Chelsea J.

Hello, I am a culinary student just trying to find my way into everything containing food. Major Foodie!! Major goal is to become a private/personal chef! Love!

  • Location: Saint Louis, MO
  • Favorite foods: ANYTHING!! I LOVE IT ALL!
  • Last bite on earth: My last bite on earth would be a Tuna Steak with an Oriental Vinaigrette! MMMM MMM MMM

Pizza- Thick or thin crust?

It depends! I typically love thick! However, in Saint Louis, MO we have a restaurant called IMO'S and they sell the worlds greatest thin sliced pizza ever. It's super thin with Provel Cheese (Provel cheese is a combo of cheddar, swiss, and provolone, very popular in Saint Louis, MO) and topped with anything you like. Anywhere else I needs my dough!

Food doesn't act like food anymore...

I would get my fresh veggies from a reputable grocery store that may help. Also, try to steam the broccoli next time on the stove. I never had microwaved broccoli before but that could be the issue. The correct cooking method is key. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

How do you make your Bleu Cheese Burgers?

I am currently enrolled at school at Le Cordon Bleu. (Please, don't sleep on my skill level though. Lol)
Tomorrow I have a lab to make a burger of my choice. The first burger in my head was a Bleu Cheese burger maybe with my personal favorite BACON!! What do you top your Bleu Burgers with?

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