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Have You Tried Candy Corn M&Ms?

Known. Their. Sorry. Typing to fast.

Have You Tried Candy Corn M&Ms?

I'll go ahead and make my love know for vanillia tootsie rolls as well. I always wished I could get them in the larger sizes like there chocolate brothers. Even a vanillia tootsie roll pop would be awesome! As far as these go, I did try them, being a fan of both white chocolate and candy corn.. I got the off-putting fruitiness as well. not a fan.

Cook the Book: 'Salty Snacks'

Homemade and fresh out of oil chips with Pico de gallo.

One-handed cooking

I'm right there with you! Don't you miss being able to cook? I sure do! I have an ever growing pile of recipes I'd love to make but are just too elaborate for now. My baby just turned 1 and rather than just wanting to be held, i think she just wants to be a part of what im doing. It's going to be fun cooking together when that's possible. I don't really have any advice for u unfortunately. I'm sure you've tried everything I would suggest. Maybe it'll just help knowing your not the only one! It's helped me.

Cereal Eats: Honeycomb Cereal Rules

For me, the honeycomb is right up there in a close 2nd to cinnamon toast crunch. Definitely underrated. I do enjoy the size difference of the pieces too. As a kid I'd often eat from largest to smallest. I'm one of those weirdos who starts with the best bites on the plate as opposed to saving them for last.

Scoop the Book: Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones from Bi-Rite Creamery

I've tryed to find a more exciting flavor to top my favorites list but you just can't beat a good sweet cream. Plain Jane sweet cream. Or plain mint.

Fast Food: Breakfast at Whataburger (or, 'Whatabreakfast')

I'm a texan and a fan of the whatabreakfast. The chicken biscuit and bacon taquitos are a favorite. Best quality fastfood option.

Cook the Book: 'Ripe'

I'm an equal opportunity eater. Heirloom tomatoes have somewhat of a magical quality when they come out of my parents garden. I'll go with that.

What is your favorite brand of quality kitchen knives?

Wow! Thanks for all the great advice. This helps a lot.

Bake the Book: 'Marshmallow Madness'

I think a "rocky road " marshmallow would be cool. A vanilla with some sort of nut floating through it. Dipped in chocolate rolled around in more nuts. Or an orange and cream mallow.

Cook the Book: 'Bluestem: The Cookbook'

I appreciate the cool mint cafe, where they try to use in-season local goods to build their menu. Simple, yet creative.

Any non-soup suggestions for leek?

They are also delicious sautéed with butter and cream over a pan seared mild white fish.


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