Chelsea J.

Hello, I am a culinary student just trying to find my way into everything containing food. Major Foodie!! Major goal is to become a private/personal chef! Love!

  • Location: Saint Louis, MO
  • Favorite foods: ANYTHING!! I LOVE IT ALL!
  • Last bite on earth: My last bite on earth would be a Tuna Steak with an Oriental Vinaigrette! MMMM MMM MMM

Pizza- Thick or thin crust?

It depends! I typically love thick! However, in Saint Louis, MO we have a restaurant called IMO'S and they sell the worlds greatest thin sliced pizza ever. It's super thin with Provel Cheese (Provel cheese is a combo of cheddar, swiss, and provolone, very popular in Saint Louis, MO) and topped with anything you like. Anywhere else I needs my dough!

Food doesn't act like food anymore...

I would get my fresh veggies from a reputable grocery store that may help. Also, try to steam the broccoli next time on the stove. I never had microwaved broccoli before but that could be the issue. The correct cooking method is key. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

How do you make your Hollandaise Sauce?

Who loves the Mother Sauce Hollandaise? Well, I do! I have always stuck to the "Beating the egg yolk in the metal bowl over the open flame" trick. There has to be an easier way! Help!! How do you prepare your Hollandaise?

How do you make your Bleu Cheese Burgers?

I am currently enrolled at school at Le Cordon Bleu. (Please, don't sleep on my skill level though. Lol)
Tomorrow I have a lab to make a burger of my choice. The first burger in my head was a Bleu Cheese burger maybe with my personal favorite BACON!! What do you top your Bleu Burgers with?

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