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Chicago Battles Chick-fil-A

there's a difference between the attitude of CFA against a group of specific people and those who would ban Starbucks for supporting general left-leaning causes and not individual people. people in this country need to grow up and accept differences in intelligence, personality, color, religion, political points of view without going viral and vituperative. any person stuck with a needle will bleed and two people on opposite sides of any fence who get stuck will find it difficult to see any difference in the way blood looks. grow up, hold out your hand in friendship and compassion and gain a new outlook on life with new friends who are out there waiting.

Good Bread: Seeking Out the Best Corn Rye in NYC

@Funkthulhu if you can find a copy of "Better Than Store Bought" by Helen Witty, there's a corn bread recipe in it. If you can't find it and have a little patience, I'll type it out from my copy and post it.

Good Bread: Seeking Out the Best Corn Rye in NYC

how come Orwasher's wasn't included in your listing?

"New York Pizzeria" ?

NC is loaded with them but not one comes close to the real thing - could we ever use a Sal's here.

How Do You Like Your Iced Coffee?

I make coffee ice cubes and use coffee still available in the pot after breakfast - drink it sometimes black, sometimes with heavy cream and rarely but enjoyably with one tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk -

Bake the Book: 'People's Pops'

Mango, strawberry, lemon/lime, and now that I have a couple bottles of the Manhattan Espresso Coffee Soda that just might be next on the list to make.

Good Bread: New Loaves to Love at 5 Great Bakeries

I spent the first 70 years of my life in Manhattan and when we moved I knew Orwasher's was going to be the place I missed most. For 30 plus years I lived on CPW and 97th Street and we went to Orwasher's weekly for our bread fix - challah, seeded rye, Kaiser rolls and frequently Pullman bread, then next door to the now defunct Hungarian bakery - Nirvana - our freezer was loaded and we feasted. Nothing remotely resembling that in NC.

A Sandwich A Day: El Caney at Old Havana Sandwich Shop in Durham, NC

This is just up my husband's alley. He loves Cubano sandwiches but has been hard pressed to find them in the Triangle and we no longer get to Miami.

Knead the Book: The Bread Bible

Sour rye with caraway seeds; crusty boule/bagette; challah.

Cook the Book: 'The Homemade Pantry'

butter, ricotta cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, goats milk cheeses, goats milk butter

Good News: New Site Fonts!

Don't know exactly where to post this, but I just printed out Lorraine Wallace's Quick Chicken and Vegetable Quiche recipe and was gifted with the advertisement for the Dawn of the Man Nacklace.

Creamy Lemon Cake

is the recipe for the Creamy Lemon Cake available to the public?

Cook the Book: 'Herbivoracious'

Indian veggies, fritattas with assorted veggies, Portobello "burgers"

A Whole New Serious Eats

You have just jostled this nearly 90-year old out of her comfort zone when reading Serious Eats - it's going to take some serious adjustment on my part to get used to this - it does look nice, I must say and it appears that a lot of serious, hard work went into this change. Good luck to you and to me to get used to is.

Bouillon Cubes

Aren't the "Better than Bouillon" products very high sodium products?

Memorial Day Grilling Giveaway: Win This Delicious Cap of Ribeye

Bone-in ribeye steak, Idaho potatos, corn on the cob, pineapple slices -

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

grilled, medium rare to rare, more to the rare side, salted and peppered, topped with a soft goat cheese and topped off with a slice of onion and thick slice of summer tomato.

Our Search for the Best Malbec Under $20

We really like the Gascon Malbec at Trader Joe's which runs between $10 and $11. My daughter brought it to our attention; we like it and have it regularly with both meat and seafood (and sometimes an afternoon nip).

Knead the Book: Fast Breads

here's where I use salted butter -

Chopped Liver with Caramelized Onions

you can, and I have, make chopped liver from calves liver and beef live (but chicken liver is the epitome for me and mine) and I don't see any reason why pork liver couldn't be used.

Scoop the Book: Bi-Rite Creamery's Buttermilk Ice Cream

I used to be able to get full-fat buttermilk at Whole Foods in Raleigh but it seems that it is now only sold in Chapel Hill in this area. I drink it regularly during the summer and have to get over there to buy some.

Bake the Book: 'CakeLove in the Morning'

warm croissant with raspberry jam; cinnamon/nut Babka; my mother's yeast cake, warmed up in the oven dotted with butter on top; homemade cheese delkel (a Danish type pastry). I'd settle for any (or all).

Prefered brand of yogurt?

Fage 2% or 4% (splurge) with cut up fresh fruit/berries/almonds or pecans and a small drizzle of honey make for a great breakfast/snack.