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Salt pepper and hot skillet

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Baked potato and sautéed mushrooms

Any must-do places in Portland, OR?

Thanks! They all sound good.

Blizzard--What are you planning on cooking?

Slow cooker pho

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The lentils are good stuff. I usually add a can of kidney beans to up the portions.

Help! New to Food in Europe and need Advice

You will definitely get your monies worth in Krakow. Not sure of your budget but definitely lots of cheap options for students. Check out something called a milk bar or bar mleczny for cheap food. There is a good one in the Kazimierz district not sure of the name. While in Kazimierz make sure you stop by Plac Nowy and get a zapiekanka, basically a baguette with sautéed mushrooms, onions and cheese. They have endless varieties on it and super cheap expect to pay 10 zloty or like 3-4 USD. Try the beer and vodka (zubrowka & apple juice). If you have any questions let me know I just returned from a trip to Krakow in May.


Yeah it's definitely a multi-purpose seasoning in the Eastern European community. My recommendation is to go to a polish butcher to get "karkowka" or pork nape/neck ( cant find cut in grocery store) and season with vegeta & marjoram. Grill and enjoy. Really great juicy piece of meat!! Enjoy with mizeria ( cucumber & dill in sour cream dressing) on the side!

R. Kelly themed party - need to make punch that looks like pee.

@Maureen Apple juice and bison grass vodka (zubrowka) is a popular Polish cocktail called "Tatanka". It goes down quite well!

Dinner tonight (4/23/2012)? Make anything good?

Orrichette ( sp?) with broccoli rabe and sausage. Delicious!!

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE THING... :-(

@Sudenveri def agree on the cherries. That short season they are available I eat like pounds and pounds of them. Same thing goes with watermelon.

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How far ahead can I make summer rolls?

I've made them 3-4 hours in advance of when I planned on serving them. Just cover with damp paper towels/towel and you should be fine. Like the others said prep the ingredients before hand and you'll be fine.

Mooncakes, peach buns, long-life noodles...Fav symbolic foods?

@otterroot I look forward to swieconka breakfast each year, however we don't eat the horseradish straight. But, I def love to put it in my zurek soup.

Ground Beef

I made the lasagna with ground chuck and sausage. Hopefully it'll turn out good.

Lechon for Party

Hi everyone I'm thinking about getting a roast pig for my birthday party. I called the place and they said it was approximately 36 lbs. How many people can you feed with that? I'm going to have other main courses in addition to that so just curious.

Ground Beef

Hi everyone I'm new to the boards! I've been around for a while reading posts but now I decided to join in the convos.

I've been assigned to make lasagna for a family party, problem is I don't usually eat ground beef. I want to make it with beef so I decided I will grind the meat myself with my kitchen-aid, however what type of meat should I use to grind? I don't want it to be too lean or too fatty. I'm going to add sausage to the mix so that should add some fat content.


What to serve with lasagna?

Hi! I'm helping my mother prepare a family dinner for 10-12 people. She plans to make her signature dish- vegetable lasagna. It's not the creamy white sauce kind, it's a red sauce with lots of veggies. We'll have two vegetarians,... More