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Wal-Mart Is Selling Mexican Coke Too

As a fourth generation Napan, let me explain the nature of the universe to you:

The Wal-Mart replaced the K-Mart.
Up until about 20 years ago, the biggest crops in Napa were prunes and cows.
Over 70% of those of us whose families have lived in the Valley growing prunes and cows for over a century had to leave because we can't afford to live there any more.

Bacon Maple Doughnut: A Handful of Yes

Voodoo Doughnuts has a hit or miss aspect to it (like the Guilty Carnivore I live in Portland *waves* Hiiiiii!). I rather enjoy the raised doughnut with vanilla frosting and Froot Loops, but I've had friends insist it was too sweet while scarfing the vegan chocolate ones like they were going out of style (and these weren't vegans).

As for the Bacon Maple Bar, I hate maple bars. So I've never had one. *shrugs*

Does Cooking Make You Gay?

As long as you're not having sex on the table while I'm trying to eat my entree, I don't care whom you're having sex with.

Curried Away

I'm a California-raised Mexican, and I love curry rice! Of course, my first introduction to it was at Tokyo Disneyland, but... BRING ON THE GOLDEN CURRY!

Crucial or Needless?

I would give someone else's right arm for a 4 cup Oxo angled measure. I have the two cup model, and it's a godsend.

How to Cook Ramen in a Hotel Coffee Maker

People need instructions on that? That's how I cooked my dinners for most of the 97-98 school year!

I can also make pancakes and biscuits on a coffeemaker hot plate. Dorm life taught me so many skillz, it's crazy!

An All-Pie Thanksgiving Revisited

I thought the Friday after Thanksgiving was Official Eat Nothing But Pie Day?

Of course, now I'm thinking about how to go about making a turkey pie...


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