Maryland Crab

Love baking, gardening, and reading.

  • Location: Silver Spring, MD
  • Favorite foods: Cheeseburgers and cookies.
  • Last bite on earth: Oreo's.

Latest Comments

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Definitely Rocky Road then Chocolate!

Homemade Granola bar ideas

These are fabulous! I add orange flavored cranberries (from TJ's), and some cashews. Eliminating the coconut and peanuts. Yummm...

Tacos: Hard or Soft?

Hard shells only. The soft ones always seem too doughy.

What's your ideal Rocky Road ice cream?

Definitely go along with cand86 and blizcheetah, only chocolate ice cream, chocolate pieces, almonds and marshmallows. One of my top choices.

Staff Picks: How Do You Eat Your Oreos?

I eat them just out of the wrapper. No soggy cookies for me please.

Snacking vices!

Thin pretzels and kettle corn pop corn, oreo's and peanut M&M's. I have never seen Utz pumpernickle pretzel sticks - but think I would like them too.

Poll: How do you like your fries?

Any way, but not too skinny nor fried well done. Bring on the ketchup.

Cereal Eats: Cheerios Showdown Part I, The Basic Cheerios

Will only buy the original O's. Tried the multigrain ones and they did not cut it. Original O's only.

Graham Crackers with.....Butter?!

Just plain - no butter. Cinnamon ones are good plain also.

Sweet Techniques: How to Make Spritz Cookies

I bought a cookie gun - much different than a cookie press. I had one for years then it somehow gave out. It was metal. . Wilton makes the one I use now also metal. Got it through Amazon for $19.00 as I recall. Bought my daughter one Christmas before last. No need to refrigerate the dough. Works perfect everytime!

New Cheerios Flavors: Multi Grain Peanut Butter and Dulce de Leche

Tried the multi-grain ones and did not care for them. Have not tried any other flavors. I will stick to the original - the best!!!

Bring home the bacon-fry it up in a pan!!! Dinner 1/5??

Thursday night is half-price pizza at the neighborhood restaurant - would not miss it! large sausage please.

Why bread sticks with pizza?

No breadsticks please. I eat the inside pieces of pizza while my husband eats the outside pieces with the crust, a perfect combination.

How to store opened peanut butter jar?

In the pantry, would never think of putting in the fridge.

Thanksgiving Day Feast- when do you eat it?

We try for 5:00 but it is usually more towards 5:45.

What's Your Stand on Spices?

Cinnamon also - when making oatmeal raisin cookies I keep adding cinnamon after each batch I bake - never seems to be enough.

What food smell do you hate?

bobcatsteph3 I hear ya - the smell of coffee turns me off, can't stand it!

How do you like your eggs?

As one of the ingredients in cookies!

What's for Lunch Tuesday?

Had an apple, pretzels and iced tea.