A very happily married man with 2 kids. I make my own bread, I'm learning to make cheese. I can cook almost anything and I love that cooking combines science and art. I have a weakness for kitchen gadgets...

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  • Favorite foods: Beef, Any and all seafood, cheese, breads
  • Last bite on earth: King Crab Legs, Lobster, or Oysters.

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The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It has really been bothering me when a recipe says to brown your mushrooms in 4 minutes and I've always thought I was doing something wrong... now I know it's not me, it's them!

The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Buying and Cooking Hams

To do anything with a country ham besides slice it and throw it in a skillet for breakfast meat seems odd to this southern boy...

Grilled Cabbage With Spicy Thai Dressing

I made this last night and HOLY CRAP was it good! I didn't even have the mint leaves and Cilantro, and the dressing was still amazing. Even my wife, who still squirms at the idea of fish sauce, loved it! The sweet, sour, spicy really worked great together. I think I'm going to marinate a pork loin in this and see how that turns out... my expectations are high.

The Food Lab: Use the Oven to Make the Best Darned Italian American Red Sauce You've Ever Tasted

Will this recipe scale well? I'm thinking of making it in my largest stockpot (at least the largest that will fit in the oven), portioning it out and freezing. I'm worried that the aromatics may become too powerful when tripled or quadrupled. What say you?

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Old Overholt Rye

It appears you guys don't quite get Will's genius. I would highly recommend you go back and read all of the past bottom shelfs (shelves?!) to see how it works. I would venture to say that Will's post are some of the most popular in all of SE. Hey if you still don't like it that's cool but it doesn't mean that you are superior. For God's sake he's reviewing BOTTOM SHELF booze what do you expect him to do? Try to make it serious and sophisticated? It would be like a somolier writing an in depth review of Andres Cold Duck.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Bourbon

This has led me to risk renewing the search for my whitest booze whale: a backup bourbon for those cruel and magical occasions when I have $12 and an evening to kill but the liquor store doesn't uphold its end of the bargain by stocking Old Crow.
That doesn't mean you settle for something besides Old Crow, it means you drive to another booze supplier who has the decency to carry a REAL cheap bourbon.

Equipment: How to Buy, Season, and Maintain Cast Iron Cookware

By all means you can use a glass top. I've been using one for nearly 10 years now and use almost exclusively cast iron for my day to day cooking. The only time I have ever had any problems with electric at all was with an old school electric stove with the old metal, round burners. It heated up so fast it cracked my cast iron griddle via thermal shock... that was a sad day.

Poll: What Pizza Practices Are Unacceptable?

My pet peeve is people who think Pizza Hut makes a good pie...
Sure it's edible, but in the time it takes to have it delivered, I can make three pies from a quality dough that actually tastes good. Oh and those three pies cost half of what one Pizza Hut pie costs...
@mfrapp you're dead right about the toppings overload.

Taste Test: Bottled Iced Tea

Not to spark a political debate, but I'm curious about Rush Limbaugh's "Two if by Tea" brand. Has anyone tried it? If so, what did you think?

Has anyone built a sous vide cooker?

And I guess you noticed that I decided to build a self contained unit. It has a little submersible pump but the relay I have just won't run the heaters and the pump at the same time. So I'm using a water pump from an old rock garden/water fountain we had packed up in the garage. I don't know how long it will last at these temps but I've done two 24 hour cookings and two 72 hour beef ribs. So far so good. Total cost a little over $100 but I blew up a water pump because I hooked it to AC instead of DC while having a brain fart... oh and my 7 year old burned out one of the heaters by plugging it in while not submerged. So I could build one from scratch for ~$80

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Rebel Yell Bourbon

Congrats on setting the date Will. Since it seems like you'll be covered in the toaster department, I'll send you some Old Crow Reserve and my personal recipe for the best whiskey sour money can buy. Oh hell here's the recipe: 7 cubes (or half moons) of ice, 2 shots of Old Crow Reserve, .75-1 shot of SE's DIY sour mix. Stir, and imbibe.

Hot Dog of the Week: Nu-Way Weiners in Macon, Georgia

Aww if I knew you guys were coming, I would have gone downtown to meet you guys! Thanks for helping spread the good Nu-Way news. A bit of trivia: Working at Nu-Way was Little Richard's first job. He's a Maconite, and apart of the city's rich musical tradition that includes Otis Redding, Ray Charles, The Allman Bros., REM, and most recently, Luke Bryan.

Has anyone built a sous vide cooker?

I used a cooler last weekend too and the cheap strip steaks I made were absolutely perfect. Edge to edge medium rare. Doing that inspired me to build my own. And since I can build it for a quarter of the price to by one, well the decision just seemed self-evident to me...

The Pizza Lab: Awesome Pizza Without An Oven (a.k.a. Skillet Pizza)

Maybe I'm a freak but I usually use closer to 3.5% salt in my dough. After much trial and error I decided that was the best flavor.

Kenji, do you prefer this to the skillet/broiler method you've talked about before? This just seems like extra steps with all the flipping and such.

The Top of the Bottom Shelf: Best Cheap Booze 2011

Old Crow is my go to whiskey now. I don't even bother trying to find the cheapest bottle anymore. I just walk in and pick up the Biggest bottle of Old Crow reserve, then I spend my time trying to save a dollar on whatever's cheapest in the gin aisle...

Fast Food: My McRib Confession

I'm firmly in the "For" camp. Just hold the onions...

Raw Milk...yay or nay

YAY! It's worth the effort to find a good hygenic dairy. In Georgia, you can only buy raw milk if it's "intended" for pet food. I buy it for my pets named me, myself, and I. If the dairy won't let you see their operations up close, find another one. The two that I have used are both meticulously clean.

Washington Post Pilfering Will Gordon!

Will, if they get a "Research Coordinator Emily" as well, you might want to start asking some questions...

Spice Hunting: New Things to Do With Rosemary

@Marcusj42 Mine is in the ground and has stayed out year round. Granted it's just Georgia but we did have some snow (1 inch is a lot here and everything shuts down) and a few nights that were below 10 degrees F. The rosemary went through it just fine. I even continued to harvest during this time.

Boulder, Colorado: Proto's Pizzeria Napoletana

What kind of ovens do they use? Wood-fired or industrial?

Cutting Boards.

@sophiastication I saw that article recently and I must say that it left me profoundly disappointed. Not because I disagree with it, but that I have wasted so much time and money with plastic cutting boards that I really don't like... all because of faulty beliefs. Even Alton Brown let us down on this topic. I'm going to start building up my epicurean collection and throw away those accursed plastic things as I get replacements.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Baltika Grade 9 Extra Lager

@Will I too have a Russian friend that I want to be shady. Thus far, my wire taps and tracker beacons haven't shown anything unusual but deep down I know... Oh yes Sergei, I know...