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Stainless steel bowls

I have a pair of mis-matched metal bowls that I found in the dumpster. As a result I have no compunctions about putting them through cooking hell. They've held up fine.

Beets in lieu of red food coloring

I made Smitten Kitchen's red wine cake and most of my coworkers thought it was red velvet cake (the cream cheese frosting helped) I also made my version with alcohol free (removed) red wine.

As for regular red velvet, for some reason I can taste red food coloring and it disgusts me. My nephew's groom cake was an adorable red velvet cake - I wound up eating the icing off of mine and everyone else's at the table. I was drunk enough to dance, that probably helped.

Did you Plan how your kitchen is organized, or did it evolve?.

I just recently moved (still unpacking) from an apartment with a small kitchen with crappy appliances to a nicer apartment with a small kitchen with much better appliances! It's feeling like the same amount of space, just nicer.

As I'm still unpacking (veggie peeler? spatulas? Who knows?) its still evolving. There's a closet sized pantry for foodstuffs (not for the cats, despite what they believe) and I have my microwave cart for appliances that don't fit in the kitchen.

Wok safety question - post oil fire

I used baking soda to put it out (and the lid from my saucepan)

I used a little salt in the cleanup, and a lot of salty language. >;)

I'll try reseasoning it, it's only my second kitchen related fire, and I'm just anxious by nature and slightly paranoid.

Beans: Canned or Dry?

I like using dried beans - I can control what goes in them - primarily sodium. I have high blood pressure and an anxiety disorder. I use the slow cooker and they come out pretty consistant each time. (unless I forgot to write down what I did last time)

I do keep canned beans in my pantry. If the power goes out for days (damn tropics) then I have something to eat after the fridge is empty.

Bon Appetit: New Issue

Oh great, now I can't read any paper magazines without wheezing.

Maybe because the cats are in the kitchen as much as the people are? Mine are at least.

My range died and I need recipes

Is this some kind of horribly sad trend? Are our stoves & Ovens going on strike?

I've found that I can cook pasta (absorption/risotto technique) in my chintzy electric skillet.

I love my slow cooker, a lifesaver if there was one.

And I raided my mother's freezer for stuff to take to work for lunch.

And when I feel lazy, there's the air popper I got at the thrift store for $3.

I'm sure the apt maintenance will fix my stove someday.

Stove and oven broken

It's electric (You lucky gas people stop snickering!) It's not the breakers, and I live in an apartment. How should I put this - Maintenance are slow, like trying to pour crystallized honey out of a jar.

(And the laundry room bust out in flames - not making me happy - can't cook, can't laundry.)

OTOH I get paid on Friday - any suggestions on good portable burners?

growing herbs... I'm torn!?!


I once put plants in my bathroom, because I didn't want them covered in pecan tree pollen. I got my cat, the brat, his own catnip plant.

He started with the chives (oh his breath was bad!), then proceeded to eat or destroy the rest of the plants, saving the cat nip for last. Yes, I di put them in a cage to keep him out, he still figured out out to get in there. Smart and bratty - such a bad combo.

Splenda/sugar substitutes in cocktails

Do warn people you are making these cocktails for. Some people react adversly to artificial sweetners.

Me? Migraines from Splenda.

Need specific Jambalaya Recipe

"but beggars with allergies can't be choosers"

so true. Watch out, some spice blends have ingredients that trigger allergies. Or chemical reactions. (Oh I'm looking at you, MSG.)

Please Reminisce about Birthday Cake

I was mostly served white cakes with rich buttercream icing. Still love those, but for the last couple of birthdays I've had pineapple upside down cake.

I see no reason not to have both.

Can you polish off a pint of ice cream in a sitting?

For me its the "just a few bites" Then just a few more bites and before I know it, I've hit the bottom of the container.

Is it safe to cut mold off of cheese?

The Health Department (Texas) says to deli operators that as long as they cut off at least a quarter inch past the end of the mold, the cheese (cheddar, colby jack, etc) is safe to continue slicing and selling.

Which is why I rarely get cheese out of the deli anymore.


My firsst thought was steak and potatoes.

Or an "only in america" meal, ie two or three different ethnic foods all on one plate. I've done this, occasionally, while driving home. Chinese, Mexican, BBQ, shakes from the burger place and Tex-mex, whatever shows up on the side of the road.

Confessions of us home cooks....

You're supposed to wear shoes at home? Phft! I kick those things off the second I get home - sometimes before I put the groceries down.

I'm a little cavalier with leftovers for myself but I err on the cautious when cooking for others.

Separate boards and knives and handwashing dovetail nicely into my OCD.

What do you eat when you're sick?

Tea, toast (Lightly buttered), ramen noodles (with peas), anything easy to prepare.

Because living alone and being sick really sucks.

New Years Day Cuisine

I'm making black eyed peas, cornbread, and possibly spinach, depends on my mood.

Cookbooks - What version is best?

I actually like my mother's edition of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook better than the one I bought when I moved out on my own.

I only bought it to keep from calling her or my other mother every day with recipe requests and stupid questions.

Dried fruit recipes

I'm with missmochi, I love dried fruit.

There's an absolutely fabulous mincemeat recipe for the slow cooker that uses a lot of the fruits you mentioned. It's from the "Not your mother's slow cooker cookbook"

I've made it several times, and the resulting mincemeat cookies were consumed, even by mincemeat haters.

Does rum extract go bad?

I don't like extracts in plastic bottles. I could be just weird about it, but oh well.

That and I have plenty of rum, three different varieties, hanging around.


I have trouble finding tamarind paste in stores here. I can find the pods with no trouble, so when I need tamarind paste I just crack a couple pods, some hot water and voila! (Best google the recipe, I don't remember the proportions off the top of my head.) Oh and prepare to get sticky.

I live in Houston, I shouldn't have this much trouble, but I do.


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