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  • Last bite on earth: An entire hotel pan of my Uncle Matty's Chicken Parm

Poutine Pizza: What Is and What Should Never Be

Linwood Pizza in Fort Lee, NJ also makes this pie. I've almost ordered it a number of times, but always opt for chicken parm pizza cause they make it so well

Nutella vs. Gianduia vs. Generic Brand Hazelnut Spreads

Do they even sell gianduja on a consumer level? I know companies such as Valrhona/Weiss sell them in 1 kilo blocks for industry use - but I've never seen it available for sale at the supermarket...has else?

Also, although I love Nutella, the mouth feel is waxy/greasy due to the added oil - which, gianduja does not (should not) contain...apples to oranges indeed!

The 'Pizza Strip': Indigenous to Rhode Island

@Adam Hey! I had pizza strip comments too!

Bob & Timmy's Is the Fifth Best Pizzeria in the U.S.?

@celeriac the thing I miss most about Providence is pizza strips!!! Venda Ravioli makes my favorite, they have baskets of them (still warm) stacked at the check out counter most days and I was never ever able to pass them up!

Bob & Timmy's Is the Fifth Best Pizzeria in the U.S.?

Hi Ed! Great post! As a former (recent) resident of Providence, I totally agree. Bobby & Timmy's is er, ok, but there is far better pizza to be found in Rhode Island. For starts, Caserta's across the street might not be grilled pizza (more like Sicilian) but cheesy, simple, slightly greasy and ultimately indulgent. They also have something called a "Wimpy Skimpy" which looks like a calzone, is double baked and stuffed with spinach, pepperoni, cheese and olives. They are huge, cheap and amazing.
Anyways (funny enough) this is my tweet from the day the list came out: I can't believe Bobby & Timmy's is that high on the list of best pizza's. It's good, but not like, Al Forno good (which is #18!) Gesh.
8:15 AM May 19th from web

Is It a 'Plain' Slice, a 'Regular' Slice, or Something Else Entirely?

Plain slice all the least in the NYC area. In New England, they have tomato pie - and a plain slice is called a cheese slice. According to the other comments (and with brother, who is sitting next to me and goes to school in Texas) plain slice transcribing to cheese slice seems fairly common in other parts of the country. Maybe due to the prevalence of fast food pizza chains, um, everywhere?

My (Sort Of) First Taste of White Castle's Burgers

I think this a pretty accurate description of a typical WC experience, minus any real case of the munchies! I have to second the mozz sticks though, the tomato sauce is pretty gross, but the coating is made out of some kind of addicting crispy batter I find irresistible. I live within 10 minutes of both a WC and the original White Manna in Hackensack, NJ and I must say - I'd take White Manna hands down, any day. P.S. The Jersey City location um, sucks.

Snapshots from South Korea: School Food

In Fort Lee, NJ -next to Pho 32, a "School Zone" opened a couple months ago. Same concept, a korean cafeteria...but they also have frozen yogurt. Its always super busy in the afternoon - and its next to Paris Baguette, a korean owned and operated bakery with fresh buttery sliced white bread and tons of other bread/rolls/sweets/donuts/cake options to get yourself lost in. Worth the trip to Jersey. I promise.

Do Men Cook Differently Than Women in Restaurants? Can You Tell the Difference?

@ cityminx - thanks for the shout out about the EMD post!

New Jersey Dispatch: The New Fairway Market in Paramus

Really great addition to the area - but, yes - incredibly crowded and very windy and difficult to navigate. Went yesterday though, the marble rye was fantastic, as is the cheese selection and the olive/pickle selection. Also, as a North Jersey native and avid dried fruit connoisseur, the selection is fantastic and very reasonably the three times I've been I find myself standing in front of the section forever trying to decide which dried fruit mix will "come home with me this time"...then I get distracted from the bakery behind me and the hot food bar to my right and my travels continue onward... like no other market indeed

What do you collect?

food magazines. I can't throw them out! I got it from my Mother who has the past 25 years of Gourmet on the bookshelf and either subscribes or buys every food related magazine on earth. Also, business cards from restaurants I've eaten in - or anything clipped from a magazine that inspires me. I think one day I'll scrapbook, one day...

Raw Almonds

Also, maybe I should have said fresh instead of raw...I guess thats kinda confusing, sorry!

Raw Almonds

Coffee Top Caddy: Yea or Nay?

Great idea, but a wasteful one at that. First of all, those cups are made out of styrofoam - then add on top of that all the unnecessary garbage from the creamers/sugar/carrier. In our current world of reusable bags & coffee tumblers, how could we ever condone this?

Cake decorating supply shops in NYC

NY Cake & Bake should have everything your heart desires, but beware of the staff (esp. the owner Joe)... and never ask if they have valrhona pistoles, they don't...ONLY BLOCK!

Would you ask for a "celebrity chef's" autography?

Wow so many comments! As Cyberroo pointed out, yes, this did occur at Bobby Flay's new burger "palace." Clearly, this is all circumstantial though, but given this situation, you'd understand my distaste for the act at hand. Although, yes, If I was going to a book signing - or a panel discussion - or somewhere this behavior was expected, it wouldn't be tacky or unnecessary. However, I don't put Bobby Flay on the same level as other food professionals who are less recognized but far more talented (in my opinion). I'd be more chef shocked/autograph crazy over someone like Judy Rogers...

A Beginner's Guide to Passover Coke

Just picked some up at the newly opened Fairway in Paramus, NJ - and they had a huge selection...regular, diet, caffeine free - not to mention Pepsi and Mr. Browns. Happy hunting!

Twice-Baked Snack Goods

They really impart a different flavor all together - definitely worth the extra step in my opinion. I think I'm going to try those pretzel goldfish mentioned above or just go to the snack isle and see what looks good. Maybe pork rinds, or fritos! Thanks guys!

Raw Almonds

My two latest trips to the produce section of two different grocery store had me stumbling upon raw almonds. Covered in a peach like green tinted fur and costing about $10/#, I wonder, what do you do with them? Is there an advantage to purchasing them this way (since price doesn't seem to be one) flavor-wise? Is there something "special" you make with them? Any ideas?

Would you ask for a "celebrity chef's" autography?

Earlier this week I gave a newly opened celebrity chef owned burger joint a try. As we were finishing up, the women sitting next to us began berating the server as to the whereabouts of the chef, going so far to ask when he might be back in the restaurant.

It being said that the establishment is a quick service restaurant, would you ask the chef in attendance to sign your menu? What about a multiple star celebrity chef run Manhattan outpost, would you think this appropriate there? I personally find it both tacky and unnecessary, but I also haven't asked for an autograph since my childhood Disneyland days. What about you?

Homemade Matzah

With Passover fast approaching, and with the responsibility of the sadar plate in my hands this year - I was thinking that the addition of homemade matzah might be a nice touch. Has anyone ever tried baking it? How'd it come out? Do you have a recipe you could share or certain technique you use? Please help!

Twice-Baked Snack Goods

A favorite way of enjoying my store-bought matchstick pretzels is to twice bake them in my oven at home. You place them on a cookie sheet in an oven @375°F till the pretzels have a noticeably darker golden color.

In my house we call these the "burnt pretzels." The flavor from baking them twice is nuttier, crunchier and lighter than the original form and at this point, a preferred method of consumption.

I was wondering if anyone else does this — or for that matter, does it with any other snack item? Maybe pretzel goldfish or tortilla chips? Pita chips maybe? Other kinds of pretzels?

Fake Restaurant Girl Interviews Jim Lahey

First some backstory here, in case you don't follow the ins and outs of the NYC food media scene. A few months ago, it appeared that New York Daily News food critic Danyelle "Restaurant Girl" Freeman had started tweeting. Then it came out that someone was faking it. Then the faker revealed himself to be Adam Robb of The Life Vicarious. (That's a sample of his handiwork above.) Lawyers were eventually called in, but through it all, Robb has continued his parody tweets (now with disclaimer!) along with a blog written by Fake Restaurant Girl called The Gourmet Glossary.... More

Making Your Own Bagels

This might be a nice weekend project. If you start today, you could have fresh, homemade bagels for breakfast tomorrow. The blog Salty, Savory, Sweet finds that malted barley flour seems to work well as a substitute for the malt syrup called for in many bagel recipes. If you've ever made your own bagels, you know that even a not-top-notch batch boiled and baked at home is better than most subpar versions you get in stores these days.... More