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Garlic and Onion Powders: Recipe Red Flags or Tasty Short Cuts?

Thanks for all the informative comments! I was in Penzey's in KC last March -- and I have ordered from the catalog in the past with success.
Thanks again, everyone.

Does anyone Not care about there weight

Point taken -- realistic 1. You sound like one of my students arguing for a better grade.
But I wasn't talking about complicated syntax or how erudite a posting is.

I hope GoCubs88 keeps reading labels and thinking about eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Thinking about something will help in the doing part and remembering that most of us just eat too much.

Does anyone Not care about there weight

Whatever happened to a well-placed sic in publications?
I teach freshman comp at a small college in upstate New York, and the common errors of mixing up there/their, then/than, its/it's drive me crazy.
"Does anyone not care about there [sic] weight?" shows the rest of the world that the editors know how to spell.
But I digress. There are people who don't care about their weight, but they should definitely care about their health. That's what matters. Madison Avenue wants to sell! My advice to my two daughters has always been: don't buy it! Be healthy and happy. They both love to cook and to eat and are healthy.

What is your Favorite Rice?

Jasmine Thai is #1 rice in our house. I buy it at the local natural food store in small quantities, so I'm not sure of the brand name. Prepared plain or with a small, sauted onion and broth for cooking, it is a fantastic compliment to any dish, any cuisine.

P.S. my guilty pleasure it my love of Rice-a-Roni! The San Francisco treat!

Pine nuts substitute for pesto?

I used cashews in a pesto pine-nut pinch years ago and was very happy with the substitution. Walnuts? Too bitter for my taste. But then I'm not sure whether I'm bitter or the nut is. One year, my father made my sister, brother, and me shell walnuts to send as Christmas presents to all his relatives in Ohio. I grew up in a small town in southern California with walnut orchards, and we had picked bags and bags of windfall walnuts.
Never cared for walnuts ever since.


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