Is it possible to see the Recipes I have Favorited?

Thank you for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it! I also was wondering where this disappeared to when I first posted it.

New Veggie

I've recently become a vegetarian and am not sure what to cook for Thanksgiving as it is right around the corner. Any one have any ideas about what to cook to contribute to the meal?

18 Cabbage Recipes We Love

Cabbage often gets a bad rap. Sure we've all had an unfortunate experience where it's overcooked and chewy, and maybe kids aren't always pleased to see it on the dinner plate, but can we take a moment to celebrate cabbage? It's cheap, extremely versatile, appears in many different cuisines and is equally tasty in raw or cooked form. For all the cabbage lovers out there, here are 18 recipes to try with both red or green 'bage! More

Dinner Tonight: Tofu, Green Bean and Shiitake Salad

I already knew I loved Thai and Lao salads. The dressing alone—a mix of lime, fish sauce, sugar, chile, and fresh herbs—does something spectacular to my brain, especially when it's really hot outside. But usually there's some kind of meat involved. So, how would the dish work with tofu and shiitakes? I never would have given it a shot had Nancie McDermott not recommended the combo in Food & Wine. More