I love cooking and trying new cuisines, and I am married 27 years to a man who loves to eat what I cook. We are Hockey,baseball and football fans. I love watching Korean dramas and variety shows. I love antiques, history and especially old cookbooks.

  • Location: Colwyn, Pa
  • Favorite foods: I crave food . Chili's, soups and stews in the fall, roasts and casseroles in the winter, fresh asparagus, peas and strawberries in the spring and seafood, garden tomatoes,peppers and BBQ in the summer.
  • Last bite on earth: pan-fried pork chop, creamed corn and butter beans. No wait, maybe steamed crabs or a really good blue cheese dressing on an iceberg wedge. Or anything I ate while in Italy, or an Outback bloomin Onion...can't decide.

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Mine are old cookbook basics, but I've never made them myself.

Home made Butter {not in the food processor}

Clams Casino, Baked Clams or Clams Oreganta -- I seem to have some kind of "shuck-a-phobia" Can't get myself to open up live shellfish.

Green Goddess Dressing.

PIckles-- processed in jars. All shapes and flavors, and a variety of vegetables.

The $1 Poor Man's Big Mac: Worth It Or Not?

I think I love you BigWoolyMammoth! I needed a laugh and you sure delivered.....turd burglar indeed. Time to recognize the fact that the economy and unemployment have caused a lot of people to appreciate this type of creative cost saving. I think its clever and would like other examples from all of the fast food joints....if you are going to go there anyway, why not make it interesting. I had no idea you could ask for big mac sauce....@Kenji, I wonder what requests would be turned down...Do you think they'd let you ask for french fries on your burger as a condiment? Please see what you can create and get for a fraction of the poor folk will be waiting.

How do chefs peel garlic?

Smash it lightly and then rub with a towel. It pops right out, all clean.

Cereal Eats: We Admit Our Cereal Habits

Have to eat the cereal the minute the milk hits the bowl. Best dry snacking cereal is Corn pops. Addictive! Whole milk is best , but will go with 2% if I must. Hubby on the other hand adds milk and waits until the rice krispies have lost all texture. Seems like a Cereal killer to me.

Why do people like spicy/hot/piquant food?

I do taste the difference between peppers and types of heat. A Sirracha tastes different than Franks or Tabasco. Horseradish and Wasabi have their own flavors to me. If you have to "build up a tolerance", I am thinking it just doesn't taste good to you. Nothing wrong with that. Good for you with the Whiskey. Now theres something I can't do. Went to a tasting in Scotland and thought I would die.

Typical Weekday Breakfast

I love me some breakfast food...unfortunately I just can't put anything into my stomach at 6 in the morning when I go to work. I'll have a bag of cheezits and a coffee at around 9. I disgust myself.

Why do people like spicy/hot/piquant food?

Its just a matter of preference and palate. I enjoy spice and my husband can't stand it. So I add it to my plate and yes, I add it to eggs and everything else. I don't feel it masks the flavor, but accentuates it. Just different taste buds I guess.

Taste Test: We Find the Best Bread for Stuffing

I love it ! What I got out of this is that everyone likes their own stuffing the best. I am of the crunchier mushy stuffing for me. Since my husband is the official turkey carver, I get to steal the crispy bits sticking out of the bird.

Taste Test: Storebought Stuffing

Ratbuddy, I'm curious about the Bells. I wonder if there is a difference when it is cooked in the bird, since that is what the intent was. Please post if you try it as the box directs.

I love living the country life

My husband now calls the extra plate on the table, "The Possum plate". Its where he puts the bones and other bits he isn't going to eat,along with any veggies and salad and then it goes outside for the night creatures. We get Possums, Racoons and Skunks and once in a while a Groundhog. We put it away from the house and they seem to know exactly where its going to be and we've never had problem. I wish I could say the same for some of the neighbors!!

Why did I even bother asking?

Your post made me laugh. For years I was asked to make my famous red white and blue jello at the family Fourth of July BBQ...okay, how hard is it to make Jello? I can cook circles around most of my family, but I don't say a word and bring what they ask for. If it makes them happy. I do feel under-utilized...but I realize if they are asking for Jello and green bean casserole, they are sticking with oldies and I save my cooking choices for my personal entertaining. I just view it as making people happy , which in the end is what counts. Gets me through , anyway....

Goodbye, Dumpling

My heart is aching for you and your family. I have known the love of a cherished and beloved family companion and the heartbreaking loss.. it is hard and hopefully the memories will get you through. So Sorry! Truly!

Barbecue (Chip) Battle

Herrs BBQ chips, but only a small single serve bag. Not a fan of flavored chips. They don't seem to pair well with food the way plain chips do. I would'nt know what to eat them with, they are kind of a stand alone snack.
Seriousb...theres a question for you...what flavor chips pair well with what foods? As for my favorite, salt n vinegar chips, I like them with fish sticks...poor mans fish and chips...

It's Harder Than it Looks

Can't make Fried Chicken come out right to save my life. Can't make baked fruit pies either. I can make flaky fabulous pie crust with quiche and chicken pot pie...but the fruit filled variety just come out a soggy sad mess.

You know you've got a problem when...

At work the floor managers will tell me when they are going on their dinner break. I need to know, so I don't page them....and the first thing I ask is , "What are you going to eat?" They kind of looked at me funny, at first..I guess they thought she's really nosy or weird, but now they understand my food obsession and tell me what they plan to have.

Where to Eat Graduation Lunch on the Main Line in Philly?

I think the best you can eat is at Yangming right in Bryn Mawr. It was voted best of Chinese food for 2011 in AMERICA. Not just the region. All voting aside , it truly is an awesome dining experience.

Has anyone else met with a SE'er ??

I have not, but I enjoyed reading about your meeting with MBE. Sounded like a lot of fun.

THANK YOU Saucy Johnny!

Thats one of the nicest things I've heard all week! SE is truly a family.

Do You Buy Peanuts and Cracker Jacks at Baseball Games?

Cracker Jack for me , peanuts for the hubby....great ballpark food. Then we down a Schmitter and a sausage and pepper sandwich with plenty of beer. Love going to Citizens Bank Park!

Hamburger storage

@Saucy Johnny, do you ever put the burger together with bun and freeze? Like frozen white castles that you can microwave?(Which are not terrific}
I was wondering how that would taste from fresh at home ingredients. I wish SE would do an article on homemade "fast" food that you could portion, freeze and microwave, would be great to take to the office for lunch!

It's expensive out there !!

Tea...can't drink cheap or generic tea. Also seafood. I will pay for the freshest I can get and a good steak since it is the star of my menu and relatively unadorned, it has to be a good cut. I save money on other items, like canned goods and frozen vegetables. Luckily with the garden already in progress, I will have plenty of my own produce, so theres a cost savings there also.

Shopping you stick to it ???

I have to stick with my list or it messes with my budget for the entire month. I've learned to add a few extra dollars in for the suprise sale/good buy items. If I don't use the extra cash, it goes toward gasoline...God knows you need a fortune now to fill your tank.

Compiling list of "original home of" famous/regional foods

Cobb Salad-Brown Derby , Hollywood, California
Hot Brown-Brown Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky

Good Friday- What are you eating?

Breakfast was honey nut cheerios.Lunch was yogurt with blueberries and for dinner had vegetable lasagna with a parmesan-romano cream sauce and chocolate mousse for dessert. Feeling too full too. For some reason I am eating a whole lot less these days. I can't stand feeling stuffed anymore. Lost 15 lbs and wasn't trying. Maybe its the change in seasons? Sorry, I just went totally off topic, but it has me wondering.