American Classics: "Mama's" Mint Sticks

That's like a mint nanaimo bar - yum!

Chocoholic: Malted Hazelnut Meringue Torte

Yeah the link wasn't there earlier - so glad it is now! I think I'm going to make this for Christmas dinner dessert!

Chocoholic: Malted Hazelnut Meringue Torte

Is there a recipe?

Apple Tart Question

I do a danish style apple pie in which you lay the crust on the bottom of the pan, then put the apples mixed with sugar and spices on top. To prevent the sog of which you speak you layer special K or rice krispies (yes) on top of the crust before putting in the fruit. Works really well - esp with very juicy apples.

Calgary, AB - SE People!

I live in Canmore, AB and work in Calgary.... I just love food and cooking of all kinds.

Pantry Essentials: All About Vinegar

I like cutelittlebirdie immediately picked up the Canadian aspect - I live in Canada, but not near a store that sells President's Choice and I miss that brand desperately. Right now the main use of vinegar in my home is to kill the fruit flies that got hold when I was camping.....I do keep about five kinds in my cupboard for this and many other uses.

Last minute meal ideas for feeding 4 kids and 4 adults!

Pulled pork! Super easy in the crock pot....

Last minute meal ideas for feeding 4 kids and 4 adults!

Pulled pork! Super easy in the crock pot....

Creamy Chocolate Raspberry Summer Pudding

I wondered the same thing....

Reality Check: Pepperoni and Bacon Pizzaburger from Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is such a hit and miss joint. It is fam friendly, so I have taken my now 14 year old there on and off over the years. I thought the pizza was ok and a few of their sandwiches were palatable and well priced. But the last two times I've been there, its been a joke. Overcooked EVERYTHING.... pitiful portion sizes ....... there's just something going amok there. The salad is always a safe bet - but it's so overpriced its jaw dropping.

This burger is well, atrocious. That meat looks poached for god's sake...

Vegan Game Day Snacks: The Best Buffalo And Korean Fried Cauliflower

Wahhhh the link doesn't work for the buffalo fried ones - and I must have this product!

Foolproof Pan Pizza

We tried this yesterday and loved it. I had one batch of dough fail miserably because I followed the recipe instead of my brain (grin) and didn't factor in the incredible dryness in the Rockies as well as our altitude. A second batch with slightly more yeast, and a fair bit more water turned out perfectly. My husband raved - we'll be making this again ASAP!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

My colleague Steph just did a trip to work with elephants in Thailand - looks fabulous!

Best brand of soft tortilla?

I can't add to the conversation - but where are you from getsomeeats? Because I am from Brockville, now living in the west - and I used to shop at that Chopper all the time!

Little to no sauce lasagne recipe

This is a small (400 kids K to 12) Catholic school in Canmore AB - just at the gateway to the Rockies. They don't have a full on caf - they have a dude who comes Tuesday and Wednesday with home cooking. This guy got her to eat cheese, so I'm in love with him (and I've never met him)!

Homemade Pumpkin Pie

I use fresh interchangably with canned all the time - it always works and you will love the taste. I put the unpureed pumpkin, sugar, salt, spices, two eggs in a food processor and whiz it. Then slowly add a can of evaporated milk. Done. Enjoy!

Canadian foodies - Anthony Sedlak is dead?!

Yeah I just checked and saw that - major bummer. I was never keen on The Main but I liked him in some of the food network specials - his personality seemed to come through more there.

R. Kelly themed party - need to make punch that looks like pee.

Anyone remember the movie that came out in the early 1980s a hospital spoof? "Due to a mixup in urology, no apple juice will be served today." How about apple juice and vodka - have no idea what it would taste like but it could pack a punch...

Road Trip: Eating Pies a la Quebecois

@dm.... if you are heading to Brockville for Don's Fish and Chips, head up to King Street and a bit west, and try 1000 Islands Pizza. Pretty darn good stuff, IMHO.....

Overworked and undernourished

May I recommend a crock pot - great for putting stews, curries, meatballs, pot roasts together in first thing (or last thing at night) - then leave it all day or night and come home to a hot meal - throw some rice on when you walk in the door and by the time you've changed into your comfies, you're done! You could also do this on your Sunday and then eat leftovers during the week with a minimum of effort. Braising dishes would do the same. Crockpots are great for beans for making beans and rice, couscous salads with beans, burittos etc too. I'm a big fan of fish - cooks in no time - and you can do couscous or rice or pasta and a salad in while it cooks (and a nice fresh taste to counteract your make ahead meals). Brown up some ground beef with taco seasonings - you have a bunch of different things you can do with that - including soft tacos to eat while on the run.

6 Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Milkshakes for Grownups

I'm a Girl Guide (Canadian equivalent of Girl Scouts) leader in Canmore AB (Three Sister's District - woo hoo) and we are about to get our spring cookies (tomorrow in fact). We have only two kinds in Canada - mint which we sell in the fall, and chocolate and white sandwich cookies which we sell in the spring. Not sure what the equivalent of these would be in the American selection. I don't drink but loved this posting and sent it along to all my fellow leaders. Trust me after some meetings, the temptation to create such a cocktail is HUGE.... (grin) but I love Guiding and keep at it despite the tough days.... Enjoy your Girl Guide cookies anyway you like them but just make sure you buy some to support a fantastic movement for girls!

Tuna Cashew Casserole: Is This Really a Thing?

@misplacedtexan - I am a born and bred Canadian (and my mom has lived here since she was 4) so maybe it is a more northern concoction? I am pretty sure it came from a Campbell's soup pamphlet or mom is not the most adventurous cook so my guess is it came from a friend or a magazine or some such thing.

Tuna Cashew Casserole: Is This Really a Thing?

I grew up eating a varation of this that included cream of celery soup, celery, onions, a can of mandarin oranges, a can of tuna, chow mein noodles and cashews. In fact, it was my mom's go to meal to bring to a potluck since so few "fish" dishes ended up at such things (at least, back in the 70s anyway). Desperate for a pot luck offering myself for my husband's work one time (I was late to the notice that it needed to be made) I sent this and it was REQUESTED every year until he left that job. It is tasty, quick, reasonably healthy (the soup aside - I would make it now with a roux with mushrooms), and pretty much pantry-stockable.

The Pizza Lab: Homemade Philadelphia Tomato Pie

I have a friend from Hamilton Ontario and she'd bring this stuff back to our neck of the woods when she went home to visit. Totally addictive! I think my husband would love this (he never made the parties where my friend had it) so I'll add this one to the list....

5 quarts of shrimp stock....what to do?

gumbo? Anothe traditional recipe I know but awfully yummy!

Vegetarian options for Thanksgiving style meals

Yes, I know it is May and no where near Thanksgiving in either Canada or the US. Hear me out (grin).... I am a Girl Guide leader and we are having a big camp next weekend. Our main dinner on Saturday night is a full on turkey supper. I have a young lady who is a vegetarian - so I need an option for her for the turkey (I can adapt the stuffing and gravy with some recipes I found). But I am not familiar with working with tofu - I don't want to buy a large chunk of tofurkey for one child. What can I do to run of the mill tofu to dress it up? Or should I go beans? What do you all suggest for a protein option here that makes a single serving or close to it? Thanks!

Little to no sauce lasagne recipe

My daughter (who is 13) has never been a sauce girl - plain noodles, no condiments, scrape the sauce off everything. She came home from school raving about the lasagne served on their cafeteria day - it apparently had cheese and meat and noodles but little to no sauce that she could discern (which means, if there was sauce, it was white). The server then offered a marinara to pour over the lasagne (which of course she refused). So, I'm looking to replicate this recipe - and of course I want to do it today when the school is closed. Any ideas? Recipes? Thanks!

Canadian foodies - Anthony Sedlak is dead?!

I just read on the Ottawa Citizen website that Anthony Sedlak passed away yesterday - but I can't find it on any other news outlet, nor the Canadian food network site. What a shocker! Is this for real? The guy was 29.....

Pork shoulder steaks ideas

Hey all - Been a while since I posted as life has been busy! But, I did make time to craft up some Acadian meat pies for the Christmas season (6 of which I transported back to Ontario for the holidays, resulting in an insanely heavy bag which I paid to check - a first!) Anyway, I overbought on the pork side of things when getting pie ingredients - resulting in a couple of packages of pork shoulder steaks languishing in my freezer. Now, I usually make pulled pork and ground pork (for use in such yummies as potsticksers) from pork shoulder - but we already have both in the freezer. Any other SE ideas for using up this meat?

What's your favourite gluten free appetizer?

I have signed up to bring an appetizer type nibble to a baby shower being held for a gluten-free expectant mom. I'd like to make something yummy, substantial, easily ported, and little napkin/fork action required as possible. For those of you more accustomed to cooking in the gluten free realm, what do you suggest? I am looking for something that can be served room temp. Thanks!

Need a super no fail white cake/icing recipe

OK, so I can cook savoury food like no one's business (or so my family and friends tell me). BUT, when it comes to cakes, I am well, mediocre. Thus, I have always resorted to bought cakes when it comes to major events like birthdays and the like.

My daughter is being confirmed on Sunday and we are having a small get together afterwards. I'm determined to make a simple white cake (in the shape of a cross - hey, even I can manage that) with white icing for the dessert. Can anyone point me to a tried and true recipe that comes out moist, flavourful, and on which the icing does not immediately slide off or turn into a rock requiring a Sawsal (sp?) to cut through?

What are your favourite restaurant appetizers?

Hey folks - been a while since I've posted - I went from unemployed to two contracts at once..... but things are calming down now so back to the important things - like SE!

I am making dinner on Sunday night for a varied crew including some teenagers. I know that they LOVE appetizers when they go out for dinner and in fact often make their entire meal out of them. So my plan is to make a buffet of appetizers. Leading me to today's question.....

What are your favourite restaurant appetizers? Priviso here - I'm talking regularly available, maybe even chain restaurant type things.

I'm currently contemplating a spinach and artichoke dip (hot), sliders, chicken wings, queso or nachos. But I am totally open to other ideas - I'd like to add some kind of veggie or a lighter type thing to the mix (in an attempt to say this is healthy - bah, who am I kidding!)

What say you? What restaurant appie reins supreme?

Looking for a Tex-Mex style appetizer that is not a dip....

I need to take an appetizer to a luncheon party. I have most of the ingredients to make some kind of Tex Mex dip (you know those layered numbers). But I would like to have something I can slice and serve in single portions - rather than a dip.

I was thinking a cornmeal crust, or something done with pre-made tortillas.

Anyone got a recipe up their sleeve for something like this? I can find plenty of dip recipes online but time is of the essence and I am once again turning to my SE buddies!

two different cuts of beef - one meal - HELP!

I have been away from SE for a bit - I am spending some time at with a friend who does not have steady computer access. Anyway, she does not cook much so I have been taking up the duties. Tonight we are having a dinner party and she yanked out a huge hunk o beef and suggested we serve it. Upon butchering the thing properly, I believe I have about a 2.5 pound eye of the round roast, a 1.5 pound piece of flank steak and a round steak (quite small). I have to serve somewhere between 6 and 9 folks this evening - any suggestions as to how to combine or prepare these cuts to serve this number of folks would be appreciated. I was thinking of stuffing the roast and then grilling the flank steak and somehow presenting this.... but I am waffling as to how to make them look like they somewhat belong together..... Can anyone help.....

South American cuisine - kid friendly and portable.....

For the umpteenth time, I turn to my SE friends for advice for my Girl Guide troupe. As is the norm, when we have an event, I am tagged to do any cooking involved. This time, we are having our final get together in 2010 to celebrate 100 years of Guiding in Canada. I am tasked with making a snack representative of South American cuisine. This snack should be reasonably small (ie hand held), not require utensils if possible, and be somewhat kid friendly. Can be sweet or savoury.

Obviously (to me anyway) I was leaning towards empanadas. However, I have left myself a little short on time - I have to have this done by tomorrow afternoon - and the number quoted to me as attending this event could be as high as 100.

So, I'm going to continue investigating other options and potential shortcuts, but in the meantime, anyone got any other bright ideas? Quesadillas crossed my mind but I believe they are more Mexican in origin. Is there an equivalent South American (and yes I know that spans a HUGE range of cuisine, which I am hoping will work in my favour!) type of thing?


Can you freeze and reuse pickle brine?

My friend is making the type of pickles that you leave in brine in a crock for seven days prior to jarring them. She has left over brine from her latest batch and is wondering if she can freeze the brine and reuse it for her next batch? I have seen webpages that talk about freezing brine to make pickle popsicles (hmmm) but not about reusing it at a later date to make more pickles. Your thoughts?

An American "South" meal in the Great White North

My MIL is from Louisiana, and despite living in Canada for 40 years, still has her delightful accent - and her tastes for the food of youth (well maybe not the possum - they were pretty darn poor!) She turned 80 last month, and now, my husband (her son) is coming home in 10 days (as mentioned before, he lives in Alberta while I live in Ontario). He has asked me to make a southern meal for his mom to celebrate her milestone birthday. He has suggested crab and shrimp gumbo, and I tossed in the requisite corn bread done in a cast iron pan. But this is not a cuisine I am all that familar with and I want to make it a surprise for my MIL. Can an of my fellow SEers suggest killer gumbo recipes? Should I be serving sides, and if so, what (I was thinking black eyed peas - I know she loves them). A creative app? Dessert (usually my MIL makes her absolutely fabulous angel food cake, but we're not letting her cook at this particular dinner) - any and all help appreciated. Please keep in mind that if you suggest regional ingrdients, a source for ordering them would be appreciated too.

non-alcoholic summer drinks

I have a friend who recently told me she is hopping on the wagon - giving up alcohol completely, as she feels it has become a problematic thing for her (and I agree - I'm really happy about her decision). However, she's facing the summer without her usual glass of wine in hand and is looking for ideas for fun summer drinks that she could have handy when the mood strikes. Things beyond the usual soda, water, fruit juice - and I'm wondering if any SEers out there have some cool drink recipies - strawberry lemonade, fruit infused waters, that type of thing....?

More Girl Guide help - making pizzas at camp

Seems like I am always turning to my SE friends for help with cooking for my Girl Guide troupe (and you'll notice it is always on Mondays - when we meet!) This time, I am working on the menus for our camping trip the first weekend in June. The girls have requested mini pizzas (done on English muffins, seems to be the consensus). I've done a fair bit of camp cooking, and I pride myself on not relying on hot dogs and burgers (although they have their place, don't get me wrong) or freeze dried dinners. However, I have never tackled pizza in any form in a camp site.

Suggestions? I will have access to a fire and a campstove. I am trying to think of ways to heat them through, reasonably quickly, without burning them and preferably in groups (ie if I do them one at a time, I'll have hysteria from the kid at the back of the lineup). I am thinking that a skillet covered with a lid or foil would work, but anyone got any better ideas? Or, even a better way to make pizza in a camp site other than with English muffins?

Your B and B faves!

As some of you might remember, last summer I worked in a B and B part time - cooking/cleaning/running my all to ample heinie off. I've been hired back on for this summer - but this time around, my boss is not going to be around much - he's taken a job that is going to keep him away much of the time. So it's my show....

and I'm looking to change up the menu a bit - in the past we've done fresh fruit, breads, fresh baking (usually scones), then a custom hot breakfast with eggs, meat, and occasionally pancakes. On busy weekends, we did baked french toast.

I'd like to add perhaps waffles into the mix, thinking to use our tired fruit to make compotes to put on top. And more breakfast casseroles.

So, what have you loved about a B and B breakfast that I can incorporate into this mix?

Just as a logistics thing - the place holds 14 at most and yes, I will do weekends with 14 on my own. I think I'm tired already (grin)........

no bake recipe from "another culture"

Once again I turn to SE for help with my Girl Guide troupe. This coming Monday evening, I am going to have to lead these girls in creating a no-bake treat from "another culture" (in a country like Canada, I'm never quite sure what that means - but you get the idea I'm sure). In the past, this has involved making a dip for tortilla chips with sour cream, salsa and the like. My felllow leaders, while great people, are NOT serious eaters.....

So, what ideas do you guys have? I CAN cook stuff ahead of time and bring it with me - we just don't want to deal with the kids working with the stove on this particular night. A sweet or savoury dish would work just fine.

Sugar free jam - is it possible? If so, is it any good?

I don't eat jam or jelly (at least, not on toast - I do use it in savoury applications sometimes) however, I do MAKE jam to give as gifts and share with friends. One of my friends is really looking to cut down on sugar/processed foods in her diet, and is getting into jam making with me. We've made some awesome stuff, but it's all been with the tons of sugar that traditional recipes call for. Is making jam without sugar possible? And if so, is any good? And do SEs have some recipes they could share with me?

Stove top stuffing - that isn't......

Bizarre question I know but here goes - up here in the Great White North (aka Canada) we have a restaurant chain called Swiss Chalet, famous for very family friendly rotisserie chicken. For six weeks of the year from mid-Nov to end of Dec, they have what they call their Festive Special - the same chicken dinner (meat, fries/baked/mashed, famous sauce, bun) with the addition of stuffing (seriously Stove Top) and cranberry sauce. I have gone out for this meal every year for 17 years in a row with a group of folks I used to work with. But, heavens to Murgatroid, we can't find a date to do it this month and by the time we can, the Festive Special will be gone! (sob) So I suggested we do it as a potluck, using rotisserie chicken from the store, and our own fixings. I've signed up for the stuffing - sooooo, here's my challenge - I want a homemade stuffing recipe that is as close a possible to the taste of traditional Stove Top. Oh I need to do this as dressing, as someone else is responsible for the birds.

Any takers on my challenge?

Ukrainian food for Girl Guides

I'm a guide leader and am tasked with doing an cultural awareness segment with my girls tomorrow. We usually accomplish this by looking at Girl Guides (aka Girl Scouts in the USA) from another country and doing some activities around that. I've decided to do Ukrainian Girl Guides, as they are one of the newer groups to join the World Guiding Association. As a foodie, I plan to focus on food-related stuff - I am going to have the girls make perogies (albeit the frozen store bought kind - I do NOT have the patience to do scratch with this group) and I was thinking of doing donuts as well (you know the traditional Ukrainian/Polish ones - well, I can't manage that, but I can do homemade donuts with sugar and cinnamon). Any other ideas? I thought cabbage rolls, but not sure if that would fly with this age group (9 to 13). What would you do?

baked boneless chicken dish

I'm hosting a party for my mom next month - it is her eightieth birthday! A small get together - mainly family and a couple of close friends at my house - doing the food buffet style. I want to do a baked chicken dish, with boneless breasts and thighs (the reason I'm doing boneless has to do with weird family members - personally, I like bone-in meat myself, so let's not go there, OK?)

Anyone got a tasty, not too saucy recipe? I'll do the thighs and breasts separately to ensure the white meat isn't dried out... but I could be into something bbq, something garlicy, something a bit creamy - just trying to stay away from something Italian, as I am doing Giada's lasagne rollups as another offering on the buffet table....

Need turkey ideas for new cook/single busy mom

Need some cooking ideas for a newly single mom - she is a busy lady, limited time in the evening and in her past life, relied heavily on her husband to do the cooking. She is interested in learning some basic approaches to getting dinner on the table for her and her daughter - that's as far as it goes right now. I've offered the "make ahead on weekends, do the basic protein and veggie with a starch for the kiddo (lady is watching her weight and limits carbs)" tune.....

First up is ideas for left over turkey (as we just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving) and her first (very successful I might add) attempt at making turkey broth in her newly baptized crockpot. I am pretty proud of her and want to give her lots of incentive to continue on her path of "home cooking for her little family" rather than resorting to the all to easy trap of take out that tired, overworked single parents fall into (and I've been one and I've been there and I'm not blaming...)

Can my Serious Eats friends help with some inspiring, kid-friendly, quick and easy meals to help out?


I can't post since the changes, can't find the reason why.... am so confused....

A plethora of red peppers - help!

Sorry if this posts twice - I thought I had posted it once but it didn't appear..... I bought a half case of red peppers this week - I plan on pickling a bunch, making stuffed peppers, red pepper dip. But I'm looking for some new and interesting recipes I could try. When they start getting a little wrinkly, into the freezer they go for cooking over the winter.

Can you save my peppers from an icy fate?

what can you do with not-so-fresh corn on the cob?

A friend of mine came over a couple of weeks ago and brought some corn with her - too much corn. So, we put it in my garage fridge and I thought she took it home with her the next day. Nope, she forgot it - and I went away to work for a few days and well, now I have this "older" corn. I know it won't work as corn on the cob, but it is not spoiled and I hate to throw it out.

Any ideas what I could do with it? Or it is a lost cause?

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