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Taste Test: Pepperoni Sticks

A few months back we put six brands of sliced pepperoni head-to-head in a taste test to find the best ones for snacking and pizza-making. Welcome back to round 2, where we tackle the greasing, curling power of pepperoni sticks. More

Knoxville, TN: Hard Knox Pizzeria Delivers a Punch

Located in a more upscale shopping plaza off the main drag of Kingston Pike, Hard Knox is just a postage stamp of a pizzeria. A wall of double split oak flanks the entrance, with the Earthstone Oven centrally situated just behind the counter. Would it add up to the right stuff to put some of my good-pizza-in-Knoxville skepticism to rest? More

Top 10 Slice Posts of 2012

Before leaping into a year of new pizza trends, recipes, openings, and chain restaurant shenanigans, let's take a look back at the most popular posts (according to our web analytics) of 2012. Here are the top ten most visited posts from the past year. More

The Food Lab: The Best Barbecue Chicken

The first photo shows the chicken with the breast facing the hotter side but the recipe puts the legs facing hotter side of grill. Also the second photo shows the chicken skin-side down on cooler half of grill but shouldn't it be skin-side up?

Animals that Love Pizza, Part 2: Saving the Best for Last

@kain-uk and @kenji: That was also a pizza dog treat from a pet store.

Whitehouse Station, NJ: Fried Calamari and Crispy Crusts at La Casa Bianca

Ha! Adam, I thought you tried the calamari at Al Forno. I just checked and I see that you did not.
I recently had the Al Forno calamari pie, and unlike this one the bungs, um, I mean rings were evenly distributed. The calamari was some of the best I've had, but I don't think it particularly amplified an already great pie. Casey, how did you like it as a pizza topping?

Are there metallic off-flavors from a pizza steel?

And I got totally distracted from the original question. I guess I'm not a metal detector, cuz I've never tasted metallic on Steel baked. If you asked me before, I would have thought I had a metal tasting sensitivity, because I'm often describing things as having metallic qualities. But, yeah, not Steel pies...

Are there metallic off-flavors from a pizza steel?

Meat guy! You're food chemistry knowledge runs deep. I mean the fluid dynamics of pepperoni AND metal/hormone detection. You are one guy I'd like to meet.

Introducing the New Slice Editor, Niki Achitoff-Gray, or 'Lady Slice'

@Tupper Cooks!, Imwalkin: Thanks, fellas! See you around the ol MPM campfire.
@Dennis: You did in my dreams...if only in my dreams.

My Pie Monday: Savoyarde, Dutch Gouda, Gas Station Pizza and More!

@paralleli: You might check out this article that talks about the role of auto parts steel pans in Detroit-style pizza making. Norma would never do any pizza experiments halfway, you know. :)

Poll: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Way or No Way?

@Amy D and @Wes R: Did you recognize that the pizza pictured is from Antonio's or is it just a coincidence that you gave the Antonio's shout out?

Daily Slice: Parziale's Bakery, Boston

@waxbrain: From this joint? I definitely didn't get the right slice.

My Pie Monday: Savoyarde, Dutch Gouda, Gas Station Pizza and More!

@Amusebouche1: Sorry your title was too long for the slide. I adjusted to fit Cranberries.

This Week in Pizza

This is getting off-topic and nasty. We're closing the thread and removing the attacks.

Taste Test: Pepperoni Sticks

@mlpondo: I have seen Dietz and Watson sliced, but I never saw the sticks in the couple of months that I was on the look out for pepperoni brands to include. The ones included here were the ones I saw between September and January carried in large regional and national grocery stores.

At SE advertising and editorial are different departments. Any sponsored content is clearly labeled as such, and advertisers have no input at all when it comes to taste tests and other editorial content.

Motorino Heads East

@Sonnymooks: No official opening date has been given yet. Stay tuned...

The Lonely Planet Guide to Italy by the Slice

@SteveSCT: Argentina is my all-time dream destination. Thanks for including the names of the places you liked. Bookmarking those. And agreed, when we update the RPSG, fugazza and fugazetta shall be added!

Daily Slice: Cafe Angelino, Los Angeles

These are some gorgeous pizza pictures, Kelly! There is something about the randomly strewn olives on the puttanesca pizza that I just love.

My Pie Monday: Pizze Polacco, Country Ham, Rosas and More!

Great looking pies everyone!

@lux_lisbon: The slideshow can only handle horizontally oriented photos. Sorry I had to flip it so it would fit.

Guy Fieri's S'mores Indoors Pizza Is an Abomination

@monopod: I like Will. I would never be able to subject him to this after reading those reviews. I guess it would have made a good goof...but how could I live with myself?

Comic: How to Cut A Pizza

@Prawo Jazdy: nice!

Check out this REAL LIFE version of the cut from the comic above (from @AbnormousCheese on Twitter): http://i.imgur.com/uv0mN.jpg

Last Minute Gift Guide for the Bottom-Shelf Drinker

You're beautiful! To this list I would like to add this one thing.

Chain Reaction: Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint Expands the "Subway" Approach

@PieFan: Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry to see that you were so upset by this review, but I have to say that I don't think Todd is guilty of neglect. My take aways are that this is a topping-driven pizza place, and that you shouldn't go in expecting a lot from the crust. I don't think this review is pitting Uncle Maddio's against mom and pop shops, especially since it compares the pizza to similar business models in the newly emerging trend of "DIY pies." We do a lot of chain reviews on Slice and we review them within their own category. What matters most is what the reader should expect from the place. I get a good sense of that here. The DIY chain pizzas can go more high-end - like 800 degrees - or more fast food style. I think as we get our footing in this new style of pizzeria, it is important to understand where each new entity falls on the spectrum. And that is where the mention of a "real" (I think the quotes infer a self-aware snobbery) pizzeria comes into play. If you spend some time on Slice you'll understand that this is speaking to our core audience's expectations. This is a blog dedicated exclusively to pizza, so it goes without saying that we have some seriously passionate pizza people.

I'm not sure it would have been a real advantage to know that the dough is made in house everyday, especially if it doesn't come across in the flavor or texture. It may have been worth mentioning the sourcing of ingredients, but I don't think that would qualify this review as being guilty of neglectful journalism. He does give the toppings their due and mentions the sausage and meatballs are made in-house. Anyway, different strokes for different folks. I'm sure there are lots of folks that are into all the options Maddio's offers and are psyched to have a new pizza option.

Chain Reaction: Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint Expands the "Subway" Approach

Todd, I think your pizza had an STD.

Gift Guide: For the Pizza Lover

I did find some DMC, but they are all in euros and may cost more in shipping: http://www.capodimonte-porcelain.com/en/pulcinella-e-altre-maschere/519-pulcinella-pizzaiolo.html
And on Ebay Italia:
here and

Top This: Why Don't We Put More Broccoli On Pizza?

Top This: Rigatoni Pizza (à la Mulberry Street Pizzeria)

Nice MacGyver slicing tips @Imwalkin. @Adam I was doing some dry mozz brand inquiring at my local Italian goods market earlier in the week. They held up a block of Sorrento—a decent store-brand. I passed on account of it not being Grande, which is what I was after. But I know they could make some nice thin slices for me. Might have to revisit.

Top This: Rigatoni Pizza (à la Mulberry Street Pizzeria)

Nice one, Adam! Agreed.

And why haven't I ever tried using paper thin slices of mozzarella?!

The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

Anybody who's been halfway around the block is aware of In-N-Out's secret menu, which allows you a few custom options other than the regular hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, shakes, and Double-Double that appear on their printed menus. But the options don't stop there. Here's a rundown of everything you can get at In-N-Out, secret menu and beyond. More

Boston's Best Pizza and Beer Bargain

Newtowne's tucked just outside Porter Square in a kind of grown man's land safely equidistant from the academighetto orbits of both Harvard and Tufts. The slightly subprime location must help keep prices down a bit, but the signature pizza-and-pitcher special is notably underpriced for anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts: $11.95 gets you a (very) large pizza and a 64-ounce pitcher of PBR. More

Boston: The Pop-Up Restaurant Trend

Notable Boston chef Will Gilson and Aaron Cohen have organized a pop-up restaurant venture, Eat (@EatBoston). Of course, cooking in foreign kitchens and using a food truck to produce a five-course meal for 50-plus people comes with its own set of challenges. Are you willing to pay $60 for an event that, while singular and fun, will probably not knock your socks off food-wise? More