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Cream Potato Lefse From 'The New Midwestern Table'

Would a chopstick work in place of a lefse stick?

One-Pot Sesame Chicken, Shiitake, and Brown Rice

I don't think I'd make this again. The flavors seemed one note, everything was one texture but the water chestnuts, and the rice took a minimum of an hour to cook, and even then the rice that was on the top of the dish was still crunchy, not al dente, but crunchy.

We Try Every Taco at Tacodeli in Austin

The Deli-Belly they do is great (pork belly breakfast taco). They have them at the Barton Creek Farmer's Market, but are usually gone within an hour or so.

Why Do Some Folks In The Drinks Industry Like Cheap Beer?

Cheap beer and tailgating. I don't want to drink the regular beer I have in my fridge for 4 hours in the sun, so I usually turn to Bud Heavy or Miller Lite.
They're cold, reliable, and other people don't shoot you a weird look when you offer them one. Furthermore, they're something that you can drink for a long time because you don't want to be stumbling into the stadium only to get kicked out or not remember the game.

Chocolate Bourbon Fudge Tart

What about Agave in place of the Golden Syrup? What type of scale down would be needed due to the sweetness?

Bake the Book: Chocolate Bourbon Fudge Tart

What about Agave in place of the Golden Syrup? What type of scale down would be needed due to the sweetness?

Poll: What's Your Biggest Crust Pet Peeve?

A problem I've found in Texas, since I've moved here, is that if you go to a woodburning place or a coal fired place, I HAVE to ask for the pizza well-done. They seem to have an aversion to a crust any color other than pale brown.

I've seen so many people send back pizzas as "burned" that clearly aren't.

West Village: Perla's Burger Is So Good You Might Even Skip The Pasta

I eat steaks medium rare, etc. but I CANNOT eat a burger as rare as the one in the picture. The texture is entirely off for me: mushy, unappetizing, no texture contrast, nothing. I can't do it. Tried a million times and am never happy. Has to be medium.

Chichi's Chinese: XO Sauce

In David Chang's Momofuku cookbook, he has a recipe for making XO and says that once you do it, it lasts more or less indefinitely but you'll never need to worry about it because you'll use it so fast.

Soda: My Lifelong Fresca Obsession

I don't drink a lot of caffeine, or soda in general, but Fresca is one that I adore because you can't really find anything else that tastes like it. It's tied at #1 on my soda chart with regular Coke, but if it was available in all areas where Coke was, it would be my first choice, every time.

A Sandwich a Day: The Cubano from Union Bear in Dallas, TX

This isn't a Cuban sandwich. It's not even really close. Just because there are ham and pickles doesn't mean you can call it a "Cuban." Salami and pickled jalapenos? Please.

Healthy and Delicious: Mexican Potato Soup

I would not make this again. Ever. 10 minutes of simmering isn't enough to mellow the raw onion and garlic in this. Maybe if you roasted the onions and tomato first it would be better, but the flavors were all wrong.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Pasta Mancini Collection

Some roasted cherry tomatoes (roasted with garlic and some red pepper flakes), olive oil, and black pepper with sea salt. Maybe add in some shrimp if it's in the house.

Critiquing the South Beach Wine and Food Festival's Grand Tasting

The biggest problem with Miami is though it does have a number of big name chefs (Michele Bernstein, Norman van Aiken, etc) and pop culture chefs (Jeff McInnis from Top Chef Season 5, Howie from TC Season 4 or 3?), etc), nobody goes to events like that in Miami for the food. It's the booze and the celebrity. I've lived here for going on 9 years, and I'm comfortable with that fact.

The event is held on the beach, people walk around top different tents, and massive amounts of people at that. If there were big meals, tons of food would be wasted because there is just so much going on, and no one wants a big heavy meal in Miami, no matter that it may have only been in the 60, because no one here EVER wants the dense meals.

There is a true foody scene, but those people don't go to the South Beach Food and Wine Festival Grand Tasting, because they know they won't be getting food, but instead would get the accoutrements that go along with being in Miami (i.e. booze and celebrity).

You want eating in Miami? Go to and check out what they do and who they have cooking for them.


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