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Solo Dining in Manhattan

Really appreciate the input, everyone! One of the Momofukus was on the cards, so this might have helped make my decision. First time hearing of Yakitori Tottos/Torys and I have never experienced full on Yakitori, so that's looking good too. Also dessert at 40 Carrots sounds like a plan. Now just somewhere to pick up a decent slice during my visit to avoid the travel time to Di Fara. Is Motorino's an option for that? From Adam K's recommendations, it sounds like Naples 45 might be the one to go for as I am staying in Midtown East. Thanks again!

Snapshots from the UK: Walkers' Crazy-Flavored Crisps Competition

Not in the UK at the moment so it looks like I am missing out! Pickled Onion Monster Munch used to be a weird and impossibly acidic favorite! And as far as Indian flavors go, Phileas Fogg used to produce a great cumin and coriander spiced 'poppadom'.

Brooklyn Grimaldi's vs. Texas Grimaldi's

Maybe it was a one off, but when I made a special trip to Grimaldi's Brooklyn location in 2006, though a great pizza by the standards I am used to in the Bahamas, I am sure the crust more closely resembled that Texan upskirt.


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