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Alabama Law Firm Sues Taco Bell For Misleading Labeling

Now, of course, I never assumed that they used anything close to pure ground beef or, if by some chance they surprised us, that the beef came from a.. respectable.. part of the cow.

After reading the ACTUAL lawsuit, , I think any judge that sides with Taco Bell is crazy.

TB advertises products full of "seasoned ground beef" but the USDA defines ground beef QUITE differently.

Are people still under the delusion that America would never feed itself this kind of mutant food? I certainly have not been for a long time but I had to proactively educate myself. Not everyone can do that.

Knife Skills: How to Prepare Ginger

When I read the title, my brain totally put an 'a' in front of ginger and instantly went to the M.I.A. video "Born Free".
I'm going to hell.

In other news, I adore ginger and will put it in anything. My latest experiment was fabulous: making creme caramel (or flan or pots du creme) and infusing the hot cream with ginger (strain it out before you cook your cremes)
SO yummy with that sweet buttery caramel.

Serious Salad: Julia Child's Vinaigrette Dressing

I'm such an acidic-o-phile that my ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:2 vin to oil.. I really like a tang more than an olivey flavor..

but nothing says fast, easy, classic, and yummy like whipping up a vinaigrette with whatever is in the fridge!

anyone decorate the side of a cake with M&Ms?

It's totally possible to do with good sturdy buttercream.. but think about the texture before you do it.

My personal opinion and preferences are that I do not like big, chewy, chunky bits mingling with some things that my brain says should be a certain texture. Cake and icecream are two of those things. If it will dissolve in my mouth quickly (like adding caramel swirl or cone pieces to ice cream) then I am usually ok with it. Hard things like chocolate chips in my icecream just set my texture palette on edge.

All that being said, I would say if you are going to use them, do what the previous posters have said: Crush them or use mini-m&ms.. it may look prettier and be easier on the mouth.

Good luck!

Canned Salmon - How do you use yours?

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback.. it's so great to see such diversity over a can of salmon!

I had never really looked at different cans or pouches etc. of salmon.. I was raised on that "red can" if you know what I mean...

I do end up giving the picked-out parts to my cat.. she likes to sit in the kitchen with me while I cook because I spoil her with treats.

Also, salmon rangoon sounds amazing =D

You are all wonderful foodies

How to Whip Cream

I love stabilizing whipped cream for pre-set desserts.. I also have never understood using the can stuff.. it's just SO EASY to whip cream. You could do it with a fork if you were desperate enough!

Do You Put Ranch Dressing on Pizza?

There's kind of a trick to the pizza/ranch thing for me.. notably, this is all my personal opinion and practice...

Good pizza.. the kind you really spend money on and they refuse to bring to your house.. that kind of pizza does not get ranched. Obviously, it's going to taste good on it's own..

Cheap/filler pizza... growing up in schools that served foodservice pizza, being poor in college and "splurging" on a ten dollar pizza from papa john's, a five dollar frozen pizza from the grocer... all of these usually do not taste very good.. so the ranch makes it edible.

I also dip grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, or chicken in ranch....


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