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Recipe Red Flags

In all candor, what's thrown up a red flag to me, is how superficial Serious Eats has become. What was once a great site, where one could not only turn to for recipes, tips and ideas, discussions on cookery and related subjects, is now a fad ridden joke.

London: 10 Must-Eat British Foods During the Olympics

Yet I notice all the foods listed are the authentically, ethnic British foods, leftists dismissed as stodge all through the years, the same way leftist food snobs attempt to infer the only US foods are the hamburger and hot dog. The facts are, the attacks against English cuisine, emerged by the French, who despised the English, and that was picked up by the left who aped everything that emerged from socialist France.

The left attacked US farmers, and then tried to take over agriculture, and when they got into farming, and food production of any kind, they try and infer their products are better, by attaching the joke of "artisan" to them, when they're just using the recipes and techniques used by those they sneered at over the decades.

English food is good food, just as US food is good food. Both countries have suffered from the pathetic leftist academics, who have attempted to lie and discourage the eating of authentically good and healthy native foods in favor of the crap they wanted us restricted to.


You need to find a good Portuguese bakery. Growing up in southeastern New England, it was easy to find one, but unfortunately, too many yuppies and fools displaced those great old bakeries during gentrification. For example, on the east side of Providence, RI, on Wickenden St. there used to be a great Portuguese bakery, but the detritus that's shed by Brown University caused tax rates to price it out of business, and it's been replaced by one pathetic, over priced joke after another.

Scooped: Thai Tea Ice Cream

Ummm.. if the author actually made this, then why refer to hand brand Thai tea, as "leaves". It's not leaves at all, it's woody shreds, that are macerated in flavoring and orange coloring. I bought it before to make Thai iced tea and it's horrible.

Chain Reaction: Papa Gino's

Ibbop, Papa Gino's, at least the franchises in Rhode Island do include linguica as one of their meat toppings.

To whomever inferred that PG's puts cheddar on their pizzas, that's simply not true. I believe there's one specialty pizza they offer that includes cheddar, but none of their other pizzas do.

PG's isn't bad pizza, in fact it can be pretty darned good. They also include a new crust type they call, 'rustic' which is pretty comparable to hand tossed, semolina pizza crust.

Behind the Scenes at Maine Mead Works, Portland, Maine

I used to mail order mead from a meadery in Greenwich, NY, I adored their raspberry melomel, and from what I've seen while living out in Michigan, and heard from friends out in the Northwest, mead isn't only seen at ren faires any more.

Laab/Larb Recipe

This is the best recipe for larb/laab I've ever made. Came across it in 2006, and after not finding anything better, it's my go to and everyone loves it.

In Food Policy This Week: 5 News Bites

I'm commenting on the fraud that is the Obama's claim to care about reducing hunger and ensuring healthier eating for children. What irks me in the worst way is the outright indifference on the part of those who claim to care about this issue, when all the Obama's have done is actually cut the amount of food stamp money per individual, to the tune of $40.00 less per month per individual, at a time when food prices are skyrocketing. All so Michelle Obama can appear on commercials on television, to hawk her deception. The woman who lards her diet up with pies, french fries, onion rings, burgers and shakes, and cholesterol laden gourmet food, and lots of booze, demands the healthy, delicious and most nutritious potato be removed from school meals and denied to food stamp recipients, instead of suggesting that the potato be prepared in a more healthy way, rather than fried. The Obama's cut food stamp funding twice, at a time when they know full well that those cuts only ensured more hunger. All the while, Michelle Obama blew $10,000,000.00 in taxpayer funding, on her flurry of vacations in 2011 alone. Anyone who truly cared about reducing hunger would blow a stack and expose her hypocrisy, so the foodinista's who applaud this fraud haven't a leg to stand on when they attempt to pat themselves on the back over their 'humanitarianism'. They are a total disgrace and not deserving of any standing on the subject.

We have untold millions of poor displaced US citizens, unemployed, homeless and hungry, and among them are children. Nothing is being done to help them.

Fast Food Dessert Battle: Wendy's Twisted Frosty vs. McFlurry vs. BK Sundae Shake

Wendy's frosty tastes like a barium shake I remember being forced to drink as a child while in the hospital.

Scooter Pies or Moon Pies?

I grew up with Scooter Pies as well. The name is in tribute to late baseball great, Phil 'Scooter' Rizzuto.

Sun Tea. Yeah, its real yo

In the northeast we knew about sun tea in the '70s, we also knew about instances where bacteria would grow in those jars of water left out in the sun. It might not happen all the time, but it only takes the one time to get people seriously ill. Back in the '70s, there were outbreaks when the sun tea fad was at it's zenith. You don't need to actually put the tea out in the sun to brew. You can place the tea bags in a covered pitcher, put it in the fridge the night before and the next morning, you've got lovely iced tea. You don't need the warmth of the sun.

Our favorite additions to sun tea included a cinnamon stick or two, or a fifty-fifty combination of tea and fresh spearmint, or to substitute, spearmint herbal tea bags.

What discontinued foods do you miss?

Here in New England, there was a brand of old fashioned sodas, called, Old Tyme. Their ginger beer was the best I'd ever had, haven't been able to find one like it. Not too sweet, had just the perfect ginger kick.

The only other thing I could possibly claim to miss isn't a brand type item you could buy in the a grocery store, rather, in the neighborhood bakery in my town, they sold real, old fashioned crullers, and getting one was a real treat.

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

jedd63, I stated that Obama cut 26.9 billion from the food stamp program to bailout state's education funding, and an additional 18 billion to fund Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" commercials and program (which doesn't provide nutrious, healthy foods, it's only a duplication of what schools already taught)

The reality has been thus far, that more people are using food stamp programs in the US than in our entire history, and receive $40. less each month, per individual. I'm also saying as well, that Obama has refused any attempt at a cost of living increase, and refuses to allow the cost of food, energy or housing to be counted when determining the cost of living. The president who ended the USDA practice of monitoring food, energy and housing costs for determining the cost of living, was Bill Clinton. It's also true that under Bill Clinton's changes to the unemployment insurance program, the US government no longer keeps track of the actual unemployed when they run out of benefits, and fall off the unemployment rolls. You've no doubt heard the news media refer to the unemployed who, "stop looking for work", that is a Clinton era euphemism that refers to the Clinton admin wanting to sweep the long term unemployed under the carpet, so the damages brought about by NAFTA and Most Favored Trading Status w/China, wouldn't be so readily noticed. Those unemployed haven't stopped looking for work, they're just not being counted as 'unemployed' and the government wants to make it appear as though the onus is on the displaced worker.

If anyone wants to inform themselves on other economic realities, I'd recommend reading the findings of a world respected economist, Dr. George Borjas, of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard (that's not a right wing think tank). Dr. Borjas, who I met while attending a local conference on jobs, the economy and the poor, has proven that the US doesn't have a worker or skills shortage of any kind, and the policies Obama is implementing are eroding wages, increasing unemployment in the US.

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

Smoore, she did try looking in room mate columns in the local paper and craigslist, but had no luck. I believe she's still looking for a more affordable option, the best she could do was move into an efficiency. Rents here are very expensive, because there is a high demand for apartments, it's a landlord's market. She sold her car (it was an old used car, so she didn't get much for it), she sold her tv, dvd player, dvds, cds anything she had that was marketable. She had a fold out couch, which was lucky as it serves her both as a sofa and a bed.

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

Mohican, as I stated, my friend has only been able to find 2 part time jobs, and she's grateful for the work, she's looking for a 3rd as well as a better full time job. She's not complained about working, or the food stamps, but she had relayed to me that she'd been hoping for a bit more, to make things a bit more manageable. I think she'd only talked to me about it, because she knows I work as a volunteer with homeless people, and she was incredulous because the amount she was given was so low.

She grew up working poor, never relied on social programs. She worked in the IT department of a national bank chain, lost her job when her employer fired her entire department, and replaced them with visa workers. She had been paying off her student loans, and helping her elderly mother make ends meet. The rest of her family are struggling, so there's no one she can turn to. Here in RI, it's a common sight to see people, adults, as well as teenagers going to every fast food place, Subway included, asking for an application. No one is taking any job for granted, or turning their noses up at any work they can get. People are barely keeping their noses above water. People who have worked hard their entire lives, including people who used to have small businesses and employed people. Some have lost everything, and have nothing left to give. Churches that used to help the poor out are out of money to do so. In my state, there is no help, no rental assistance, and people are told they have to become homeless. In my town, there are two shelters, but people who have lived in my town all their lives, when they become homeless, are denied shelter beds for themselves and their kids, because the shelters in the capital city, manage to find out about any empty beds, and send their overflow to towns like mine. I've been trying to secure any shelter or transitional housing for a family of four, and a single dad and his young son for months, with no success. Both of those families, I might add, work, but can't find an affordable apartment. The problem is, they are citizens, and don't have a multi-milllion dollar lobby, or corporate contributors behind them. Some times I can get them a voucher to stay one night in a cheap motel, most times they're living out of their cars.

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

Thank you, _greenbean. I'll mention to her to look into any deals at the farmer's market.

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

Barbieri13, there aren't alot of wait staff positions available in most cities and towns. Perhaps in huge cities like NYC, LA and DC, financial capitals, or where there are lots of CEOs, bankers and politicians, there are still restaurants that aren't having a hard time, having to cut back, but across the vast majority of the US that is not the case. I know waiters, waitresses, and bus staff who are not able to pay rent, are seeking rental assistance or are homeless.

My friend pays almost $800. rent for an efficiency apartment, she doesn't have anything left for food, after paying electricity and phone, it's a struggle for her to buy a bus pass each month.

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

I don't watch fox news, so instead of using that as a straw man argument to attack me, please cite where fox news has been reporting about the poor and lack of adequate funding of food stamps, please??? Bias isn't my problem, it's the marching in rigid lockstep of those who for some reason feel that Obama isn't capable of being critiqued when he is caught lying or acting hypocritical.

When food stamps were implemented, no, they weren't intended to pay 100% of a person's food budget, but we aren't living in the 1960s any more, nor is the US cost of living. Out of that less than $900. per month, my friend pays rent, electricity, and a phone bill. She sold her car, uses mass transportation. She has no health insurance, either, and btw, for those crowing about so called health care reform, even CNN reports that that legislation isn't going to provide health care for the uninsured, only 30%, while costing much more, and it's actually going to only cover less than the current system does.

It's not 'bias' to say that Bill Clinton pushed through bad trade deals, and the first one, NAFTA was signed illegally, as it didn't get the 2/3 majority vote the constitution requires of a treaty. Clinton signed it any way. I also criticized Bush, as well as Obama, and for good reason. He simply talks out of both sides of his face. Nor are their lots of jobs waiting tables, my friend has two part time jobs and they were hard to come by. Perhaps in NYC jobs are falling from the sky, but not in the vast majority of the US. I volunteer to work with homeless families, we have more tent cities in the US now, under Obama, than we did in the Depression, they called them Hoovervilles back then, I call them Obamavilles. Stuff your hypocrisy, pull your head out of your backside and try living in the real world, educate yourselves about the realities before seeking to provide cover for what you'd consider fascist if it were anyone but the Obamafraud.

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

Btw, while the msm didn't report much on the subject, all you have to do is perform an online search, Rep Rosa DeLauro (democrat representative from Connecticut) complained about Obama's cutting $26.9 billion from the food stamp program last summer to fund an additional bailout for the states to pay for schools, and earlier in 2010 Obama cut 18 billion from the food stamp program to fund Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" program. All those commercials where you see Michelle say, 'let's move' over and over again. This is a viable discussion for SE, as there are apparently those who use this forum, yet are on food stamps, they've admitted as much, and the site claims to promote discussion on subjects like this, as well as cooking and healthy eating. Funny that I didn't see any slamming of SE'ers who use food stamps, in the derogatory manner that a few hypocrites have attempted to insult me and my concern on a real issue, the reality behind the hype.

During the Depression, FDR cut way back on the whitehouse budget, took a pay cut, and the entire congress back then cut their salaries twice, yet we haven't seen any of the democrats willing to cut their salaries, or the president willing to cut his salary, or curtail the obscene spending of tax dollars to fund the lavish lifestyle he demands. I believe that is how the wasteful "let's move' and bailouts should have been paid for, not stealing the food out of the mouths of truly poor people.

The reality for truly poor on food stamps

It's not spam, I've been commenting here for a number of years now, as anyone who clicked on my username could tell. If the truth bothers you, that reflects poorly on you. As to Mohican, my friend does work. She lost her full time job late last year, and has been working two part time jobs while looking for a better job. She didn't create this economy, she didn't create the outsourcing and displacement of workers through the exploitation of the visa program.. Clinton imposed the massive outsourcing of jobs, and Bush and Obama are responsible for making things worse.

Obama has also been giving hundreds of billions to corporate contributors, and foreign bankers, and plans to give more. My point is why isn't he being held to account for his lies about wanting to help the poor and improve nutrition, when his actions serve only to starve people.

The Secret Ingredient (Curry): Coronation Chicken Salad

The real coronation chicken salad does have fresh mango or mango chutney, they use a combination of mayo and creme fraiche, and the curry powder is toasted a bit before mixing with the mayo, creme fraiche mixture. slivered or thinly sliced almonds are sometimes added as well. Don't remember celery in it, when I was served it (though I adore celery in chicken salad as a rule)

Reviving/Reheating Leftovers - There Must Be Hope!

I've never had a problem getting my kids to eat left over roasted brussel sprouts. I roast them with a maple syrup olive oil mixture, and salt and pepper. If there are left overs, they usually end up getting snacked on cold.

I need your best cheap cookout recipes!

One suggestion is, make a cold, peanut or sesame noodle salad, with fresh veggies mixed in or available in bowls for those who want to pick and choose to add to the salad. You can provide slices of grilled chicken to those who are meat eaters, and vegetarians can eat the noodle salad as is. I tried this at a birthday party cookout, and while I knew the cold sesame noodle salad I make is popular with my family, I didn't expect it would be the hit that it had been with everyone, including kids who were picky eaters. I think it'd be a great way to get the most bang for your buck with chicken.

Another option would be to serving thin slices of grilled steak, with a cold pasta salad, instead of having to serve each guest an entire steak. Or grill flank steak, or chicken and thinly slice and serve as fajitas.

Deli Mustard

I definitely agree with sobriquet, deli mustard is spicy brown, like Gulden's and is NEVER dijon or whole grain, etc.. types.

Strawberry Sodas

The ones served at the fountain at the old Delekta's pharmacy in Warren, RI. Always loved them. Other than that, Old Tyme used to make a lovely strawberry soda.


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