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Cooking shows

DVR + PBS = great television!

Who Should Be on Reality TV: White, Steingarten, or Ramsay?

All you Ramsay fans are crazy in the UK or the US he is a total wanker ...yes the man can cook ........because Marco taught him .......jeffrey is a good crittic honest and harsh when need be but his own show ...I just dont know. To me Ramsay has just become a media whore. And yes I must agree on one point its the producers that are unleashing the Ramsay we see on the US versions of his shows.

You live where?

First and foremost Molokai Hawaii, then the San Francisco Bay Area, and now ......and this is really sad in some ways but not all Warsaw Indiana a place of no culture and food here is an after thought. Crying in Warsaw

Slow going on Food Network website

Theres really only one recipe site for me and loads quickly everytime and you know I have noticed there are recipes on this site that I have seen on Emril and other various FN shows which just tells me my site is best if there going there for recipes. it is called .................drumroll.....................

they have it all including every country on earth

What was the last great meal (I mean GREAT) that you had?

Every Hawaiian Plate Lunch from Rainbows,or Onos everytime I have them!

'The Chopping Block': Do We Really Need Another Cooking Competition Show?

I would love to seee a show that features Marco Just cooking a three course dinner, app, entree, dessert once a week on a saturday or sunday morning that would rock cause he is a true chef. There wouldnt be another cooking show to watch. Food tv is whats wrong with our industry today. Mario, Lidia, Jacques, Alton, are the only US shows worth watching all the others should be cancelled.

'The Chopping Block': Do We Really Need Another Cooking Competition Show?

Well let me start by saying I couldnt wait for it to air just because of the MPW factor, this man is incredible his show in England was great as compared to the incredibly annoying Ramsay . Oh and what a boost for US Foods wow , you know Sysco is looking to get some show somewhere now. As for the show I really didnt feel Marco should have let the couple that bowed out go! He should have said no you stay you signed up for this and you will see it through! As for the raw chicken serving chef and the arrogant pinhead of a brother who just wants to plug his familys failed restaurant they should have hit the bricks. I guess it went that way for the shows sake and the now ensuing fued among the black team. I hope black mama kicks his ass. She was totaly disrespected by the 20 minute shmoozer. All in all I will watch next week to see what happens but mostly just to see Marco talk and just to come really away with his insight on culinary which I live and breathe. Oh and on the stories that thses people are doing this for thier kids or for thier Mother B.S. If I was there it would only to be to please and satisfy MYSELF and to see the faces of those whom I prepared MY FOOD for. if youre not in it like that you will fail!!! Take care foodies.

Cook the Book: 'On the Line'

Well here is where Hawaiian shines steamed in a foil pouch basted with best foods mayonaise, chopped scallion, minced ginger,minced garlic and Aloha Shoyu and set in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minute for a filet 20 to 25 for a whole fish. Dis is magical! No Ka Oi

Marco Pierre White on NBC!

First I should start by saying I have so much respect for Marco and what he has done for the industry! But for him to go on here in the states which is already saturated with the food shitwork chefs that sell out just to make money pains me to end. The only star really to have come out that mess is Alton! Ramsay is an ass I wish I had been there to see him cry, I would have thrown salt on him and kicked him in the nuts. You know at first I took to Ramsay like most. but have seen him develop into the monster he is today. Is this really what the US wants to see RAMSAY? Now we have a chance to see a real Chef. There two versions of Hells Kitchen were like night and day, Marcos version being the best, yeah he didn't scream and curse throw food at the contestants and definitely did not put his hands on them like Ramsay and you know when they were sacked or didn't win the end they still respected Marco. I have no respect for the people who watch anything Ramsay does, because they like him they don't even know him, hell England Im sure is glad he went to the US to be a colonial like the lot. Marco has been in my circles really my own little slice of perfection mentoring me and now all of America is going to know him, This SUCKS they don't deserve him!

Hell's Kitchen: Waiter, what's this in my salad?

This show in question is just plain pathetic it is a total waste of time. I cant believe people tune in to see Ramsay. Yes, I must admit I was sucked in to the show at first, but now that I know pretty much all there is to know about this man I cant watch or dignify myself in giving him any of my attention. As for the contestants on the show will they respect Ramsay at the end of taping? Doubt it. Marco Pierre White put it like this " If Ramsay was made of chocolate he would eat himself."