Wrong size pan for lemon tart - what to do?

I don't know which recipe you have, but alot of baking does not always work if you try to adjust your amounts to the pan size. You can double the crust recipe, roll it out ,and just use what you need. You can freeze the rest, and use it in the future.( Don't use the spring pan.) Go to or and get a new recipe for the lemon filling that uses an 11" pan.

Frank Bruni Gone????

Since I've been taking care of my mother who is ill these past few weeks, I have been out of the loop on many levels. All of you are quite rude yourselves, and I should reconsider contributing to this site, if I were you. Anyone should be able to ask anything here, without being told they live in a cave. As a devoted food person, it is always my pleasure to help someone less informed. I guess you guys would prefer to ridicule those who know less.

Frank Bruni Gone????

Sorry, I didn't proofread- it's restaurant

Cape May dining

Thanks , everyone for your suggestions!!

Serious Passover Eats

Wow! MMinNYC you have covered most everything. The only thing I would add, is I try to get a catering menu from Zabars, Whole Foods or anyplace that offers Passover food. I get ideas from them.

Serious Eats? Really?

I live in Tribeca, and I think it it is a far from an "irrelevant patch of land". I am, however, sure, Don Luis that any country that you reside in, is indeed poorer having you as an inhabitant. I feel you are certainly free to critcize any website and create debate. But you are lacking in manners and social skills, as shown by your callous comments. The people contributing to this site are very diverse , and that is the beauty. I embrace this, apparently you do not.

Fishmongers in and around the East Village

Have you been to "Lobster Place" ? They have 2 locations, one in the Chelsea Market on 9th Ave, and the other is on Bleeker St. I realize they are west of you, but on a sunny day it is a beautiful walk. They don't have the cheapest prices, but the fish is so fresh. The Food Network gets some of their fish in the Chelsea Market location, since they are in the same building.

Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse

Wow- I was probably there 20 years ago. But, if it is still the same, It was a riot. Dancing, singing, breaded veal cutlet bigger than your head!!! It is definitely a unique experience.

What are your favorite products from Trader Joe's?

I love:
Blueberry preserves
pumpkin butter
dried fruit- flattened banana, mango
I've just started shopping in the store on 14th St. in NYC, so I'm sure I will find alot more along the way.

First time in NYC, where's great to eat??

Do not go to Tavern on the Green- too touristy. Check out:
Market Table
City Bakery- for lunch
Mia Dona
Go to the Chelsea Market , and eat lunch at the various places
Otto(Mario Batali's tapas, pizza place)
I also like momofuku saam

Are foodies Democrats or Republicans?

I'm Michele, and if McCain and Palin get elected, I already told my husband we are moving to Canada. Palin scares me!!!!

Cook the Book: 'The Modern Baker'

I bake a number of times a week, I have gone to baking school, and interned at a bakery. But my greatest success was making cupcakes for my granddaughter's birthday, and seeing the joy on her face.

Needing creative advice for a cupcake cake

I just went to, and they definitely have the mold. Enter in cupcake cake pan.

Needing creative advice for a cupcake cake

There is actually a cake mold available that is a cupcake cake. I believe it is by Wilton. They sell it in Michael's Crafts, and I'm sure you can find it online. Good luck!

What happened to my cupcakes?

I am not sure where your mistake was, as I don't know your recipe. I have used the Magnolia Bakery basic buttercream recipe for years with no problem.

1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted very soft butter
8 cups confectioners sugar
1/2 cup milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Place the butter in a large mixing bowl. Add 4 cups of the sugar and then the milk and the vanilla extract. Beat until smoothe and creamy. Gradually add the remaining sugar, 1 cup at a time, until icing is thick enough to be of good spreading consistency( you may not need all the sugar).

for 24 cupcakes

Eating in NYC with 10 and 11 year old boys!!

As I didn't finish my comment: Maxies grill is on 19th st, and has good food, sports on tvs, informal atmosphere.
Blue Smoke for barbecue
Dallas bbq(multi locations)
Southwest- tex-mex--, food is ok, but it is at the World financial center, so it is on the Hudson river
Ruby Foo's- touristy but fun for kids

Eating in NYC with 10 and 11 year old boys!!

Go to Chinatown, as most kids like Chinese food, and it is not expensive. You might also go to Little Italy, or the restaurant Otto(Mario Batali's fun pizza, tapas place) There are a zillion hamburger places, but I like Maxie's Grill(part of Angelo and Maxies near 19

Cook the Book: 'Summer on a Plate'

Wow! I hate to be repetitive, but I own tons of cookbooks, and the ones I have used the most are Ina Garten's. She basically gave me the courage to go further, and become the cook I am today.

Dear Ina, We Are Happy to House-Sit

I'm sorry to see no credit given to the interior design firm Ina used for her NYC apt. She did buy alot of gorgeous, luxurious things globally, but used help putting it together. She had an article about this apt. about a year ago in House Beautiful.

Thick Pork Chops - Cold Pan

i've bee using the Cooks Illustrated cold pan method for years. I tell it to anyone who'll listen, and now I even use it for steak. 6 minutes each side and I'm done. First side high flame, uncovered, the second side, low flame,covered.

Who has the BEST cooking show on TV and why?

Ditto, Ina Garten!! Best cookbooks, recipes that work, and through her program gives her devotees confidence.

Need Name for a Soup Company




From Soup to Nutz

The Little Soup Shoppe

Do you scoop your bagels?

I scoop my whole wheat bagel to cut the calories in half. I still enjoy the bagel, I get my fiber, and I'm happy. It is a sorry state of affairs when people care how anyone eats a bagel!!!!

Brunch Recommendation - Family Party (14 people)

Blue Water Grill- Union Square
Sarabeth's- Central Park South
Friend of a Farmer- Murray Hill
Jane- Houston St.
Zoe- Soho
Artisanal- 32nd St.

Reasonably priced dinner for 10-15 near Brooklyn Bridge

I love the Bridge Cafe, which is under the bridge on the Manhattan side. The food is good, it is not that expensive, and you are transported back in time. Check it out!!

Frank Bruni Gone????

So,what is the story with Frank Bruni of the New York Times? Where is he going? Who is going to be the restaurrant critic? I hate change!!!!!

Cape May dining

Going to Cape May, NJ in July. I haven't been there for a few years. I need the BEST place for breakfast(aside from the mad batter) the BEST place for lunch, and the BEST place for dinner. Price is no object, it can be expensive or cheap, as long as the food is great!!!!!

Passover Birthday

I have to make a birthday cake for my son and his wife on Passover. I make alot of really good baked items, but aside from a flourless chocolate cake, or cheesecake, any good yellowcake recipes out there? Any other suggestions?

Chinatown, SOS!

Okay, I know it is last minute but I can't help it. I'm taking friends to eat lunch in Chinatown,NYC, today. I love New Chao Chow( per Ed Levine), but I need alternatives, fast. HELP!!!!

Dairy/soy free baked treats

I need to bake some treats for someone who is maintaining a dairy free (no milk products, no eggs) and soy free diet. Any suggestions? Cookbooks? Recipes?

NYC Commercial Kitchen

I may not get any responses to this, but I might as well try. I have an opportunity to do some baking for a store. I am a home baker, and must find a legitimate commercial kitchen in NYC, that is not crazy expensive to do my baking . I know there is the one in Long Island City, but I would rather do it in Manhattan. Any suggestions??

Football Food

So, my family and friends are NY Giants fans. My house has been designated the house to gather(big screen tv). I'm going to serve meals and appetizers. Any favorite football watching foods?

Ellie Krieger- Hype or the Real Deal?

Though I scorn most offerings on the Food Network, I have found some of Ellie Krieger's recipes to be quite good. I have made her chocolate cookies and the kitchensink cookies, among other recipes. These cookies taste great and are healthier than most. Has anyone else tried her recipes? What does the SE crowd think of her?

Easy New Years Eve

I'm having a small gathering on NYE, while babysitting for my 2 year old granddaughter(she goes to sleep at 8). I would love to be able to do almost everything the day before, and then just heat things up. Any suggestions?

Treats truck

Has anyone who lives in NYC seen the "Treats Truck"? I just read about them in my new Food & Wine. I had never heard of them, but I went to their website, and, apparently they have been around since June 2007. Anyone tasted their goods?

Perfect New Year's' Eve

My perfect new year's eve is a dinner of comfort food, some champagne, a warm glow in the fireplace, some cool music and my dearest friends. Do you have any new year's eve traditions? Your favorite meal? Your favorite beverage? Rockin' music or slow dancing?

Pate Appetizer

I want to make pate for Thanksgiving. It can be mushroom, chicken liver, a country type, or any other suggestions. I 've gone onto a number of websites and have not seen what seems to be a good recipe. Any suggestions, or your own recipes?

Nuts for you!

I' ve just started realizing how many nuts I eat everyday. I put walnuts, almonds, pecans or pinenuts on salads. Sometimes there are nuts in my bread, or cereal, my cookies, cakes, brownies, pasta, veggies, etc. I guess I'm nuts for nuts! How about you? How do you eat them? Any novel uses or types?

Secrets of Chicken Soup

I woke up this morning with laryngitis. The first thing I thought about was, I must make chicken soup. Maybe it's psychological, but I assumed it would make me better. The soup I make is simple, but I like to put pieces of chicken, veggies,herbs and sometimes noodles in it to make it richer. What is the secret to your chicken soup that makes it yours?

Cranberry blog

Since holiday discussions are in full swing, I must talk about one of my favorites: cranberries. I freeze them when they are available, so I can make cranberry sauce all year. I use the dried ones in salads, stuffings and desserts. On Thanksgiving I serve a cranberry casserole as a sidedish. It is cranberries, apples and sugar, topped with a brown sugar, butter, flour, oatmeal, chopped pecan streusel. How do you make your cranberries? Do you eat them raw? I do!

My final meal is--------

I just read an article in Time magazine that talks about the new book "My Last Supper". The book interviews top chefs(including Mario) and asks them what would be their last meal. Mine would be a perfect Caesar salad, a rare porterhouse steak, creamed spinach and a hot fudge sundae for dessert. What would you have?

Countdown: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a little over 4 weeks away, and I'm already in planning mode. Yesterday I tried out a pecan pumpkin cheesecake. I'll be testing more recipes, and ripping out magazine pages for menu and decorating ideas. Is anyone else in the full holiday swing? How far do most people plan ahead? Any fantastic ideas?

Ingredients challenge: What have you made with hard to find ingredients?

Recently, I had to make a nesselrode pie, and the recipe called for lots of glaceed fruit and chestnuts in a syrup.. Surprisingly enough, places like Whole Foods or Trader Joes did not have what I needed. I had to find a Middle-eastern store to get my ingredients. What have you made with hard to find ingredients? What were the items?

Kitchen equipment

I need to fill in some pots, pans, and other kitchen equipment that is old or has disappeared. I have looked in some stores, online and in catalogues. What is your place of choice to buy your kitchen supplies?

I'm getting my turkey from _____________

I have an opportunity to get a turkey from a farm connected with a food coop. I've used Empire turkeys, Shady Brook turkeys, a couple of fresh farm turkeys. They were all good to varying degrees. I read Cooks Illustrated this month and their results surprised me. They like frozen turkeys. Where are you getting your turkey from?Why?

Picky Eaters

So, with the article in the NY Times today and the new Jessica Seinfeld book "Deceptively Delicious" feeding picky kid eaters seems a hot topic. I'm going to try some of Jessica's recipes today to see if they work. She introduces veggie or fruit puree into kids' favorites. Anybody else ever try this? Any comment on the book?

Food Network comeback?

So, tonight begins the next Iron Chef, and then there is Two Dudes Catering, among other new features. Is the Food Network trying to change its image? Improve its programming? I for one, would love to see a come back. What do you think?

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