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Bourdain does the Hudson Valley...

I'll respectfully disagree with Pramrod as I live in the Hudson Valley, and there are plenty of great places, as well as off-beat places, to eat. I just hope Bourdain covered the whole length, from Albany down to Westchester, and not just the places frequented by people up from city, like Woodstock, Blue Hill, or Bedford. Hopefully, he tried the beer selection at The Country Inn of Krumville, ate authentic tacos at Mole Mole in Poughkeepsie, and checked out local my favorite local coffee roaster, J.B. Peel in Red Hook.

NYC Bakeries field trip

Thank you everyone for your terrific suggestions! Trying not to eat a large breakfast in anticipation of a great day of eating!

Food processor feedback needed

I have a KitchenAid and while it is fine, the plastic cylinder section in the middle of the bowl, which the blade attachment fits on, is so short that if you have even a minimal amount of liquid in there, it leaks out. The Cuisinart does not have this problem.

Barcelona and Costa Brava - Need food recommendations

Thank you so much to one and all!! I really appreciate all the recommendations. Barcelona strikes me as a great food town!

Roadtrip-DeathValley, Utah, GrandCanyon, Albuquerque, St.Louis

In Cortez, CO: Nero's Italian restaurant and Tequila's Mexican restaurant are both delicious. If you're going to the Four Corners National Monument (which actually is in the wrong location by a couple of feet, I believe), have some Navajo fry bread with local honey. In Albuquerque, there is a local chain called Weck's which has amazing breakfasts and pretty decent New Mexican-Mexican food. Looks like a fun trip!

Grilled: Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch

Ah man, just when I had convinced myself to stay away from the new Five Guys in Poughkeepsie you have to remind that it is, in fact, a good burger.

Durango/Grand Junction, Colorado

On the off chance you have not left yet, Durango has lots of great restaurants. Zia Taqueria on Main has the best tacos (Nini's adds too much salt). Both Steaming Bean and Durango Coffee Company have excellent coffee, though Steaming Bean has better espresso drinks. The farmers' market on Saturday mornings is awesome and you can pick up bread, fruit, and a breakfast burrito. Cypress Cafe on Second Avenue has thoughtful dishes and is well-priced. Hope this helps!

Northern New Mexico

Orlando's in Taos serves terrific Northern New Mexico cuisine, including fabulous blue corn enchiladas. They have luscious margaritas. Plus you can enjoy your meal outdoors on their lovely patio.


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