Induction cookware help

Don't forget non-stick pans. I have Calphalon, KitchenAid and Farberware non-stick fry pans that work just fine on my induction range. If you want to be sure the pan is induction-friendly, take a refrigerator magnet (or some such) with you to the store. If it sticks to the pan, the pan will work. I have a set of Kenmore Stainless Steel pans that I bought at Sears, and I like them very much. I know, Kenmore?

Crimini vs. Portabella

Thanks. I'll be getting a couple of portabellas and some criminis for a taste test this weekend.

Chicken & Waffle Potato Chips

Caesar Salad sounds interesting, as does Perogi Platter.

With no other options - Strip or Ribeye?

Yes, I've been "researching" that question for about 45 years. Results are still inconclusive. The steak not picked would be the beef equivalent of being the least intelligent person at the MENSA meeting.

The Burger Lab: How To Make The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

Are there any other fans of red hamburger relish out there? It's one of the condiments I put on every burger I make.

Flavor Overnight In Cookies?

No, clean pallets for both my wife and me.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Condiments for Burgers and Hot Dogs

Red hamburger relish on almost any burger. It's a regional thing, at least in the Pacific Northwest.

Gimme Your Burger Lab Requests!

Forgot to include in my comment that I'm from the Pacific Northwest.

Gimme Your Burger Lab Requests!

How regional is red hamburger relish? I think it's terrific, but I don't think it's used everywhere.
There are other brands, of course, and I like every one I've tried.

Outgrown Foodnetwork ????

Food Network aired Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa "Cake." There are shows about cupcake competitions, and I think I remember one about building Disney characters out of cold cereal, or something like that. Is the programming motto, "Nothing so dumb that we won't show it"?

Bad Luck with Kenji's Pork

Rub with olive oil, then season all over with lots of salt and pepper. Roast at 250F until tender (a paring knife goes into the meat without resistance), 5 1/2 to 6 hrs for a 3-lb shoulder. Tastes wonderful on its own, but will also be great with anything other seasoning or sauce you put with it.

Regional Burger Varieties

I'm looking at Nalley Hamburger Relish. Used to be locally produced. Not anymore. Here's a link which shows the jar and lists the ingredients. Hamburger relish is a must-have condiment on burgers I cook at home.

Regional Burger Varieties

A variation on the theme might be regional condiments. In the Seattle area, red relish, labeled "hamburger relish" on the jar, is commonly found. In North Carolina, no one I talked to had heard of it.

The Best Sandwiches I Ate in 2010

The Cuban pork roast sandwich at Paseo's is fantastic.

Can anyone help?

Thanks for all the help. I found what I'm almost certain is exactly what I've been looking for, online at Ace Hardware. It's sure a lot easier to look for something when you know what it's called. I'll be checking Sur la Table the next time I'm there.

Can I grind whole peppercorns in a coffee grinder ?

I have a KitchenAid coffee grinder, which has a removable bowl (cup?) and blade mechanism. Grinds anything I put into it and cleans up beautifully in the dishwasher. I think I paid about $30 for it, a few years back. Model BCG-100.... There's a little more to the model #, but it's illegible.

How many grocery store cards do you carry? Do you hate/like it?

I hate them and will not ever have one. Stores used to earn customer business and loyalty by providing good service, selection and prices. Now the stores want us to show we are worthy of rewards by letting them track our business. I think that's backward. I never shop at Costco, either. Paying a fee to buy things makes no sense to me. Fortunately, there are enough stores in my area that don't require cards to provide all that I need.

Eataly- Italian Food Meca

Will there be a website? On-line shopping?

what's your favorite brownie recipe?

I vote for "Best-Ever Brownies" from "Baking with Julia." Spectacularly fudgy. Contributing baker noted in the book was Rick Katz.

Seattle Secrets? Your favorite restaurant in Seattle?

Szmania's in Magnolia Village is terrific. Some Northwest dishes. Some German dishes. Wonderful food, service and value. I never knew I liked jagerschnitzel and red cabbage until I had them here.

Sandra Lee

As annoying as Sandra Lee and Rachael Ray are, did anyone else see someone named Mary Nolan on a new show this morning? She is the new leader in my home for being Food Network's "Most Unwatchable Host." Talks at warp speed, while setting out a tablescape of food for "girls' night" and then making a closing cocktail. Sound familiar? It was slightly interesting, only because I wondered why someone would do this on purpose, much less put it on Tee Vee.

Gone but not forgotten

Another vote here for Flaky Flix. Also Big John's Beans 'n Fixin's and Sugar Jets cereal.

How to Salt-Roast

Salt-roasted whole chickens turn out splendidly. I'm surprised there wasn't a recipe with the story. The meat literally falls off the bones, and even the breasts are amazingly moist, tender and flavorful.

Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero

Does anyone know what the difference is supposed to be between Caffeine-Free Diet Coke and Caffeine-Free Coke Zero? They have no caffeine, no calories and the same sweetener. Isn't each supposed to taste like "real" Coke?

Cookie Dough Reaction

I saw bacon-chocolate-chip-cookie dough for sale today in Seattle. Has anyone tried bacon-chocolate-chip cookies? I was tempted to buy, but figured I'd rather make some.

Crimini vs. Portabella

Is there any flavor difference between portabella and crimini mushrooms? I always believed/heard/read/conjured the flavors were the same. But then, my wife and I went to a new burger place that had sliced portabellas on its mushroom burger, and the flavor was far and away the best and brightest mushroom flavor either one of us had tasted on a burger. This was a beef burger with mushrooms, not a vegetarian mushroom burger. Thanks.

Why Baking Soda in Caramel?

I'm making caramel corn. Once the caramel reaches the proper temperature, it's time to add the baking soda. I know the soda is necessary, because I forgot once, and the results were not "pretty." What does the soda do?

Food Processor Suggestions Requested

My old Moulinex food processor is a little short on bowl capacity and power. However, the column in the center of the bowl that supports the blade is about 3 inches tall. Processing anything "wet" is not a problem. My newer, stronger, bigger KitchenAid's bowl has a 1 inch column. Processing anything wet has meant periodic leaks and drips due to liquids under the blade during processing or if I try to remove the blade before I've poured enough out. Any suggestions for moderate-sized food processors with a decently high bowl column? Thanks.

Flavor Overnight In Cookies?

Saturday afternoon I made sugar cookies flavored with a generous amount of (Brand Name) "Natural Maple Flavor." It was maple flavoring, not something sweet. Good cookies, but the maple disappeared. Sunday morning, there was some maple flavor. Sunday evening, there was substantial maple flavor. I know flavors develop overnight in savory dishes, but, cookies?

Why bread sticks with pizza?

I don't understand the popularity of bread sticks with pizza. Aren't bread sticks very much like getting more outside edge of the crust? Can someone explain, please?

Toasted Angel Food Cake

Does anyone else like toasted angel food cake? I like to put pieces of cake on top of my toaster and "toast" the cake until it gets dark brown/light black. I think it gives character to the cake just as toasting wildly improves marshmallows.

My Butter Erupted. Why?

I was making ghee the other day using a pan I've used many times before. As was normal, as the butter melted, but the characteristic small spitting and popping as the water evaporates didn't start. I boosted the heat from 4.0 to 4.5 out of 10. Still no spitting and popping, but a geyser of butter blew out of the pan onto the stove, the countertop and even several feet away on the floor. I was out of range, so I wasn't burned. Nothing remotely like this has ever happened. Why would it go from no reaction to overreaction?

(Thanks to everyone who helped with my slotted spatula question some weeks back. I now have better ones than those I was seeking to replace.)

Can anyone help?

I have a couple of favorite kitchen tools which are made of bamboo. I'd like to get more of them, but the store where I bought them is long gone, and I've never seen them anywhere else. They are for stirring and mixing. The handle is 1" across, widening to 2.5" at the "business" end. There are three 1.75" slots cut into the stirring end. The bottom of the stirring end is cut at an angle to make for easier use. Much better than a wooden spoon at keeping the bottom of a pan clean, because there is more material in contact with the pan. Does anyone know the name of what I described, so I can try to order more? Thanks.

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