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Mira Evnine & Liz Clayman

Mira Evnine & Liz Clayman

Mira knows her way around a kitchen. She has worked in various aspects of New York City's food industry for the past decade. Liz is a food and lifestyle photographer, and loves to eat the things Mira cooks. Life ain't bad.

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  • Location: Brooklyn NY
  • Favorite foods: Cheese, pastas, mac n cheese, noodles, curries, spicy stuff, garlicky stuff, summer tomatoes, pickled jalapenos, MSG, basil, leafy greens, cilantro...
  • Last bite on earth: Mira eats every meal as if it was her last.
    And for Liz, hunks of bread and cheese, a bottle of sauvignon.

Blushing Betty Cocktail

@Rohnjoberson Wonderful to hear you tried it and liked it! Thanks for sharing.

Blushing Betty Cocktail

@spencefrif, definitely worth a try. @Dave Griera makes some excellent suggestions on that front. Shake a version up with bitters and let us know?

Fernet and Coke

Landras, that is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

Simple Drinks: Fernet and Coke

All good memories and associations! Love hearing reminiscence, especially about food and drink. Thanks for sharing.

Fernet and Coke

Hey Kiya, thanks for your comment.

The cocktail is traditionally made 2:1, that is 2 parts Coke to 1 part Fernet, respectively. If you read in the body of the text, I explain this is how the drink is traditionally prepared, and that it can be adjusted to taste. Additionally, this recipe is for a tall Collins glass filled with ice.

How do you make your Fernet con Coca? What do you suggest?

The Maine Squeeze (Blueberry, Oat, and Ginger Smoothie)

cooking42, thanks for the helpful note. You are totally correct.
e.a.miller: You can definitely substitute with instant.

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