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I'm a 22 year old student. I'm from India. I love food and want to explore more and more cuisines gradually. I want to know more about latest things coming up in this field, also learn various tips and techniques about cooking.

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  • Location: Nasik, India.
  • Favorite foods: Indian cuisine is my first love. However, I'm also exploring Italian and Mexican cuisines lately. I'm also looking into bakery simultaneously.
  • Last bite on earth: Daal- Rice with ghee and green chili pickle!

Can pizza-stones be used while baking in OTG?

An OTG is an Oven-Toaster-Griller

What's your mushroom of choice?

I like button mushrooms the most! Nice post... interesting... :)

Why baking soda is added to Iced Tea?

Thank u all of u for your valuable replies.. :)

Lipton Tea Bags tasting sweet to anyone?

@Nygiants- Hello...As u said your father has been sensitive towards sweetness, I guess there is nothing to worry about. Lipton might have changed the blend.

You can always experiment to find out. Suggest your father to try another tea brand, and see if that's okay.

Can I replace the fresh orange juice with the packaged one?

Hi all...
I recently watched an episode of Glamour Puds on Fox History and Traveler channel. They showed a recipe of a simple sponge cake. The chef poured a mixture of boiled fresh orange juice and cloves on the cake...can I replace fresh orange juice with the packaged in India we dont get good oranges...will heating the packaged juice degrade the quality and taste? Plz advise..


Egg-less cake smells of raw refined flour.

Hi all..
Me and my family have turned vegetarians. It has been an year now. Now we don't use eggs while baking a cake at home.
But the problem is that the cake doesn't smell that good and sweet, as it used to smell when we used eggs.
I followed the recipes as instructed. But I feel that the cake smells of the refined floor. I generally use vanilla essence.
What do I do in order to get a perfect sweet smelling cake? Please advise.


Why baking soda is added to Iced Tea?


I love iced-tea a lot. So I decided that I should learn to make it at home. I found a recipe online. When dipping 4 tea bags in hot water it used 1/8 tsp of baking soda. I didn't understand the reason behind it. Can anyone plz share why baking soda is to be used?


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