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The 12 Best Places to Brunch in Chicago

In Chicago these days, people take brunch as seriously as hot dogs and gripes about the weather. But even if you're a brunch diehard, the surplus of options can prove challenging. I'm here to help you navigate through the sea of syrup and the forest of flapjacks to determine some of the best brunch spots in Chicago. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Bangers & Lace

Looooooove Bangers & Lace! I've been wanting to try the foie corn dog. Crispy corn nuts are great. Eat them.

TGI Fry-Day: Pastel at Rickshaw Republic

I was here today. Love this place! I haven't had pastels, but there was this thing called "happy soda" that was a float-like drink with melon soda and sweetened condensed milk. Stick a chopstick in me, I'm done.

The Brunch Dish: Carriage House Packs a Soulful Sucker Punch

Challah (and brioche) for me fall into the "pan-fried birthday cake" category. They're sweet and rich as is, so French toasting them is a little too over the top. Personally. I like Pullman because it's relatively muted. All about texture and the accompaniments.

The Brunch Dish: GT Fish & Oyster Thinks Outside the Omelette

It's a tartar sauce. A tangy, creamy, elegant tartar sauce.

The Brunch Dish: Sex-Mex at Mercadito in Chicago

Ha! It was either Sex-Mex or Sexican. Went with the lesser of two evils (I hope).

Standing Room Only: Dion Antic Strikes Back with The Haute & the Dog

I am still crushed that Bagel on Damen closed, but this sounds fantastic.

The Brunch Dish: The Bristol

Thanks, Joe! Excited to be in such exquisite company. Go eat everything at The Bristol this weekend.

Nine Pancakes We Love in Chicago

Blisscakes = best pancakes in Chicago! When I used to live nearby, I would oftentimes order pancakes to go so as to gorge at home.

Standing Room Only: Zebda

I love Zebda! Great to see it get some recognition. I've been frequenting it for a few years and love their atypical sandwiches. Falafel on M'Semene bread, for instance. Now that I'm within delivery range, this is a near-weekly occurrence.

Sugar Rush: Pistacchio Halwa at Tahoora

I love trolling Devon for sweet treats! My usual spot is Royal Sweets, for all of the above mentioned confections. RS also happens to have killer dosas and samosa chats. Language barriers are fun!

Meet the Maker of Bleeding Heart Bakery's The Death of John Waters: The Divine Donut

I loved this post. Very well done. Before moving to Logan Sq a few months ago, I resided around the corner from Chicago Ave. location. Ate my way through the doughnut menu. Punk Rock Princess and Chinese Rocks are my favorite. They're consistently out of Holiday in Cambodia, which I'm convinced is the unicorn of doughnuts (it exists only in our imaginations).

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