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Eat More Sodium (Maybe) and More in Food Policy This Week

Don't forget DiHydrogen monoxide is found in Yoga mats and Subway's bread. So just because they took out Azocarbodimide, there is still Yoga mat chemicals that they didn't define.

Beets in lieu of red food coloring

The way cocoa is processed today makes it almost impossible to make a red velvet cake according to the original recipes/ Cocoa is processed in alkaline materials which stabilizes the color of the cocoa, and also neutralizes the vinegar so the fiery red color of the past can't occur. As long as the temperature of the cake is below 250 degrees f, the color from beets may work, but the pigment is not heat stable, the crust may still turn dark brown from the oven temperature and contact to the pan, while the internal color will be beet red.

Vesecky's Keeps the Bohemian Bakery Alive in Berwyn

Don't try to go there Good Friday to Easter, the building is packed and out the door. You have to order your houska ahead of time to get it. You really missed it by not talking about the fruit wheels, 10 inch rounds of half inch thick Kolache dough covered with Bohemian cheese filling and three or four Fruit toppings, or single fruits. Apricot blueberry and cherry are the usual culprits. In the houska picture you can see both a blueberry and apricot wheel. During Plum season the place is awash in plum bakery. Whenever I am going through the area this is a must stop. Maybe Saturday Morning........

Cooling for cooked Prime Rib

they are talking internal temperature. This is because if you put a probe into the meat when raw, you transferred the bacteria from the surface into the meat through the probe hole. also, you need to be aware that items can be contaminated after coming out of the oven, so just because you cooked it, doesn't mean the knife that was used to slice the first pieces off didn't get contaminated. Also, it is better to be safe with other peoples health than convenient. Move the meat to the blast freeze for a few minutes to start the chilling process more quickly, them move it to the walk in when the surface is cooled to chill it faster. This will also cause less cooler shrink than the walk in alone.

Secret Tools and Tricks of the Ice Cream Pros: How to Make Creamy Ice Cream

The self contained refrigeration ice cream makers are wonderful. I found a cheap one, New Air 2 quart freezer on Woot at Christmas for 140 Bucks. My wife thought i was crazy because we had a Cuisinart freezer with the sleeve, we used it once every couple months because of the noise and mediocre quality it produced. This cheap unit, For self contained, is quiet, and now i have standing orders to have cream and eggs on hand at all times because it makes such good ice cream. So now when we run out the new batch gets made. Watch the sale sites for these, they actually are worth the time to track down, if you like the ice cream process. I have seen the Cuisinart self contained ones at Tuesday Morning for around $200, they also pop up on Woot occasionally.

Tamales...warning rant follows

Chefs want everything to seem more difficult for the average person to do so they can point out how valuable they are. Or a second theory proposed by a chef I studied under, famous chefs have learned to do 1 thing better than everyone else, and that is what they stake their reputation on, and they may suck at everything else. this may be out of his wheelhouse.

Wood for construction must be dried

Actually using green wood is much more exciting, you get this neat modern art effect as the wood warps and twists, making chair legs turn at awesome angles, walls get new neat wavy appearances as they bow. This poster is just the typical non creative rubbish that smother creativity and inspiration. I bet all of the coloring books are colored in the lines.

What should I put in a piñata?

Haribo sugar free gummy bears, the gift that keeps giving. Check the reviews on

How to Make Homemade Hot Dogs With Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats

Well, the seasoning isn't really close to the standard New York Dogs such as Sabrette or Nathans. You need a touch of coriander and nutmeg for the basic seasoning. Also for those the pepper is a fine grind, actually they use mostly spice extractives today. Being old school onion doesn't go in a beef hot dog, just cheap chicken ones to cover the feather flavor. I used to make seasonings for Sabrette and Aaron Dubin in a past life.

Serious Cheese: What's the Deal with Raw Milk Cheese?

Food poisoning is not the only reason pasteurization is required. There have been several cases in the last decade, in southern California of tuberculosis outbreaks based on cheese made from milk that was produced from cows infected with bovine tuberculosis. These outbreaks were small, 30-40 people in each, as the product was produced illegally in small quantities, but if the milk is not screened and cultured to check for it, it is a risk that can be worse than a case of food poisoning.

Real Talk: Stop Bashing Ice Cream Stabilizers

Carrageenan is a particularly tricky stabilizer in dairy products, if handled incorrectly it precipitates out the protein in the milk due to the polar charges on it helical structure being opposite the ones in milk protein, just a little too much and the protein drops out of solution having bonded directly to the carrageenan. Been there done that, on industrial scale.

Deep Dish Pizza recipe - where are you?
tried this once and is pretty good, for the Italian herbs, basil and oregano are the standard, not the bottled blends as the sage can come through too much in the sauce.

Seriously Good Chicken Strips? Find Them at Farmhouse Chicken Strips and More in Ashburn

Village Tavern in Carol stream. Crispy light tempura battered strips, best i have ever had.

Onions and digestive issues.

If it is just gastric distress, it may be that you are unable to digest the complex carbohydrates in the onions. Caramelizing the onions or fermenting them may help. Beano may help, but, be aware that nothing may help.

My wife went from this stage to becoming seriously allergic over the course of several years. it may be related to sulfa allergies however.

Good ish Canned Pizza Sauce

In Chicago there is Pastorelli Italian chef pizza Sauce in 4 oz and 8 oz cans, i think they have # 10's through food service distributors.. Very decent for an out of a can product, and depending on the store, relatively inexpensive. This is a thicker sauce so the tomato is a little more intense than some of the others.

Michael Ruhlman's Offset Spoons, for Better Basting, Skimming, and More

I get mine from the Uri Geller Institute of Advanced Spoon Bending.

also a cheap ladle does wonders, and I can get them for a buck at the dollar store

Petition for McDonald's to Add a Healthy, Meatless Item Reaches 90,000+ Signatures

So, Ocean, basically you are saying because I am different, people must cater to my needs (good Pun Cater/ provide food, I'm cracking myself up here). Also, a rule of thumb, asking people to accommodate your desires is always better than demanding that they do it.

Come on, if it social pressure and fast food, bring something with you and buy a drink when you are there with your friends. Bring a bag lunch and eat it with them as they "enjoy" their food. We did that with our kids for years if the fast food franchise didn't float one child's (or parents) boat we stopped somewhere first for one of them and then went to McDonalds for the other. No one complained as long as we bought a drink for everyone. But, if you insist on a McDonald's veggie option there is always a quick trip to Canada, the EU, or India, where it appears to be economically viable.

Petition for McDonald's to Add a Healthy, Meatless Item Reaches 90,000+ Signatures

Gee, 90,000 new customers when you need to sell a half million units to 1 million depending on serving size, just to get them made and to fill the distribution chain? and, you have to turn the inventory in the warehouses at least once a month due to shelf life, don't think its economically viable.

If she's a vegetarian she doesn't know how mediocre the McDonald's experience is, she should thank them for that instead of being upset their business plan calls for large volume sales and not catering to everyone's unique desires. Eat at home, its better for you.

Looking for Kuwaiti Schwarma Recipe

Some of the Middle eastern scwarma shops in the Chicago suburbs use a seasoning that is little more than a green curry powder, They are always sliced and stacked raw meat of some sort, beef lamb or chicken, though most of the suburban ones mostly sell chicken schwarma as it can be sold cheaply where the lamb and beef are really pricy. In my town in Dupage county, and the neighboring one I can drive 5 blocks down Roosevelt road and hit 7 or eight Halal schwarma shops, helps when your town has a mosque.

What's Up in Pizza: NYTimes Declares Pizza 'Meh,' Which Pizza Would Be Your Lover, and More!

Lets play a word game here:
I used to EAT PIZZA when I was in junior high, and thought myself so clever. As an adult, I ask myself, Is it a great PIZZA? Meh. Don't mistake ubiquity for superiority.
The argument is universal. But just because you don't like what they say doesn't mean its not true. Yes, there is more MEH pizza than good pizza. And we must consider personal taste, what is meh to you may be manna to others, that's why there are more Pizza Huts than Pauli Gees. Life goes on, enjoy what you enjoy and forget what the critics say. Critics are not paid to be positive they are paid to get reactions.

To quote Mel Brooks, "these are people of the land, the common clay of the American West, You know, Morons."

And also remember, they are talking about New York Pizza, not Chicago style.

Cartooning Under the Influence: Watch Your Elbows

Kraft Beer, not craft beer. The joke didn't make sense.

Best cuts of pork for grinding?

Leaving the meat and fat together is fine. Just be sure the pieces are large enough to go into the grinder easily, but small enough so the screw drive doesn't rip and compress it too much as that will render the fat in the machine, and the sausage will be greasy, not juicy.

Behold the Bone-In Burger From M. Wells Steakhouse in Queens

A good industrial meat grinder takes bone pieces out, looks like he needs one. You bit into a piece of bone and you can crack a tooth.

Best cuts of pork for grinding?

Not all butts are created equal, try to get Boston Butts, they have a slightly thicker fat cover, stay away from lean trimmed product as the sausage will be dry. The other cut to use would be the Picnic, this is the forequarter equivalent to the ham the upper muscles of the fore leg. good fat ratio and good texture. If you need more fat and your butcher has pork belly, that is a good way to up the fat ratio, or pork jowls, but these contain glands which should be trimmed out, it is usually done, but they sometimes slip through.

Alinea and 'Babygate:' Should Babies Be Allowed in Fine Dining?

Talk about blatant age discrimination here, you are too young to be here, get out. What next? Ban old folks because they smell old? Obviously the correct answer would have been to give their non refundable reservation to some winos on the street corner.

I have been to Alinea and the fine dining experience is dampened by the people who insist on taking flash pictures of every course, drunken businessmen, or the chain smoker who comes in reeking of tobacco or some other smoke and upsets you sense of smell and taste, and the reality that no meal is worth $700,if you are still hungry after 18 courses because each course may be less than a mouthful because it is all performance art and not fine dining. We are serving this item on a pillow full of orange infused air so be sure to inhale as the pillow deflates so you perceive the subtleties of the orange because there is nor orange flavor in the item you are eating, right.....then tack on the wine service for another few hundred and there's your mortgage payment for the month. As in all performances there are hecklers, in this case the baby, performers should be skilled in handling them, not whining that one showed up. Now the other option would have been to offer the couple another night as it was impacting the experiences of the others present, so, don't just blame the couple.

Pardon me, but I prefer places where it sounds like you are enjoying yourself, not a place where the mood is set to be like a funeral home or church, talk in hushed tones, don't laugh or have a loud conversation, we demand your friggen respect as we feed you food additives that you whine about on retail labels for obscenely high prices.

yes a crying baby is not fun to be around, but neither were my flash happy neighbors the night I was there. Thank god my epileptic friend wasn't there.

Rant if you like, the Chef edition

Considering the wide range of viewpoints on food hereis the difficult question:

What constitutes a Great Chef?

Is it mastery of classical styles? Is it running a succesful elitist restaurant? Creativity? being on TV ? Is the chef who serves a few thousand meals a year at high prices better then the chef who designs a chain restaurant entree that is bought by hundreds of thousands or millions in a year? Is it teaching others to exceed your abilities? Is it being true to your own standards and damn convention, or being able to please the widest audience regardless of style?

I've known quite a few and wonder what everyones opinion is.

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