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Snapshots from the Gulf of Mexico: How Shrimp Goes from Tide to Table

The heads don't come off at sea right? That's done at the processing plant?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Chef Knife

Onions! Those built in rings make dicing them so easy!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

right now its bacon and sauteed onions with cheese of course

Is The Nomiku Portable Sous Vide Cooker The Solution We're Looking For?

Perhaps another option worth checking out is called Underground Circulators. A chef friend bought several for his restaurant. He says they work as well as his Polyscience ones, but for less $$. Fewer bells and whistles.

Video: Behind the Scenes at a McDonald's Burger Shoot

Really interesting video. Seems like a great idea on their part to come out with this video. Makes them come off as very honest and open about their process.

Salty Drinks Are the New Salty Sweets

When it's 100+ degrees here on a summer day in Texas, I'll take a standard light beer, squeeze in half a lime and give it a generous sprinkle of salt over some ice. Makes that cheap beer taste great, and you can have half a dozen without too many ill effects.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

It has to be summertime burgers at the lake. It's 100 degrees and everyone is sweating around the grill with a beer. Summertime!

The Food Lab: My Favorite Cooking Hacks

Thanks for the tricks!

Did you ever finish the Ramen posts you started a few weeks ago? I'm waiting for the secret to great ramen noodles, but I can't find your column on here.

What's Your Hangover Cure?

When over indulging was more common for me a few years ago, friends and I kept Pedialyte in the pantry and passed the bottle around until it was gone before going to bed. It sure did help.

Now I just try to take a multivitamin and drink 2 glasses of water before I pass out.

Gimme Your Burger Lab Requests!

Add another guy who wants to see the Kenji veggie burger

Cocktail 101: Blended Whiskey and the Single Oak Project

Agree with @TheBoardMember that heat and changes in temp are the big factors in warehousing. I'd guess that concrete flooring vs. wood flooring play a role in the temp of the warehouse itself.

Win Pop Chart Lab's "Constitutions of Classic Cocktails" Poster

I've been playing with home made ginger beer and limoncello

Ginger Beer

So I gave this a go the other night, and used 3 swing top bottles to store.

I can report that it's fairly spicy, though I used a touch more ginger than the recipe called for. Also, after sitting for roughly 18 hours all 3 bottles were carbonated... one to the point that when I opened the swing top there was some overflow fizzing.

I'm fresh out of dark rum, but this stuff is great as is... I've been watering it down with soda water so it's not so "gingery". Thanks for the recipe!