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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

roasted broccoli

Cereal Eats: A Disappointing Sampling Of Special K Varieties

I was really sad this past year, when I suddenly could no longer find Special K Blueberry. Now that was a truly 'special' cereal! Each flake was infused with little blue specks of blueberry flavoring, and the random oat clusters were just a bonus! How could they get rid of such an awesome cereal!?!

I will admit, the new multigrain Special K is pretty decent.

Food Podcasts!

NPR's Food podcast is GREAT. But the single best: The Sporkful. It is entertaining, insightful, and can make you question your own eating habits/decisions.

Cereal Eats: Basic 4 is Delicious

'Dinner Cereal'....lets make that a 'thing'!

Cereal Eats: What's The Deal With Product 19?

@Serial Cereal Eater;
While I have never tried it, I have see 'Quisp' being sold regularly at the grocery store chain 'Fresh Market.' It is a regional chain in the South East I believe that has more 'gourmet products'. I am always surprised to see this cereal hidden amongst the premium granola and fancy cereals.

Oh. and While I don't have a real opinion on Product 19 (except it always seems to be at my parent's house), sometimes the simple stuff ROCKS!

What are your Essential Kitchen Items?

An awesome toaster oven!

[New Orleans] What restaurants are featured in HBO show Treme?

FYI, Hubigs factory was burnt down about a year ago. Hopefully they will rebuild. I work near their old factory. There are efforts to raise money to bring back Hubigs Pies.

I actually don't watch "Treme" so I really cant help with what places are featured in the show.

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite No-Cook Meal?

Yogurt and cereal/granola

Open Thread: What's One Food You Wish You Liked?

Olives. Capers. and I am happy to see I am not the only one who can't drink alcohol! Although, at the end of the day, I am happy not drinking, because my bill is always far cheaper then my friend's when we get dinner.

On Bourdain.

@PrimalPinoy, I agree...his new 'cranky-old-man' attitude is awesome great! And I agree with everyone, that the production value of the CNN show really is a step above any other TV he has done.

On Bourdain.

I think the new CNN show is either amazing or terrible. Some episodes are simply awesome, while others quickly loose interest. But being on CNN is a huge step for him and I think he is only going to keep on getting better. He has a unique, highly opinionated perspective that keeps thing entertaining.

What edible to bring from Europe?

vacuumed packed, dried chestnuts. They are far cheaper then buying them in the States.

New Orleans Eats

NOLA (one of Emmeriel's places) is AWESOME.

If you can make it over to Sake Cafe on Magazine, the whole experience there is really good (if you like sushi)

Do you have an acquired taste?

Mushrooms...and blue cheese.
I used to hate them and now they are some of my favorite things.

Baton Rouge Restaurant Recommendations?

I hate to say this...but honestly make the drive an hour South and check out one of the MANY awesome places in New Orleans (Emmeriel's NOLA is GREAT!).

(I am a little bias though, I am from New Orleans)

Funkadelic Cheeses: The Source of the Smell

Grayson! Still the best 'stinky' cheese I know! I promise, if you like the strong stuff, you will LOVE this cheese:

Favorite Kitchen/Food Smell...

Roasted garlic (like everybody else), grilled onions, stinky cheese warmed up (melted), and roasted broccoli

A Big Big Bag of Spinach

Like everyone else says, It really does cook down a LOT! Topping pizza (pre-bake) with a huge pile of spinach always amazes me how much it shrinks down once I pull the pizza out of the oven.

Favorite On-The-Go Bars

I have tried many...MANY...different energy/power bars.
Clif bars are generally always good (I love the 'Peanut Buzz' flavor). But check our ProMax line of bars- their cookie dough is awesome. And Pure Protein's Smores flavors is one of my favorite (but you have to accept that Pure Protein is using alot of 'fake' things to make it-sugar substitutes, etc. This does not really bother me, but some people only want 'natural' bars).

But my favorite snack if you can find a place to store it is this:

I know its not a 'bar,' but if you can keep the yogurt somewhere until you need it, this is an AMAZING combo that hits all the nutritional marks (or at least mine)!

Cereal Eats: If You Could Bring Back One Discontinued Cereal...

Giant Rice Krispies! And I would LOVE if this stuff made it Stateside:

Subliminal advertising...or what?

Half the time the 'sizzle' is more important than the 'steak' (subliminal or blunt) gets us to buy junk that we would normally write off.
Have you seen the 'flavor' names of sports drinks? No longer is there a lemon or cherry flavor. All you see are 'flavors' with names like 'Glacier Chill' or 'Tidal Rush'...What is Tidal Rush supposed to taste like?!? Salt water?!?
I guess they figure with descriptive names likes these, they can tie into our emotions and use that to lure us into purchasing their junk.

Favorite Japanese Food?

A Japanese sweet potato (yam?) that I picked up in a Ginza district dept store was pretty amazing. I list a BUNCH of cool Japanese foods on a recent post:

Taking leftovers and making great food!

Omelets! You can ALWAYS find a place for leftovers in an omelet!

What dish best represents the food of your region?

New Orleans: Crawfish and plenty of seasoning on EVERYTHING.

Pet Peeves When Dining Out

Getting a item on the menu that has a bunch of crud on it that was not listed on the menu...for example; ordering a tuna sushi roll and having the waiter bring you something covered in 'chef special sauce' and 'crunchy'. Or getting a green salad and filled with a bunch of nuts, olives, etc.

Beyond the Turduckhen

Hi guys. I am a loyal follower of the Sporkful and the created of the podcast just did this video for a Cooking Channel web series.

They came up with the concept of a 'Vegiducken'...basically a bunch of vegetables stuffed inside one another.

I am not vegetarian, but I thought this idea sounded AWESOME!...and now I have been thinking...What other types of holiday foods can all be stuffed inside one another to make a tasty dish?

I was thinking of making personal 'all-in-one' meals to give each guest at my next holiday dinner (this would prevent people from fighting over the 'best' side or the 'good' pieces of turkey and would make serving easier)... Would chunks of turkey, stuffed in a sweet potato, which is then stuffed in a small squash and covered in a mix of gravy and cranberries be tasty...or nasty?

Can anyone else thing of some clever holiday foods to stuff inside one-another?

Thanks for any advice or words of wisdom.

HELP: Secret Swiss Cereal

I just got back for a trip to Switzerland and discovered an AMAZING cereal: Ovomaltine Flakes. I wrote all about how truly special this stuff is on my site:

The Swiss; famous for cheese, chocolates, and their knives also have secret skills at creating cereal ... I would never have thought it...

I need YOUR HELP; is there an equivalent cereal sold in the USA? These Ovomaltine Flakes, are NOT just chocolate...they have a GREAT 'malt' flavor that makes them so unique. I have been back stateside for several weeks not and miss the stuff.

Can I use a can?

I just discovered the world of they are tasty. USEING FRESH BEETS I managed to create this beauty last night for dinner:

ok, it is not that pretty of a pizza, but it tasted GREAT!

Now I was wondering if using canned beets would give the same tasty results on another dish I want to make. Are canned beets anywhere as good as fresh ones?

But we can expand on the idea...I think Libby's canned pumpkin is good, BUT are there any other canned produce that meets the taste standard of the fresh stuff?

Thanks! You guys really are my food "Yodas," guiding this kitchen Jedi to the tasty side of the Force ( I am a geek).

In Search of More

I am looking for any good websites that are food related...NO I am NOT cheating on "Serious Eats," I am still loyal to this site. I always have the Serious Eats book in my arms when I go to sleep.

But I am looking for a site that might beable to recommend some crazy/unique food combinations. I am just in search of some new inspiration using less common foods or just clever combos. I recently have begun adding cottage cheese to pizza for some variety. I have attempted new uses with cream cheese. I have experimented with various puddings. And just today I managed to try beet green for the first time (and quickly realized that was not a tasty idea).

So...any good sites for tasty unique foods and food combinations?I need some inspiration. Thanks

Quick Cheese Question

I have some Alpine style cheese (Mountaineer from Meadow Creek Dairy). It is similar in taste to Gruyere, etc.... I have a BUNCH of Feta Cheese.

I want to make a roasted brussle sprout pizza with both of the above cheeses. I know Swiss cheeses taste great with brussels sprouts and I know feta goes well with the too. BUT will the there work together in harmony? I figure the Alpine style cheese will add nuttiness while the feta will add sharpness...

So will a feta, swiss cheese, brussels spout combo? Or is this just going to be a waste of some fine ingredients?

Please help.

Chopped Allstars is AMAZING

Simple...I just want to get any fan of food TV to realize how awesome this season of Chopped Allstars is. I just watched the new episode from Sunday (THANK YOU DVR), and both me and Mrs. Fed Up had not had such a good time watching a cooking competition in a long LONG time. Last weeks' episode was a match between 4 IRON CHEFS. Great episode.

Does "older" mean wiser purchase option?

Ok. I am getting kind of confused. Is older, more aged cheese considered "better." I know this may just be basic cheese 101 for many people, but I am still trying to learn the finer points of cheese selection and be better prepared to face the local mongers this weekend.

I thought that with aging, all cheese flavors just intensify and their flavor gets stronger....But I have been also lead to believe that with aging the "true" flavors of the cheese are covered up by a more salty is there really a good reason for me to by a 2 year cheddar vs a 5 year cheddar if they are both coming from the same producer? Will the 5 year just be more "sharp/salty" and less "cheddery?"

Pudding...more than just mush?

I bought some instant pudding, which I haven't picked up in a long, LONG time.

I got the sugar free, fat free Cheesecake flavor. (You may have realized from other posts of mine, my passion for any cheese: )

I like to make food taste as good as I took this plain cheesecake pudding and topped it with some whip cream, cereal, caramel, and cinnamon...this got me thinking though...

So, Serious Eaters, I ask you...Is there any way to make pudding something better? I mean what do you recommend eating it with? Any topping ideas? How do you eat pudding (any flavor)?

Cheese Please

Hi Everyone. I NEED YOUR HELP.

I am trying to find a truly unique cheese that can really hold up well against other strong flavors. I really am in a flatbread-pizza-making-mode, and I have been cranking out several of these flatbread-topped pizzas a week. I am in a desperate search for a new cheese that can hold its own against some other AWESOME toppings like roasted broccoli, mushrooms, brussle spouts, etc.
So far I have created some beauties like this one I wrote about earlier:

and the amazingly STINKY one (which my wife almost kicked me out of the house for creating):

BUT NOW, please PLEASE help. Any recommendations for a crazy types of strong cheeses to top a pizza would be greatly appreciated.

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