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Poaching in a veloute

I just saw that show today for the first time and I know that in Italy they braise foods in milk all the time, especially white fish and salt cod. Milk imparts a natural sweetness to the ingredient without the addition of anything else. In salt cod it helps to counteract the saltiness. My mother cooked sole in milk all the time and never understood why until I started cooking myself. It is rare you see it in recipes in the US and that's a sin. Even green beans cooked in milk take on a different taste that just boiling them. Try it.

Bread Baking: Orange Quick Bread

Hubby and me decided that with a bit more flour (so it can be handled and rolled) and a sugar/OJ juice glaze, this would taste just like Paneras Orange Scone, which we eat all the time. I would make again either as a bread or as a scone to take to work but without a glaze. I can't wait to try other flavors in addition to the orange, like thyme or rosemary.

Bread Baking: Orange Quick Bread

This is wonderful. I just opened a jar of Orange Marmalade and was wondering what to make with the rest of it. The idea about French Toast sounds yummy.

Cook the Book: 'Pig: King of the Southern Table'

Cuban-Style BBQ whole roasted pig with all the accompanying sauces is by far the best of all worlds.

Cook the Book: The Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook

I am baking a gluten-free Spinach Souffle as I am typing this. Instead of a roux I am using cream cheese and creme fraiche for the base, along with a splash of almond milk as a thinner.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat La Frieda Burgers

My backyard........still the best burger because I make it exactly the way I love it.


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