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Bartender's Choice: What to Order at Trattoria Neapolis in Pasadena, CA

Many of the cocktails at Pasadena's Trattoria Neapolis feature Italian liqueurs and cordials. For a drink called The Surgeon General, for example, Amaro Montenegro and Amaro Nonino are combined with Old Overholt rye and served in a hickory smoke-filled mason jar. We asked bar manager Ken Baranda to recommend a few cocktails on the Trattoria Neapolis menu. Here's what he picked. More

Sandwiched: Mascarpone, Strawberry, and Basil Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Although it's only March, there's been some great-looking strawberries at my local farmer's market in Los Angeles lately. So after purchasing my first batch of early-season berries, I combined them with some cream and basil in a rather unconventional way—in a grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese in this grilled cheese sandwich is mascarpone—the mild, yet faintly sweet Italian cream cheese—which I spread onto a couple slices of honey wheat bread, followed by a drizzling of honey, some sliced strawberries, and some thin ribbons of fresh basil. More

Sandwiched: Crispy Curry Catfish Sandwich with Chili-Lime Slaw

For me, Lenten season means fried fish sandwich season. And while I do enjoy the occasional Friday fillets from various fast food joints, the homemade version can take on any number of flavors besides just one doused in tartar sauce. This one is a catfish po' boy of sorts, but rather than using cajun or creole seasonings, I went with fish sauce and curry for a Thai-inspired po' boy. More

Bar Bites: Chili Lime Jicama Sticks

After being tossed in a mixture of lime juice, red pepper flakes, and chopped cilantro, the jicama sticks can then be seasoned with sea salt and pepper, and then dusted with some chili powder. Salty and sour, with a little bit of heat, these jicama sticks are a crisp and refreshing alternative for heavier drink-time appetizers. More

Sandwiched: Canned Sardine Banh Mi

Sardine banh mis are usually made with canned sardines packed in a spicy tomato sauce. The rich, meaty flavor of sardines along with the spice and tang from the tomato sauce can lift a baguette in ways that other fillings can't. And since canned sardines are used, this particular type of Vietnamese sandwich is a cinch to make at home. More

Bar Bites: Anchovy, Red Pepper, and Manchego Pintxos

Anchovy fillets, roasted red peppers, and Manchego cheese are spiked onto a garlic-rubbed baguette round and quickly toasted under the broiler. A drizzle of sherry vinegar right before serving provides some sharp acidity to cut through the saltiness of the anchovy, and nuttiness of the cheese. Salty, tangy, and crisp, these pintxos are great pre-cursors to a glass of wine or beer. More

Bartender's Choice: What to Order at Bar Amá, Los Angeles

Bar Amá's tequila-heavy cocktail menu features a number of refreshing drinks meant to temper the spice (or in some cases, intensify that spice) in many of the restaurant's dishes. Pulling double-duty as both the General Manager and Bar Manager at Bar Amá is Daniel Flores, who was tasked with creating a cocktail menu to fit the specific flavors of Texas and Mexico. More

Sandwiched: Spam and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

When Spam and eggs are wedged into a toasted Hawaiian roll slathered in jelly (pineapple, mango, and even strawberry, all work well), it makes for an epic breakfast sandwich that might even sway the harshest of Spam critics (one could only hope). The sweetness of the rolls and the jelly balance the salty Spam and the rich, runny egg yolk. Oh, and a squirt of Sriracha never hurts either. More

Bar Bites: Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips

When fried in hot oil, the sweetness in sweet potatoes concentrates and results in a tastier chip than regular russets, in my opinion. As for the barbecue flavor, a sprinkling of salt, cayenne, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and sweet paprika make for a great barbecue combination that won't overpower or mask the sweetness of the crisp, fried sweet potatoes. More

Sandwiched: Avocado, Arugula, and Walnut Sandwiches

This simple sandwich consists of nothing more than avocado, arugula dressed in lemon juice and olive oil, chopped walnuts, and some salt and pepper sprinkled about, all intermingled between two pieces of wheat bread. While this sandwich may seem perfect for this particular time of year—healthy resolutions, and all—it's dang tasty and hefty, good enough to work into your regular year-round sandwich rotation. More

Crispy Deep-Fried Chicken Livers

@The Kosher Gastronome: It's just Frank's. But any hot sauce will do. Sriracha, tobasco, etc.

The Food Lab: Ceviche And The Science Of Marinades

Awesome and informative post, Kenji! The marinating times are especially helpful. The Philippines also has its own form of ceviche called "kinilaw," which is indigenous to the islands. For kinilaw though, the fish is usually marinated in acid for only a minute or so.

Win Tickets to the James Beard Foundation Awards, Monday, May 9, in NYC

Benu. West Coast!!!!

Behind the Scenes with an L.A. Food Trucker: A Day in the Life with The Manila Machine

@Cathy Danh. Thanks so much for your continued support, and for your KILLER pictures!

@HamburgerHelper, @phillamb, stay tuned for a future post where I answer some of your questions...

@kristyles. what a coincidence, The Manila Machine has been serving Filipino Breakfast as well! Good luck out there on the road, and we hope to meet you soon...

What Kitchen Items Would You List on a Bridal Registry?

Adam, read Alton Brown's Gear book before you register. It's what I did before I got hitched, and it clarified a bunch of things for me (i.e. what tools I really need and which I could do without). Really think about the kinds of things you and your fiancee cook, and really think about the tools needed for what you need to do. Otherwise, you'll end up amassing lots of clutter.

Although we registered for a stand mixer and a food processor, no one got them for us--we ended up buying them ourselves down the road. But yes, those are musts in my opinion.

Also, register for one good all-around pan. We got a 12-inch all-clad saute pan and we use that thing for everything.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia

with figs, honey, and blue cheese.

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: The Gin Boomlet

Depending on my mood, I go for junipero or bluecoat, two completely different gins--but both excellent.

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Gin-to-Vermouth Ratios in Martinis

I go 2:1 for my martinis. I prefer Junipero Gin, Lillet Blanc for vermouth (though I've just discovered Dolin), a dash of Regan's Orange bitters, and a lemon twist. There's nothing better.

The Nasty Bits: Gizzards Galore

So wonderfully written! Geez, I've been persuaded to go out and look for whole ducks now.

Serious Grape: What's a Family Winemaker?

Hi Deb. I was actually a volunteer at this event last Tuesday for a small father and daughter-run winery who only produce 2,000 cases a year. It was my first time at this event, and it was neat seeing all the different types of people and characters that are so passionate about making great wines.

Cook the Book: 'Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating'

eating less meat and more veggies isn't only healthier, but it makes a lot more sense in today's crappy economy.

Cook the Book: 'On the Line'

Raw oysters on the half-shell. Or grilled whole fish.

The Best Hamburger Sandwich at The Original Pantry Cafe in Los Angeles

Great review of The Pantry, though I wouldn't call it's location "dodgy"--it's right next to Staples Center and office buildings! But then again, I've only been there before or after Laker games, and there are always plenty of cops around, so maybe it's a different story on non-game days.

Anyways, I love breakfast at The Pantry, grease and all, but I'll now have to give this burger a try.

Grilling: Filipino Barbecue

Excellent looking skewers, Josh! I often see filipino bbq recipes with 7-up or beer in them, so it's not too surprising you use coke:) I'm gonna have to give this one a try.

Tocino: The Filipino 'Bacon' at Isla Pilipina in Chicago

I've never heard of tocino tasting like foie before, but maybe I just need to eat more tocino!

Beer Cola-Can Chicken

I love beer-can chicken and will also be making a version this weekend. I've never tried it with soda before though, but I've always been curious about that.

Cook the Book: 'Mario Batali Italian Grill'

Fish sauce and ginger.

Cook the Book: Wine Bar Food

A well-made omelette.

Grocery Ninja: Fatty, Preserved Crab Roe: Not PETA-Safe

Until reading this post, I always assumed it was crab roe. But now I'm not sure anymore!

But your deductive reasoning of "since crab roe can be fatty, but crab fat isn’t necessarily roe" makes complete sense. So I'm sticking with crab roe;)

Eating for Two: How Do You Love Sardines, Tell Me All the Ways

Hi Robin,

There's a Filipino brand of canned sardines that comes in tomato sauce. You can find this in any Asian market here in the states. I like to saute some onions, tomatoes, garlic, and chili flakes, then dump in the whole can of sardines. Then I serve the whole thing over rice. I actually blogged about this a couple weeks ago:


Just skip all the beer talk in that post and scroll to the bottom for sardines!

Introduction to French Macarons

Ahhh, excellent Adam! Thanks for the vid. I guess it's a rolling R combined with phlegm in the throat;)

And you shouldn't hide the link to the video here in the comments. That's front page material! More camera time for you and Robyn I say!

Introduction to French Macarons

Thanks for this Robyn. I was wondering when your macaron mania would lend itself to a treatise here on Serious Eats. I'm still wondering on the correct pronunciation for "marcaron" though. I'm guessing it's just said with a rolling R?

Mack Uh Rrrrron?

Cook the Book: 'Beyond Nose to Tail' Contest

Chitlins, pig's feet, giblet gravy!

Cook the Book: Apple Pie

My wife makes the best apple pie!

Alton Brown on 'The Next Iron Chef'

Awesome! AB dropped an F-bomb! Alton Brown is one of the few reasons I still tune into the Food Network, and I'm looking very forward to this new show.

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