Poll: How Do You Eat Your Leftovers?

Room temp, straight from the box on the counter.

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

Red Baron. I can generally get 'em 2/$5. Slap some left over chicken or sausage on there, good enough.

Which is the Best Beer City?

It's PDX. Most of the Sandy Ego beer scene is outside the city, plus you have to drive everywhere. In PDX, there's great beer everywhere, and you can use a bike or public transit to get everywhere.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

I keep a couple boxes of the Red Barons (meat trio) in the freezer for late-night, drunk pizza. I put some left meat (chicken generally, or some sausage)on top, throw 'em on a cookie sheet, and stick them in the oven. Then turn the oven on, having them sorta thaw as the oven warms seems to help get a crispy crust.

Poll: How Do You Season Your Slice?

I don't "always" add anything, but Parm, oregano, and flakes all make the cut sometimes, either solo or in varying combos. I've never thought of adding, or seen, anybody add salt and pepper to pizza (there's plenty enough salt already, thanks), that seems a touch odd.

Open Thread: What's The Unsexiest Food of All Time?

Introducing Our New Etiquette Column, Manner Matters

How about just telling your server at the very beginning that you would like separate checks? Would simplify their lives.

Poll: Which Standard Burger Toppings Do You Secretly Despise?

Given my screen name, it is certainly no secret. I checked the evil stuff and special sauce (ya know what? yer sauce ain't that special buddy, even if it does ride the short bus), but I don't want pickles either. Part of the bottom buns job is to soak up the escaping juices, putting that mayo barrier there deprives you of tasty meat-flavored bread! I've come to accept lettuce and tomato as punishment for having the burger, but I don't like 'em. I do like raw onion, but the texture of cooked onions is too wormy for me. No damn mushrooms either.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos: Who Wins the Super Bowl of Food?

I've never been to Denver, but I have a hard time believing Seattle is a better pizza city. Washington as a state is weak pizza-wise. At least we have fresh clams, oysters, mussels, crabs, and prawns though.

Paulie Gee's Announces Chicago Expansion, With Slice'r Derrick Tung at the Helm

Screw PDX, have Adam come a couple hundred miles North. Bellingham needs some good pizza!

Throw Away Your Blade Coffee Grinder

One more thing that makes me glad I'm not a coffee drinker. My beer obsessin on the other hand...

What Alcoholic Drinks Do You Hate?

@AndroidUser, how it's consumed doesn't help the flavor. The stuff is nasty.

What Alcoholic Drinks Do You Hate?

Freakin' Jager. Ain't no buzz worth drinking that stuff.

Poll: How Often Do You Eat Burgers Without Any Cheese?

Depends on my mood, the burger, and on the cheese. NEVER shall American cheeze meet my beef!

The Food Lab: The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thanks for the focus on The King of All Cookies, Kenji. I won't be adding the salt to the top (But, I've disagreed with your use of salt in the past, and probably will again in the future). I like to add various chocolates, some chopped Chocolove 55% with Orange Peel, some straight up 70% (or more) shaved and even some Nestles chips. No nuts for me, and while I like an Oatmeal cookie, I wouldn't want in myChocolate Chip cookie. Thanks again!

Blogger Brings 'Bob's Burgers' Daily Specials to Life

Wait, they made a TV show about this place: . Or, as us locals call it, Bob's Burgers and Boobs, due to their tendency to hire serving staff with certain attributes.

A Sandwich a Day: Mike Isabella's Chicken Parm at G, in Washington DC

Sadly, I live in a town where there are no chicken parm sandwiches to be had. This beauty made me cry, just lil-bit.

Tasty Burgers and Terrible Service at Gordon Ramsay BurGR in Las Vegas

You would have preferred a "hey B*%ch" instead? I hate being called Sir (I've never been in the military, let alone been an officer), but people in service jobs are trained to use these terms, you'll have to learn to adapt.

Poll: Eggs on Burgers: Way or No Way?

As long as the egg is cooked correctly, very hard, none of this runny nonsense for me, hell yeah! Chicken and beef together!

Poll: How Do You Like Your Burger Cooked?

Thanks to an overly enthusiastic health department, I have to order Rare, hoping to get medium-rare, but generally end up with medium or medium-well. Thanks Whatcom County health department. :(

Poll: How Many Slices is Lunch?

Depends on whether I'm eating on the go, or sitting down. If mobile, 1 cuz where do you put the second slice while perambulating. If eating in, 2. The only shop in town that had decent slices at lunch time closed a few months ago, but I used to get a regular slice of pepperoni and a pepperoni Sicilian slice for lunch regularly.

Ask a Cicerone: What's the Best Beer for Tailgating?

I agree with beestrofowler, while a fine brew, Sculpin is too expensive to make a good tailgate beer. If you've got a medium size group, look into getting a 1/6bbl keg. About 5 gallons, which equals around 40 pints. 10 people x 4pints each, and you've saved a few bucks.

What's Your Local Cheap Beer?

PBR, Olympia, Ranier and a host of other former "regional" beers are now just brands owned by the same people. Contract brewed, generally in Miller facilities. Good luck telling them apart.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Type of Bun for Burgers?

Pretzel roll, English Muffin, Hard roll, Sesame seed, in that order.

Open Thread: What's Your Fantasy Food Band Called?

A Janis Joplin cover band: Pizza My Heart. A jam-band from wine country: Grapeful Red.

Kenji's dog treat recipe?

Does anyone have a link to the dog treat recipe that Kenji has posted in the past? I thought I had saved it, and I didn't find it searching the site. Much thanks in advance.

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