few doors down from The Phoenix Room. I got even more excited when I saw the menu only has four bowls of ramen on it, because I'd rather see a place with a few items it does well rather than a billion things it does a mediocre job with (I'm looking at you, Cheesecake Factory). More

The Food Lab: These Are My Knives

These are my knives. There are many like them, but these ones are mine. Now I may take my love of knives to the extreme—I collect them like stamps—but every chef I've ever met who's worth his or her salt is proud of their knives. These are a mix of the ones I use the most often, the ones that have the most sentimental value for me, and the ones that I think are just plain cool. More

The Food Lab's Guide to Pan-Seared Pork Chops

Years of overcooked, lean pork has given pork chops a bad rap. But the times they are a-changin', and things are looking up for pork. For one thing, we now have relatively easy access to much better meat. We also have much safer pork—pork that can be eaten at a juicy medium or medium-rare, the way it was meant to be. On top of all that, we're in a virtual renaissance in terms of novel cooking techniques; better, smarter ways to maximize the flavor and texture of a pork chop. Today we're going to discuss a few of those techniques and see if we can't nail down the best. More

The Vegan Experience: Triple Garlic Pasta With Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Olives, and Bread Crumbs

Building up a strong vegan pasta dish isn't all that different from building a non-vegan pasta dish. Here, the pasta is, of course, the star. The rest is just made up of a few supermarket staples—plum tomatoes, lots of garlic, olives, and bread crumbs—that, with just a bit of care and attention paid to concentrating and layering their flavors, can be transformed into something remarkably complex and intense. More

The Vegan Experience: Crispy Kung Pao Tofu

Things I love: Tofu, spicy food, peanuts, stir-frying, celery, my wife, crispy things, chilies, and a strongly-flavored but subtly balanced sauce that combine funky fermented elements, heat, rich umami-packedingredients, bright vinegar, and a hint of sweetness. I've recently discovered a way to get eight out of nine of these things together in one place: crispy kung pao tofu. More

Market Scene: Santa Monica Farmers Market, California

Given the beautiful selection of fresh and prepared goods, it's no wonder that the open-air Santa Monica farmers market attracts over one million shoppers a year. But it's more than just the quality produce, meats, and dairy that makes this particular market so popular—adjacent to the highly trafficked Third Street Promenade and a mere three blocks from the Pacific ocean, the location is prime. See what's on offer in the slideshow! More

A Tale of Two Fried Rices in Seattle

Sometimes all I want is simple fried rice. Cold, (preferably) day-old rice hitting a hot wok results in grains that are soft and fluffy, not to mention a great vehicle for other flavors. Fortunately for me, Seattle's International District has a host of Chinese restaurants that fire up fried rice. Two of the most-touted are virtually back-to-back, so I decided to visit both to compare their offerings. More

How to Cook Crispy Tofu Worth Eating

Great tofu—tofu with a tender center surrounded by a well-seasoned, crisp crust—is one of the most satisfying bites of food I can think of, a food that can and should be appreciated by all serious eaters, no matter their diet. Here's how to cook tofu so good even tofu-haters might come around. First we're going to talk about how to shop for tofu, then we'll talk about how to crisp up plain slices of tofu, and finally we'll figure out the best way to prepare tofu for stir-frying. More

RedFarm Comes Home to the Upper West Side

RedFarm serves an easy cuisine to roll your eyes at: why would I pay $3 per dumpling when I can get five dumplings by handing over a single dollar to an honest-to-goodness Chinese person in Chinatown? Where are the fiery flavors and wacky animal parts? Where's the rock and roll of Sichuan peppercorns or fermented sauces? RedFarm has none of these things, yet to fault it on those issues is to miss the point: A meal at RedFarm is every bit as authentic; The cuisine it specializes in—Upper West Side Haute Chinese-American—was practically invented by the proprietors and chef. More

Serious Cheese: A Cheesemonger Tells All on Picking Favorites

I sell cheese all day, every day. And all day, every day, customers ask me for my favorite cheese. It's nearly impossible for me to asnwer —with so many cheeses spanning so many styles, how could I possibly choose? I have different favorites for different occasions. But if I were to be kicked out of society and sent to a deserted island, allowed only one cheese in my bag, there's only one that would make the cut. More