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"Only In NYC" Gift Bag for Wedding

I will definitely keep you all up to date. The wedding is about 6 months out, but we need to plan these things now lest it becomes a problem later. (or so my fiancee says)

I have the Momofuku Milk Cookbook. Maybe if I have free time before the wedding, I'll bake them myself. We shall see.

"Only In NYC" Gift Bag for Wedding

I think we're going to look into getting fresh bagel chips from ess-a-bagel. Thanks so much for all the ideas so far. You guys are the best!

(PS. We got picked up on!)

"Only In NYC" Gift Bag for Wedding

Thanks so far for the suggestions.
Just an update: We are already doing black & whites for our take-away at the end of our party; hence why we are purposefully leaving it out of the bag.

I am going to reach out to some of these places and get pricing. I hope its not too expensive.

Keep the ideas coming!


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