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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

I like to keep it simple -dijon and whatever kind of decent cheese I have around on good chewy bread.

This Week in 'New York Times' Food News

@catybarb - if you are interested, I will cheerfully share my pepperoni roll recipe. I'm here in the Mountain State and just getting ready to make a batch for my son's birthday party. Thanks, Serious Eats. I would have missed this article if not for your link.

Cook the Book: '660 Curries' by Raghavan Iyer

In my mid-twenties, when a new boyfriend suggested an evening at his favorite Indian restaurant. I was smitten, both with the food and the boy!

How old were you when you first started cooking?

One of my earliest food memories involves helping my mom make pigs-in-blankets at around 3 or 4. At 5, I sustained a nasty (requiring multiple trips to the doctor) burn while standing on a chair to help stir pots. By 7 or 8, I was combing magazines looking for recipes to try. I don't know if my single mom was too tired to argue or if she actually had faith in my abilities, but she always let me experiment in the kitchen. My son, now 5, is similarly motivated by food and often cooks with me. Yesterday, he helped make scrambled eggs & guacamole. The only problem with this is his desire to create recipes - his father can attest to the "cookies" made with flour, water, sugar and various spices, rolled to about 1" thick and baked in the toaster oven. Yum. Dad liked them so much he had to save them for work the next day! If he sustains his interest in cooking, he will have the happiest Mom in Momville because I love the opportunity for us to bond over a common interest.

It's 10 p.m. and You're Starving

Cereal or my latest obsession, crunchy Sunbutter on wheat toast.

V8 and/or Tomato Juice: Way or No Way?

Very much way on the V-8. Yes, the sodium content is high, but the low sodium version is just wrong. I also like to use V-8 as a base for quicky vegetable soup. When I was heavily pregnant the summer before my son was born, I craved it like crazy. Icy cold and salty, it was soooo satisfying.

Be Honest: Are You a Snob?

I am a somewhat reformed food snob. In my early twenties, when first exposed to really great ingredients & restaurants, I was pretty vocal about my preferences. I spent more time than I like to admit bitching about things like Cool Whip, margarine and processed cheese while visiting my family instead of being wise enough to realize how lucky I was to have people with whom I could peacefully gather and break bread. In my home, yes, I still control the food supply pretty ruthlessly. But in the company of others, I'm genuinely happy for the experience - even if that means a mushroom soup casserole or the occasional chain/fast food meal out - to spend time with people I like.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Probably toasted or grilled with cheddar, good mustard and nice chewy bread, maybe with some sweet pickle slices tucked in.

Snapshots from the UK: The English Foodstuff Lexicon

Jacket potatoes=baked potatoes, served in the UK with an incredible number of possible toppings.

@NotAmerican, the sweetcorn thing just freaks me out. Available on everything, everywhere. When my nieces were still sweet little things, they loved to go to Bob Evans for dinner while visiting the USA specifically because they could order sides of corn with their American pancakes!

HELP! I have 60lbs. of Venison...

Josdean, I forgot to mention that the recipe I mentioned came from, believe it or not, Field & Stream magazine. Try their website - they probably have some good ideas for using up all that venison in a fashion you might enjoy.

HELP! I have 60lbs. of Venison...

Wow, lucky one! I'm still trying to talk my brother out of at least one roast from his buck this year. I'm with PerkyMac - a buttermilk soak will tone down any intense gamey flavor, although a corn & apple fed deer should not have as strong a flavor. The best venison roast I ever made was larded with bacon for a little extra fat & cooked in red wine. Since the sausage is mixed with pork, the flavor should be pretty mild (and delicious).

Oh crap, the dog ate the....

Of the many food theft crimes committed by our dogs, the most memorable was an entire recipe of unleavened cinnamon roll dough by our old beagle. That was particularly heinous. He was the most food crazed creature on the planet. Whenever I roasted any meat, he would park himself right beside the oven door the entire time, drooling and whimpering.

"You made WHAT?"

Faux stroganoff with Amy's cream of mushroom soup, ground beef or turkey, mushrooms & egg noodles. Usually with steamed broccoli. It's fast & the kids (and adults) like it. @ Markbb, we have salmon cakes at least once a month. Always one of my five year old son's favorite meals!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

The pumpkin pie brulee sounds especially delicious.

Liquor in Cakes Yes or No?

Surely you wouldn't waste good liquor on a box mix cake! I never actually use it in the batter, but instead in a filling, as buttercream flavoring or brushed between layers as a moistening and flavoring agent. A little goes a long way. My MIL makes trifle that deserves one of Jerzee's warning labels.

Is Making Biscuits From A Mix Any Easier Than Making From Scratch?

Also, does anyone else think canned biscuits taste and smell just plain gross? I don't know if it is a preservative ingredient or what, but they always have a sort of metallic taste and unappetizing smell to me.

Is Making Biscuits From A Mix Any Easier Than Making From Scratch?

$10.50 (plus the cost of the butter & milk!) for a dozen biscuits? Wow. @ jenilowrance, I've used the Teays Valley mix in a pinch. It does indeed make decent biscuits. Homemade are so easy and quick, though, a mix rarely seems necessary.

Sweet Tweaks Pumpkin Sponge Cake Round-Up: Cast Your Votes Now!

Good Lord, I have to choose one? Cinnamon Panna Cotta Pumpkin Pie. Can you deliver?

Cook the Book: 'Second Helpings of Roast Chicken'

Olive oil used constantly, the jar of tahini I tried to use this weekend, not so much.

yucky worms!

Ugh! I hate it when this happens. Like several others noted, you will have to check everything in the pantry carefully, including unopened packages. Nothing like tossing pasta into boiling water only to notice uninvited guests floating in the water. Yuck.

Addicted to Food?

Garden of Eatin' Red Hot & Blue chips. If I break down and buy a bag, I will eat them all in one day. I swear I can hear them calling from the top of the fridge if I try to stop.

Cook the Book: 'The Sweeter Side of Amy's Bread'

Classic chocolate chip. So easy but soooooo good.

Pressure Cookery

Robbo, I've never had anything burn. Maybe stick a little if I skimped on the liquid, but not burn. I was not thinking so much of crock pot recipes as braising or stewing ones.

A veritable plethora of squash!

Also, we made pumpkin doughnuts from a Bon Appetit recipe last weekend that were crazy good.

A veritable plethora of squash!

If I'm not mistaken, most winter squash can be stored for quite a long time under the right conditions (I'm thinking cool dark place, but not sure). You may have more time to use them than you think.


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